Mushmasta’s Bigfoot Video

This You-Tube video has been getting lots of attention lately as reported by a Canadian site, the Times-Columnist: Bigfoot or bear? YouTube viewers debate. The 94-second video may show a Sasquatch, though some think it shows a bear. The site of the filming is near Tofino, BC. It dates from last summer but wasn’t put on You-Tube until February 4, 2007.

The You-Tube page, in case you want to add to the 41 comments that already exist there: Strange Humanoid Encounter

A set of stills from the film:

Bigfoot Pictures
Bigfoot Pictures
Bigfoot Pictures

My conclusion: The film shows something large and dark, walking upright. Hopefully not a prank (I’ve seen similar things turn out to be pranks, so I’m skeptical.) The location is perfect for a sighting. I want very much for this to be a valid sighting, but would have to see impressive corroborating evidence to become a believer. Please, people, if you have sightings like these, safeguard the scene, preserve the footprints, look for hair, broken branches, etc. . . . and if possible, call a local zoologist to visit the scene to give validity to your experience and findings.

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    1. Absolutely NOT killed – they are PEOPLE – the 1st people…they were here before us! And the government has been aware of them from the beginning.

      They are being sighted more because they WANT to reunite with us, as we lived and worked together long ago.

      But this will be impossible as long as people have the mid-set that violence is okay.

      They want nothing to do with us until we stop killing each other, stop trying to shoot them, and stop our violence, period.

      They are way more advanced than us spiritually and can phase in & out of 3D – they have direct contact with ET’s because of this, and because they are non-violent.

  1. I am a fellow big foot enthusiast and I am sad to say that this is not fake, but it’s not a big foot either. It is indeed a black bear. I live on the same island as this location and there are a ton of black bear around. When you slow down the footage you can see it standing upright, then as it leaves you can see it drop down to all fours and walk. The sound it made was also a textbook distress call from a bear, you guys clearly scared it half to death ha ha.

    I wish it was real though :)

    much respect.

  2. I just wanted to say that I live in eastern Washington state near the Canadian border.Ive been interested in the Skookum since i was a young boy, There have been countless stories and sightings in my neck of the woods for ages. The native people all over the united states have thier own version of bigfoot for hundreds of years, so tell me how could all of these native americans be full of shit? there was no communication between the tribes of Washington, and Florida but yet they have thier own version and tails of the gental giant. someone explain that one to me.

  3. Gotta admit, to me it looks like a bear. Unfortunately, the only bears we get to see over hear are on t.v., so Im no expert. It clearly drops down on to all fours and leaves, and there is a clear snout visible in the still picture. The ‘stink’ is just the natural musk that bears have. A relative who lives in Canada, hunts on a regular basis and has said that depending on species, the smell can differ a lot. He’s also a ‘definately no chance’, when asked on his opinion of whether these animals could exist.
    Have a good xmas and who knows, maybe the answer, one way or other is just around the corner!

  4. Jon (Wales), Thanks for the comment. What are your feelings after viewing the Tofino,B.C. video? If you don’t mind, sir. Cheerio. LAB.

  5. -continued from 12-22-09- Tofino, B.C. video-. One of the kids makes a remark that sounds like, “what stinks?” I’ve hunted bears and if you get close enough you can smell them. It’s a wild, tolerable odor. The bigfoot creature reportedly gives off a horrible, detestable stench that is often detected before a visual encounter. In my opinion these kids filmed a bear in the wild and were close enough to smell it and compare shoe sizes. I know exactly how they feel. Thanks very much Linda for this interesting and informative website. And thank you, other commentators for your input, no matter what your opinion. Keep it up. LAB

  6. After submitting my first comment to this website and reading it I realized I had not given my opinion concerning the Tofino, B.C. video. I do not think it’s a bigfoot hoax. I also don’t think it’s a real bigfoot creature. What I see is a healthy looking black bear on it’s hind legs looking for the noisemakers and when the bear spots the kids it does what most lone bears do- disappears on four legs. In one still/paused frame a pointed snout can be seen. I’ve never read or heard of a bigfoot getting away from a scene on all fours, although it is very possible.

