Mission Statement

Bigfoot Sightings compiles and analyzes Bigfoot research news and evidence, and chronicles Bigfoot expedition activities.

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  1. Matt Moneymaker he is full of shit. The only thing he has is MONEY and money talks. My small elite team hunts bigfoot the only way anyone is gonna fully believe it, is if someone kills or traps one. My mission is to find and capture dead or alive a bigfoot male, female or child. I do believe bigfoot is a North American Ape that has eluded us forever. My team is very driven to capturing a bigfoot, yet i keep hearing about “moneymaker” if he did it right and commited more time and money to his cause i think he would have better proof right now. Thanks

  2. Gary, I agree with you! You pointed out something that should be so obvious, that Bigfoot won’t show for a huge group. Why do people pay so much to participate in such a large group? It doesn’t make sense. A group of four sounds ideal. I hope to seek Bigfoot around Lake Tahoe one of these days. We’re considering moving our base of operations from Happy Camp to the Tahoe area within the next few years.

  3. I cannot believe Matt Moneymaker, charging $100s of dollars just too go camping, Chezzz!
    And He takes what amounts too “The 7TH Calvary”
    (35 people) into the forest too look for Bigfoot.
    He actually thought Bigfoot would stay around too visit—-LOL
    I have been on several expeditions with the Bay Area Group with Warren Thompson—too the High Sierras of El Dorado National Forest, a few miles from Lake Tahoe near an RV Campground–which which is a few miles from a man made lake from a dam.
    We found many tracks–& heard many screams at night.
    The main fact being–there was 4 of us!
    Not the 7TH Calvary—as Moneymaker brought with Him (I guess I just wanted the MOOLA–too increase His bank account)
    I am hoping too get back too the same area with encountered the screams soon.
    I also spent many days at Bluff Creek during the same time period.
    Gary Galligan, Retired NYPD, 269 39th st, Apt A, Brigantine Beach, NJ, 08203

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