No Bigfoot

I got the news a few minutes ago – Biscardi was scammed by a woman in Nevada. There was no Bigfoot after all. I hope they didn’t lose much money on this fiasco. He will issue a statement on this soon I’m sure. I’m so glad it is over.

Like I told Vickie when I left JavaBobs Bigfoot Deli this afternoon… this has been a GOOD day because now we know the truth. It is so much better than chasing around after somebody’s lie. And whatever doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. I learned this a few days ago when I nearly fell off a cliff. And this situation is the same.

Though it is a big disappointment and embarrassment to be scammed like this – going through this can make our team stronger in many ways. And we can get back to business – what this project was started for – to capture a Bigfoot and prove they exist.

Yay… I feel that we’re on the right path again.

I heard Tom filmed an apology from the woman’s husband, and I hope he adds it to the videostream! It’s all part of the story of this expedition. Very exciting stuff if you ask me.

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  1. Would the real Bigfoot Researcher please stand up…

    You people amaze me. I am sitting here day after day in Happy Camp listeneing to this juvenile bull and I have come to a few conclusions.

    First of all, what is wrong with you so called “researchers”? The only thing I get from you all so far is that you are much more interested in tearing each other down about what you have done than to actually be researching Bigfoot. Tell me I am wrong but I thought your main focus is to actually study this awesome creation. I sit here and read these ridiculous accusations and all the time in my living room ask myself where are you idiots because, well, THERE IS A BIGFOOT LIVING IN MY YARD!!! Hello…Is there anybody out there. You are all jokes and embarrassments to me. Its you all who are making fools of yourselves by your kindergarten schoolyard antics. Are any of you really serious about this or what?

    I have an idea. How about a woman, yeah a woman researcher call me and let’s discuss seriously studying this thing? While the men researchers fight over the size of their pathetic Bigfoot finds, how about we get down to it and really find/study something? Any takers? You can contact me through this web site. I’m serious boys. Are you all just a bunch of fakers and hoaxers? You know they say that birds of a feather flock together.

    The other conclusion I have come to has to do with the Great American Bigfoot Research Team. While everyone and his brother has many bad things to say about these guys, the one thing I have noticed is that they are here. You are not. I have seen their hard work and selfless attitudes since they have come to town. Who are you to make accusations and suppositions about what they are doing here in Happy Camp when you are not like me…An eye witness? And like I said, maybe if you were actually out there…

    Is anyone out there serious about finding this Bigfoot? I am. I will now be busy staying up all night watching monitors, sniffing the air and listening for footfall. I’ll wait all season and then I’ll take a break from the end of the fall fruit season until early next spring when it returns, (like it has for the past two years) to begin watching for it again.

    Your are all just a bunch of hyped up wannabes from my viewpoint here. I would say it has to be a good one. From this point on I plan to not waste my time defending anyone, me included. From now on I plan to make the best of my time studying and writing on my new “find”. You will hear from me soon on my results and I will ask one more time from where i sit…

    Serious Bigfoot researchers…Where are you?

    Tara Hauki

    P.S. I don’t want just women to get involved but you get the point eh? if you are really interested in knowing what is going on here and you have noble and intellectually mature motives, give me a buzz.

  2. Steve, Happy Camp consists of 1200+ people, not all of whom support Tom Biscardi. However I still support him so long as I feel he’s being truthful and ethical to the best of his ability. Because I know the full situation (more than you, anyway) and because I know the people involved, I still support him at this time.

  3. I’m amazed you all stand behind someone who one of the fathers of Bigfoot research, Peter Byrne, proclaimed to be a thief. Now who is lying, Peter Byrne, or Loren Coleman?

    Byrne’s Statement Regarding Coleman Stealing Photographs

    I’ve lost respect for Coleman because I know him to be a backbiter and I believe, after asking him for verification, that he doesn’t have enough evidence to back up his statements. Finding that article by Peter Byrne proclaiming Coleman to be a liar and thief was just icing on the cake.

    We’re all entitled to choose our own friends, however. I like Tom Biscardi because he has compassion and ethics. I’m sure if you knew him personally rather than just judging him from a distance and following Coleman’s lead like puppets, you’d have a different perspective.

  4. i just cannot understand why happy camp is still supporting Tom Biscardi . Tom made the anouncement on coast to coast am that he had captured the bigfoot . how could he have been scamed ? if it had been real to start with , he would have went to the warehouse that bigfoot was being held at and seen it himself . no , it was a scam from the start and he used the people of happy camp and coast to coast am radio show , so he could make a quick buck . Tom Bascardi has single handed hurt the credibility of serious respectiable bigfoot researchers . if someone could prove that Tom Bascardi did this as a scam , fraud , from the start , should bring charges against him and sue him . Tom Bascardis credibility is gone .