  7. i want to believe that there are creatures that walk the earth or maybe even swim or fly , that we dont know about but i have never seen one good bigfoot video will someone please just shoot the damn thing so that this can be over!!!!! i want to believe i really want to but there is never good evidence i watched one amazing video on the lochness monster and i was amazed some one needs to get a good clip people are starting to not believe

  8. LAB, you make a lot of sense in what you say.
    Firstly, the need for a ‘body’, living or dead, to be given up for scientific examination. To once & for all, be able to prove & identify what these animals really are, or prove they are nothing but hoaxes,made up by people for whatever purpose.
    Secondly, only an idiot would take the chance of somebody just ‘shooting’ them with a camera.
    Like you, Ive been facinated by bigfoot/ sasquatch/ yeti, since I was a little boy,( Im 45yrs old now), and even though for years I had to rely on newspaper & t.v. reports that were very few & far between; I live in the U.K., I believe these animals do exist in various parts of the world.

  9. JTA, my hat off to you for encouraging all bigfoot researchers to stay objective and maintain scientific protocol. It may be difficult to block out negative remarks by skeptical naysayers, but by all means, researchers, don’t give up your quest. The bigfoot mystery has been a fascinating subject to me all my life. I’m from New Mexico and have followed the reports of bigfoot sightings,talked to people who have had close encounters, and now hope that
    the mystery will soon be found out. If bigfoot is a scientifically undocumented species, then one needs to be brought in , either tranquilized,body found, or killed, and examined in the name of science. I realize thats easier said than done and maybe it sounds cruel but for sure then the world would at last know what “Bigfoot” is. From the many, many sightings all over the planet harvesting one would not seem to endanger their numbers. What a discovery that would be! On the other hand, if the bigfoot creature is a hoax, than the whole picture can be dismissed, period. I will add this- any human being dumb and foolish enough to don a gorilla suit and run around the wilds is really taking a dangerous risk getting shot by a high-powered rifle. Not every one who shoots is just holding a camera. I know that to be true in my neck of the woods. LAB

  10. Go to the ‘Bigfoot Encounters’ website and read the “Sasquatch and the Edward’s Air Force Base Surveillance” report in the California section of encounters. Then check out the Ft. Lewis reports stories here .
    I dont have the time or money, but if someone wants to get to the bottom of all this, use the freedom of information act to get info about the big fella. The military, land management, whatever associated agencies you can think of [sorry to sound so vague here, its late & Im tired] will have the answers.

  11. Hey Haskins69. I just finished reading your post and it seems you and I have done a lot of the same research and have seen a lot of the same programs on bigfoot. I too am stired of hearing people make fun of and/or talk so negative about us that would like to believe. Take care and would like to discuss more with you.

  12. How come when your deer hunting in the woods don’t you find any dead deer? That is because it only takes the animals, maggots and other things in the woods just a couple days to take care of the dead animals. It’s the same with Bigfoot. You ask why doesn’t anybody find poop or skat? Well it doesn’t take long for the leaves or other underbrush to cover it up. Just because you don’t see these things doesn’t mean they are not there. Think about this for a second. Take a paper sack and have somebody hide it in a 10 acre field and see how long it takes you to find it. Sam Houston National Forest in Texas is 113,000 acres. Do you really think your going to find scat in such a big area? People that are alive get lost out there and it may take rescuers days to find them and they are able to move and wave. You really think you have a chance to find a dead body in such a large area. The only way your going to find scat, foot prints or a dead body is if you know something has been in that area recently..

  13. I am a middle aged man from Yemen (middle-east), where we ofcourse do not have bears nor big foots (only cows,sheep, camels and donkeys), but from the begining of this video track i could tell that it was a bear …. by the way it was standing up searching for some food from the tree and suddenly dropping down on all four legs and to a point like all bears and four legged animals do as well as the brownsh color that it had the momment it started to walk away into the trees. It did not vanish (this is not a matter to debbate) because these animals are very well familiar with their living environment, they can easily appear and disappear.
    The real evidence i beleive is that from people who had real encounters with the big foot, thats what really matters cause people don’y just come up with stories and imaginations. If many encounters have been told, then why not beleive them.
    You know i would beleive a man tell me about his real encounter with a big foot (or anything else) and not beleive a video camera taping something thats about 50 meters away surrounded by trees or bushes. Its as simple as that !!!

