Marijuana – Danger in the Forest!

It is nearly marijuana harvest season and anyone entering the backwoods here in Northern California should be aware of the dangers from farmers of illegal marijuana. The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department found that marijuana farms in the forest have similar characteristics. If you’re planning to do any squatching in our forest, know what to look for.

According to the Sheriff’s department, forest marijuana farms usually have a boundary of tree branches piled high around them. If you see anything like that it is best to walk away. Another sign you might notice is PVC pipes or hoses dipped into a creek as a water supply. If you ever see anything of that nature in the forest, it is time to head in a safer direction. Owners or caretakers of the marijuana farms are usually armed and dangerous.

It is believed that most of the illegal marijuana farms in my area (Klamath National Forest) are tended by growers from south of the California border; they come here to hide in our forest and grow marijuana for a cartel. The marijuana is now starting to bud so harvest will come soon, in September or early October.

Mill Creek Marijuana Farm

This is a high-dollar, high-risk business and growers do not care about the safety of anyone out looking for Bigfoot.

These farms have been found deep in the woods near logging roads, or even close to towns and near busy roads. Be careful when you’re out there squatching. Summer may not be the best time. Perhaps if marijuana is legalized in California, the situation will ease.

[Photographs from the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department are of a forest marijuana farm they raided in 2006.]

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  1. Ask any DEA agent… BIGFOOT is fake as hell! Those huge MJ crops in the outback are not only run by Mexicans. Most of them are Americans and some are VNVETS that know what a Military Ghillie Suit is. Do the math… what better perimeter security is there to scare of nosey hikers and campers who might call in LEO to nail your patch? Bigfoot are tall men in ghillie suits. There is no such thing as primates and there is an obvious lack of fossil or carcass evidence of such creatures. There is no “scat” evidence. No signs of family groups. NOTHING to indicate typical animal behavior. It’s simply human misdirection and shenanigans.

    Recently a bigfoot was run over by two cars with teenage girls driving. It turned out to be a drunk man in a ghillie suit. Bigfoot is NOT real folks.

    BTW just because you make MJ legal will not stop mj patches in woods run by cartels. It will only be legal for medical use and only small amounts will be allowed to be privately grown. Hence cartels will still have multi-million acre lots in the woods with bigfoots stalking the perimeters to keep you out…

  2. gold baron you are pathetic I have a hunting rifle and a nice ( pistol I have never loaded),I hope to die owning them ,But baron make every body a lot safer and get rid of your pistol,you are to cowardly to be responible with it !I dont care how many pistol dealers dont want to hear this !

  3. Every time you vilify marijuana you refuse to admit that it is THE solution to ethanol production from corn. Won’t someone PLEASE inform the public of all the good things this plant can provide…fuel, food, oil, clothing…and it’s a shame just negative propaganda is rammed down our throats. Henry Ford ran his experimental cars on HEMP ETHANOL and wanted to build cars from HEMP!!!

    Read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer…it’ll get you PO’ed.

  4. first off i rather swim to alaska than move to the liberial capitol of the world-califorina. they used to say head west young man. now they say run from california.(just ask nevada) as far as mary-jane, it’s killing kids (guns/gangs) in this country all over. every race, every color!!!! then you’ll get the medical excuse. nothing more nothing less than a big ol lie. as far as linda saying “turn in a safer direction” while out bigfooting. that is no lie. heed this lady’s warning. those cartel’s don’t give 2nd chances. to that i will say this build more jails. and if california had any nads they would kick those illegals out of your state. those pigs are killing your state,children and your rights. anyone got a light? ha! ha! & god bless the USA. and thanks alot linda martin you do a great job!!!

  5. Something tells me that folks looking for Sasquatch have already stumbled apon their fair share of herb

  6. Hey people, yup that’s right. Stay right where you are and fight for what you want!! that’s what we do here in maine. You take care of your’s and if you can’t do it ?Im sure someone from maine will at least try to help you. have peace and love people.

  7. Well… That’s why anyone out in the forests needs to be well heeled… Anyone who goes out looking for anything, whether it be Gold, or whether it be bigfoot, has to take responsibility for their own safety. I always pack my .45, have never needed it, but it was always on my hip just in case. The peace of mind it brings is far greater than anything else.

    Just the mere mention of guns has saved many lives of people I personally know, and if you are unarmed, it makes you an easier target to harass by people who know you can’t do anything about it.

    “God made men, Samuel Colt made them equal.” -Old west proverb.

  8. Yeah, you’re making quite an argument for it J.C. That and sterilization. Let’s not make the task harder than it has to be by being a walking stereotype. OK?

  9. That was awesome……….posting the 420 at 420!! Did you wait around to do that??? Or were you already at THAT point? LOL!! Pot should be legal throughout the United States!! Why would you want to divide our great country over something that has many beneficial facets??? You must be from the backwoods in Montana………get informed before you spew such ignorant ramblings please!!

    1. Christian, the post isn’t anti-marijuana. It is here to warn Bigfoot researchers that we have a huge problem in the forests with illegal aliens growing marijuana. Disturbing their marijuana operations can be dangerous for the people involved. I too think marijuana should be legalized – but you know, as soon as that happens most likely Monsanto will patent the seeds, genetically modify them, and try to find ways to keep anyone from growing it as a crop without using their GM seeds. Is that what you want?

      And while we’re on the subject — I’ll mention that when you buy marijuana from an unknown source you’re possibly getting a crop that has been grown using chemicals rather than organically. After marijuana busts in the forest officers have found pesticide canisters in the debris. Now – just think of all the people who are smoking weed that has been sprayed with poisonous pesticides. Do you really think the illegal aliens care whether Americans are ingesting a lot of poison with their smoke? No, they were just trying to keep their crop from being destroyed by pests, so they’d have something to take to their employers at the end of the season.

      So, think of that next time you light up. As I see it the only safe weed is that grown for and by medical marijuana patients who care about growing organically. The rest is all questionable.

  10. People stay in your OWN state…. do not come to Cali and drain our precious resources. If you want MJ to be legal make it legal in YOUR state.

    Start standing on your own feet and quit riding on other people’s coat-tails!

    You will NOT be welcome!

  11. the me-wok indian that said he saw a bigfoot in washington state/re this man mutilated his own brothers throat with a knife,but with a hunting rifle fully loaded he said he froze up,ejected all his bullets,and froze up?now if you believe that crock of,then believe this.was most likely planting weed,under the influence of some root,them indians up there would make a freight train run down a dirt road ,just by looking at the ,he is also a covicted felon with a gun ,in another state,do your homework people.i can;t type ,buy i can see and read.

    1. What don’t you care about? Do you mean you’re going to go explore the forest anyhow, without being cautious or looking for signs of marijuana gardens? Or… do you not care about doing any squatching?

  12. Solution is simple:

    Cultivate ~ your own and accept the consequences,
    Eliminate ~ the invading criminal element in the harshest way possible.

    Rejuvenate ~ interest, funding & access to OUR forests, BLM & park lands.

  13. The cartels would be poorer, our public lands cleaner, and our children safer if we implemented a Personal Use and Cultivation Permit: $100 per year for a dozen plants. Split the proceeds between the States and the Fed.
    It’s time to put the cartels out of business.
    It’s time to let ordinary Americans grow a little marijuana in their own back yards.

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