  5. Loren,

    I don’t think Biscardi’s intent was to rip off the town of Happy Camp. Instead I think that he was targeting Coast to Coast AM listeners, where the real money is to be found. After listening to Biscardi on Coast Friday night (8/19) talk about the Bigfoot that his people supposedly captured, like probably thousands of other listeners, I excitedly plunked down my $14.95 for a glimpse of a Bigfoot on his website. After seeing nothing but canned footage of him on some highway and later in some Bigfoot museum, I became suspicious and did some digging around on the internet. That’s when I came across this “No Bigfoot” blog that was posted a day after his appearance on Coast to Coast AM. Maybe you should contact George Noory before anyone else gets ripped off!

  6. Your technique of distraction from the issue at hand, Biscardi’s promises, claims, and withdrawals, speak for themselves.

    If you wish to believe Erik Beckjord’s “article” or Biscardi’s claims, that’s up to you. Byrne loaned me his photos to promote him, and they were never stolen. Please check your facts if you are going to attempt to defame someone. Of course you may hold me to the same standard I would place on Biscardi. I do.

    As far as Biscardi, I merely am pointing out what he says does not align with what he produces. I do not have to build any fame. It’s already there. Biscardi is the one who is stepping on the Bigfoot community.

    There’s an old saying, all con men are very well-liked before their cons are discovered.

    Enjoy your relationship with this man, and don’t say many of us didn’t warn you when you realize what has happened.

  7. Loren, not everyone will respect you when you seek to build your own fame by stepping on others.

    You say “Byrne got all the money due him.”

    Yes, according to the article he got his money after you stole his pictures and sold them behind his back.

    You know what, Loren? If you’re going to hold everything Tom does wrong against him, then we should hold you to the same standard you use for others.


  8. Linda
    Who is becoming “immature” in all of this? Ha. As long as you wish to believe the Bs – Biscardi, Beckjord, and the faulty “accusing” memory of Byrne, how can you be an unbiased journalist with regard to Bigfoot and Biscardi?

    Yes, you are correct. There are accusations out there about me. It happens with most authors and well-known people in this field. But what is not acknowledged on that site is that Byrne got all the money due him, plus more by referrals made by me to him as a consultant. He also actually got a million dollar grant due to my book chronicling his involvement with Tom Slick. I have nothing to be ashamed of, and it has already been explained that no theft was involved. But I understand you and others would rather talk about me that look at the bad outcomes occurring from the Biscardi circus. So be it.

    I am determined to do anything that acknowledges that the likes of Biscardi are not good for hominology, and that such publicity, in the end, will reflect badly on the many serious researchers involved in the pursuit of Bigfoot. If this is the kind of “free advertising” that Happy Camp is looking for, then you must take the criticisms that come your way due to your association with Biscardi. You can’t have it both ways. His history is well-documented. And for anyone that can’t see through his “we caught it” media attention – then the switch to “oops, it was a scam,” yes, I will continue to say “wake up.”


  9. Loren,

    Now that I know who you are I have a few comments for you myself. Have you subscribed to the live videostreaming? If you did, then you would see all of the FREE advertising that Tom and this team have given to the not so sleeping town of Happy Camp. Because we have so graciously invited him in to our town he has gone to lengths to put an end to our economic woes here by showing the world that this is indeed bigfoot country. Again, he has not made one penny from the locals here. The team has spent their own money financing this venture and they did not have to steal anything to get it. Maybe you can take your own advise and WAKE UP!!!

    I have a question. Why would you be so determined as to make statements on what is actually going on here without actually knowing one thing that you are talking about? Wise up.

  10. The uncritical support of Tom Biscardi continues. My wish is that the folks of Happy Camp wake up to whom this guy is before it is too late. He’s alright pulled in some of the townspeople so deeply, and using your location as the focus of his…. Well, it seems obvious to many of us what’s up.

    The guy made promises of Bigfoot being taken by August 10th, then magically it was being held for over a week but he didn’t get a chance to go see it despite the earth-shattering alleged capture of Bigfoot? Next he goes on national radio making claims about the captive Bigfoot, and now he’s blaming it on a woman scamming him in Nevada? Come on folks. Look at what he’s doing.

    Loren Coleman

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