  14. Hello. I’m a 40 year old male who has been interested in this subject since a child. I grew up in the Hills of East Tennesse and used to hear strange animal calls and “whoops” that I could never explain. Till I once heard supposed sasquatch sounds on TV. They sounded just like the ones I heard as a kid!

    Anyhow, the most interesting evidence to me, as a Radiology Technologist and professional on anatomy is the dermal ridges on footprints. Also some of the tarsal deformations on foot prints. Someone would have to be an anatomical genius and artist to fake some of this stuff.

    Of course it could be fake… But it seems unlikely given that some of these footprints are well off the normal pathways. The search continues….

    In regards to why dont we see feces droppings/scat from such a creature? Im not sure on that, but perhaps they bury their waste. Some animals do that.

    Where are the bodies? Perhaps they dispose of those bones themselves..? Also carcases dont last long periods of time to deteriorate in the woods. Bugs and other animals take care of that quickly.

    To all fellow researchers.. keep up the interesting work. Stay objective. Maintain Scientific protocol at all times. And thanks!

  15. this video is a HOAX!!!
    please stop!!
    the patterson and freeman videos are real
    keep searching he’s out there somewhere(up north towards the west)

  16. The film that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made in 1967 in Northern California at Bluff Creek of Bigfoot was real. Here is what Bigfoot really is.
    Long before Jesus was born there were thousands of slaves who ran off around the world and started their own countries. When these slaves ran off there was a large group of men and boys who took off and ended up in Africa. Some of these men and boys went to Borneo and caught female Orangutans and took them to South America and had sex with them and created the American Indian. The men and boys who stayed in Africa caught female Gorillas and had sex with them and created the Black man. When scientists found the bones in Africa they thought we evolved from a female Chimpanzee. But it wasn’t a natural evolution it was a man made evolution. That’s where Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Orangutan Man and the Skunk Ape comes from. They are half man and half Gorilla and half man and half Orangutan. They use to call the American Indian the red man. The Orangutan has reddish hair. When those men bred out the hair the Indian’s skin remained red. The Gorilla has black hair and skin. When those men bred out the hair the Black man’s skin remained black. These are not prehistoric creatures from millions of years ago but they are man made creatures from several thousand years ago. The creature that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed in 1967 was half man and half Gorilla. Otherwise known as Bigfoot. So believe it or not, man created his own evolution. JC

  17. look I’m 47 yr’s old been read/watching all I could about the big fella/gal since I was 8
    I believe they are real I’ve seen foot print’s in the snow just last year as I helped my Dad drag a deer out the woods, it was and had been brlow zero for about 2 weeks and these were bare foot print’s about 1/2 miles from nearest road and about 3/4 miles from the nearest house
    now I’m pretty sure the hippies don’t walk in the middle of the woods in January when temps are below zero

    the patterson /paid Bob Heronims shit
    is simple Bob patterson and Mr. Gimlin are either dead or not talking so dumb ass Bob Heronomis wanted his15 minutes of fame [ just like the Geogia boy’s only it cost them their job’s …I love that part serves them right for lying]
    I mean after all if patterson is dead and Gimlan isn’t talkng then aperson could and has said anything they want
    as far asthe monekey suit , you people should watch the whole show/’s since they did interview the maker of the planet of the ape’s costumes and hesaid at that point in time they could NOT make a suit that good!!!
    they also interviewed modern costume makers who said they still could not create such a suit
    now I know you Non-believers will say what about “harry and the hendersons” or the “jack links” suits I’ll say this while good they are clearly suits [ the hair don’t lay right] [ and faces are well cute but clearly fake]
    now If you check newer google earth you’ll see litle blue round circles with “I”‘s in them the ones with dates when you point at them are “Bigfoot reports”
    now if you go to I think “Bigfoot encounters” nd add their add-on for google earth and then open google earth and set timeline to max [ 1886-2008] and zoom out on the U.S. & Canada you’ll see that basicly the U.S. is almost covered with reports so you can’t see ground till you zoom in
    that’s thousands and thousands of report’s
    and if say there are 10-100 people making fake films/foot prints / reports…………that still doesn’t cover the thousands and thousands of reports made not counting the sightigs ect… that go un-reported………. so you non-belivers should either shut up and try and learn or go elsewhere and bitch I see this and other sites as a place for people seeking knowlage about the bigfella and who want to compair notes/ thoughts
    it’s not a place to come knock others believes or feelings if you want to kick folksaround kick your dog or something………maybe the poor pup will bite you then you’ll believe that at least!!!
    as for the Feces samples……..again watch the whole show non-believers……they have tested many scat samples and many have come up un-known primate

    OK now I’m gonna watch this video
    I just could let all the BS I read here go un-answered so I posted first

    and yes I would Kill 1 , but only 1 to prove they are alive , because some dense people will only believe a body……sorry to say
    and one last thought
    I my opinoin they are probly as smart as us 10,000 or so years ago with animal instinks all working [we lost ours] so is it really all that hard to believe they actively avoid us after all if they have watched us we kill/destroy everything we touch………..if I was one I would hide!!!!

  18. it looks like another “blobsquatch” I hate modern video equipment , it breaks down and cant be analyzed further.

  19. Its a bear. If you watch close enough you can see standing on its hind lag sniffing the air. Then second later it get on all four a run off.

  20. this is for the makers of this website earlier on this website at the date i put someone down as a expert and i was hoping you could delete it. It was a prank. It was my bad.

  21. I recently wrote and told you all about my eveing with Bigfoot. The creature, my friend, was sad cause he is being chased all the time and sometimes shot at. My large friend and I sat down and smoked a little grass and drank my finest Grey Goose vodka.

    I missed my friend and decided to go look for him again. He’s been hanging out in the Happy Creek area. I thought it would be difficult but he sniffed me out. We sat down once more and smoked some good designer pot and darnk a few New Castles.
    We looked at the stars and he managed to get it across that he may be headin for Canada. I was like bra why leave such a beautiful area. He said Grrrrrrrr and looked sad again. He drew pictures in the dirt telling me that to many people are looking for him. And some want to shoot him.
    I said listen my large hairy friend i’ll miss you but do what you got to do. We ended up drinking a few more beers and called it a nite. We shook hands and he stumbled off into the woods.
    I think what you all need to do is leave my large hairy friend alone. Your all pissin him off and he kinda big. He doesn’t come looking in your windows or taking pictures of you. To be honest he doesn’t care if you know he’s there or not and prefers to be left alone.

  22. I think before alot of people who have posted should go back to school and learn to spell before they ridicule or post some lame post.

    Getting on topic, I have seen these creatures and very close up. Since then I sometimes get a feeling when I see a film or hear and recording to base weather it is real or not. With this footage I do not feel anything. The film is pixelated and moving too much. I do not understand why someone can take a clear still film of a car/plane crash or other misfortunes and yet when it comes to sasquatch can not keep the camera steady. I also wish witnesses would NOT step in found footprints. On the other hand, the being in the film is massive. A very barrel chest and belly. The head is conical from the best I can see. If this is a guy in a costume then I give him alot of credit for moving fluidly in such a massive bulky suit.

    I am in a toss up on this one. The moving film gives me doubts along with the fact that its teenagers filming it. But the shot of the creature itself is possibly real. I wish there was more to go on with this one.

  23. I have never seen a Bigfoot but I don’t discount that they could exist. I have property in northerern most CA in a very rural area. Does a bear sh*t in the woods, no he Sh*ts in my driveway. Most people have never seen a Mountain lion, they avoid humans, it would not be inconceivable Bigfoot could avoid being seen. Just because it hasn’t doesn’t mean it won’t. Star Trek, Ohura, earpiece communicator, can you say Bluetooth.

  24. i respect your opinion Alex, but just think about this…before communicating with people halfway around the world via phone and internet was invented people would have thought that wouldve been an enchanted world……it wouldve been too unbelievable…or before penicillin was invented to actually save lives from simple infections, that would have seemed enchanted too…before it was invented.

  25. itotally agree with this jake dude i think this is a bunch of bull shit i think this is so incredibly gay it makes gay ppl look strait. ill try to respect ppls thoughts but its gonna be hard to live in an enchanted world.

  26. I believe that anything is possible. You should have an open mind. Way back people would never have thought we’d fly in planes, or talk half way around the world on telephones (I mean how can you hear someones voice who is so far away, right?) But, it happened. Also, sending messages on internet through satellite or texting or using a remote control to control our tv’s. Way back no one would EVER have thought this was possible, and if anyone did this they would have been thought a witch and executed. And in the future there will be more inventions that we wouldnt think possible today. And there are thousands of sea life that haven’t been discovered yet, as well as land life that is being discovered all the time, that has been around for ages.

  27. this statement is for that one “expert” girl. I really hope you don’t make a living off that. Whoever kaeley whiting is i bet she is a loner!

  28. Some of yall dont have to beleive in bigfoot, but it doesn’t mean you can make the beleivers look like crap and idiots because you dont beleive AM I RIGHT?? ALL THE PEEPS WHO THINK SO SAY YES!!!

  29. I like to research creatures, and sea monsters, and such, and it’s just cool to see what people beleive on stuff, and if i ever saw a bigfoot, according to what peoplle said it looked like, i’d pass out and wake up 10 minutes later lol. I honestly beleive it is real, im not saying EVERY video, but i know for sure there are things and creatures in the world that we havn’t discovered yet, so i dont know why people can say all kind of crap and say peeps are stupid if they beleive in it u know? why cant some people beleive it? if some of yall dont like all the people that like bigfoot, then why are you on this website? anyways, i appreciate the time and effort whoever made this website and put it together. Thanks!


  31. For some reason the video you have posted does not work on my p.c. but I can see the still shots. To me they look like the real thing but it is hard to tell as they are so blurry. Whether this is a real one I can not say for sure but he/she is out there and he/she always will be. I am so tired of you non- believers putting down us believers, if you do not believe then what are you doing in this web site? If you do not believe could you at least please keep your snide remarks to yourselves. I respect your beliefs could you please respect ours. I heard a Bigfoot scream one time in my life and friends if you ever heard it you would be a believer. Please respect the work that Linda is doing and stop putting her down with your non- believing remarks.

  32. Michael from Germany
    As you probably know by now that Georgia Bigfoot was not real. It was a rubber suit! Those men just wanted some attention and they got it.

  33. If this Bigfoot actually existed then why is there no proof of it’s existance? Why aren’t the two rednecks from North Georgia refusing to show the remains of the so called “Bigfoot” to the public? Is there a true reason why they do not want to show it’s remains to the public? Perhaps it is not the real thing? If the Bigfoot theory was real, I believe it would’ve been found by now by someone who would be happy to show it to the public. I mean if the FBI can find convicts on the run no matter where they are hiding, I am positive they would find something like this on the run. If this is real and true what these rednecks are claiming, I believe they shot and killed it. Rednecks, if you are reading this, supply the proof to the American people that the bigfoot does exist!!!

  34. What kind of KID uses a word like HUMANOID to describe something? Your either gonna say bear, bigfoot, or monster, . . . but HUMANOID?!?……LOL……….this thing was badly scripted, you can tell………….He seems awfully calm as he says, “humanoid” don’t you think?

  35. If ya’ll were smart ya’ll would of shot the damn thing just to see if its real cause i tired of people saying that its not real and thats its a human but how the F**K could it be a human all of ya’ll are just too damn stupid i swear SHOOT THE DAMN THING IIGHT.

  36. i will accept the odds that these gentle piece full creations of God are real and that the reasons we do not believe in them is because our life span is far less than the Bigfoot thus making us think there would be corpses of it but they have far longer life span than a human or ape and they could live for thousands of years but i still would blow its head off if it was next to me

  37. dude if i had a rifle i would blow big foots head off i live in Michigan and im going camping if i see him il give him a piece of my mind

  38. Oh, by the way, answering the folk here who asked how many they are; apparently, as per an American scientist (sorry, I cannot find the name) who has spent 20 years studying evidences, judging by the reported sightings, is saying there would be about 100 in the mountains of north-west USA, from north California to Washington state, and about 200 in the Canadian Rocjties, where they are less likely to be shot at and meet people. There are about 12 on the Vancouver islands, where forest workers have had encounters. They migrate a lot on long distances and therefore are likely to become extinct since they do not meet often enough to reproduce in numbers. Reproduction probability and time are like humans, about one kid a year for a couple that meet often. Males are usually seen alone, but couples with a kid had been seen. It seems the male stick around for a while when the female is pregnant and has a young kid. It also exist in Russia, Mongolia, throughout China, and the biggest specimens were seen in Nepal and Tibet, where the species appear to be healthy and in a larger number. When approaching Everest, expeditions often see them. It takes about 4 days of walking uphill slowly to get to the bottom of Everest before the ascension.

  39. It is very easy to stay in front of your PC and comment that ALL these are fakes… Look at Patterson film in California (utube). A lot of scientists are studying bigfoot, sasquatch and yeti. In China, the government science minister organized an expedition near a village in the mountains. A TV show by Arthur C Clarke (deceased now) showed evidences throughout the world, including partial skulls. He concluded that it is likely to be a gigantophetecus (giant ape in latin) of which several remains were found fossilized in the world. Due to its size and strenght, it has no predator (but man) and therefore did not evolve through the ages and glaciations. It is like human, omnivorous (eats anything); it prefers berries, it has been often seen in salmon rivers catching a salmon. THose who heard the sounds it makes now believe; fairly squary yell… Listen to it on utube. They say it cannot be imitated by humans since the frequencies are both high and low pitches at the same time. If you meet one, talk firmly and back off slowly, show your arms and hands open along side your body; they know guns since they were often shot at (particularly in the USA where everyone and his little suister has a gun… and where people shoot and ask questions later) and when a human aim a camera they may think it is a gun. Listen to the US radio show on utube, where two hunters killed two of them and ran away (several 10 minutes recordings, 9 I think). Interesting.

  40. You all are dumb asses for believing that bigfoot is “real”. I mean what are the odds that there is a creature walking around that could be called bigfoot. Something like that had already been discovered its called an ape. Or maybe you didn’t know that.

  41. Many people will not accept the possibility that a north american primate still exists.. I know they do..I have seen one ! And I am studying some very interesting evidence in northern Ontario

  42. Ralph the Realist …..

    I have hunted bears for the better part of my life. I guide hunts in Alaska where the bear population is the highest. In my 30 years of hunting, stalking, and taking bears, I have never in my life came across a bear carcass in the forest. I have never seen a million dollars…..but I know it exists. So go back to playing your video games, and smelling up your house in the city, and turn MTV back on because all morons like you do is entertain us.

  43. I can’t say for everyone but I live in Oregon and I went out on a sunny day to look for evidence to the Bigfoot sighting in and around were i live and to evidence is really amazing,I took a binder with me and started writing down everything I had seen from the broken sappling to the foot prints and fecal matter. I have not gone back do to work but know I have some time off, I think I will go back to do some more investigating and this time take a camcorder with me to show what I have found.And were I go,sighting have been reported all the way back to 1975.IF I EVER COME ACROSS A BIGFOOT IN MY LIFE TIME I WILL NEVER TELL ANYONE THAT I THOUGHT WOULD HERT HIM OR HER.I AM IN IT FOR THE SCIENCE NOT THE KILLING.

  44. There are just too many sightings for it not to be real. (Missouri Monster, the Yeti, Bigfoot in Washington) I would not lose too much sleep over it, though.

  45. casey if you dont believe in bigfoot why comment . you talk about getting attention your doing the same thing so you tell me stop being a hipocrite . you must believe in bigfoot .why are you on the site hummmmm. let me see your looking for pornnnnn

  46. I think that all of this talk about BIGFOOT is a bunch of BS and I think you need to stop trying so hard to get a little attention!!!!!


  48. ralph is wrong, bigfoot is real! i know he comes to my backdoor everyother day asking me for cigarettes and the newspaper. He wants to introduce me to his sister but i politely tell him i am already married

  49. Ralph sure does sound right. As funny as it sounds where is bigfoot’s poopy? maybe he digs a hole does his thing covers it up real good so noone can or will ever notice!

  50. Another Patterson film copy and another fake. Bigfoot believers are all nuts! Has anyone watched National Geographic’s documentary on the “elusive” Bigfoot? (Is it Real?) Friends of the late Patterson state that he faked the whole thing. He even went as far as giving a man 1,000 bucks for doning the monkey suit and acting like Bigfoot. Get real people where is the carcass and where is Bigfoot’s fecal matter? Hummmm………….

  51. I can’t really tell what it is.It’s funny how most videos You see posted are of poor quality.You would think that they would have a good camcorder.I do.I’m not saying that they are all fakes,But I think they need better camcorders.As for if there is one or more,I think there are lots of them.I’t hard for us to really get up close to them because they want lefted alone and I feel when the day the find one and capture one, Will only cause more harm on them trying to get one of their own.Pictures are ok, but haveing one displayed would only hurt them.

  52. You people keep saying for people to come with something real….well why dont you get off your lazy hipocrite asses and find some evidence for yourselves cuz obviously you care enough about the issue to come onto these sites…in the meantime, i hope you enjoy going to every site you can find, criticizing other peoples evidence….while your at it, go find some loch ness monster sites too, im sure that’ll be fun

  53. This sighting seems very reliable. The camera shakes quite a bit, and the object just vanishes into the forest, faster than a human could hide. I would say that the only way that this could be a bear would be if it were doing a handstand or didn’t have a head. The camera is way too shakey to decide though.

  54. right in my back yard in North Dakota
    I wonder if they are the same one

    Question: for anyone one out there: Do you think that there is only one bigfoot, or are there a lot of them out there?

  55. really? The same thing happened to me.
    I didn’t get a good look at it, but I’m about 83% sure that it was actually bigfoot

  56. If you watch the video closely, it looks to me like the video starts by showing a bear on its hind legs that then drops to all fours…then the “dark” subject disappears.

    I also find it rather curious that these guys immediately run up to the “footprints” and start comparing what they see with the size of their own footprints. Anyone not assuming and with nothing to prove would not have done that immediately.

    I say it’s either a bear or a hoax. Why is it that all images and video of “Bigfoot” are either blurry or jerky? Gee, I wonder. If I was to come across something like that in the woods, I’m quite sure it would be easy to get a still image/video because I would be paralyzed!

  57. I like the hippie’s look at it all. Probably, like me, has remembered what was told to him when he was young by his grandfather, who lived way out in the country. These people knew and saw and smelled. Never doubt that this is real. We just do not know.

  58. i believe in fearies, elves, dragons, unicorns, ghosts, pixies and the devil. Oh did i bigfoot? No i didnt, u know why? cause it’s a load of PANTS

  59. yo know real or fake all people will never understand why god puts life on earth the why he chooses .you may live to be a hundred and never see all species of life so why doubt its existance.(bigfoot)

  60. how much do they pay the guy to wear a big foot suit and walk around in the enchanted forest in tofino. another thing is why did they not run up or stand still to catch a clear shot.

    Also if you have any other footage or links please send them via email

  61. By the manner of movement and height I would so that is a skilled hunter that is somewhere he is not supposed to be. A skilled outdoorsman of military person and conceal himself so quickly he would seem to “disappear”. Notice it did not run, it did not challenge, it simply slipped away calmly into the woods. I have done this to spooked deer (humans in this case) and they would circle around trying to find what startled them, putting them well in bow range.

  62. i think that these are real. i never really paid attention to bigfoot until this past year n lat year. i went to california in 2006 and as we were driving ( my step dad i was only 15) we herd some screaming and yelling in the woods we were way up high on a slanted hill with lots of trees. we wonderd what it was until one of my step dads friend said that he seen big foot as he was drivin behind us. then this past year in 2007 we went backto cali. and my grandma woke up really early and she seen bigfoot standin by the bathroom at the egde of the cliff. ( we were at tha beach). then couple weeks ago they spotted big foot were i live. he walked past my step dad. but to the point. i think that all of these are real.

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