Hulu Wants to Tell Us About Sasquatch? …or Cannabis Farming?

I’ve got to watch this… Northern California cannabis farming turned murder turned Sasquatch legend. I’m just now starting to watch the first episode which was released a few days ago. So far there’s some interesting animation and a cold case murder of three men who were farming cannabis in the forest 26 years ago. The murder was blamed on a Bigfoot. The story is that the cannabis wasn’t taken, it was only the men who were attacked.

This is a new kind of Bigfoot story. Many of us consider Sasquatch people to be docile, but then there are stories like this that make tramping around in the woods just a little more scary.

[A few hours later . . . ] There are three episodes posted. I watched them. I don’t expect more, even though it says, “season one.” The documentary is 95% cannabis farming and 5% Bigfoot though some well known Bigfoot researchers and authors are featured. Worth watching.

As I’ve said before, if you want to walk around in the woods looking for Bigfoot, be careful. Marijuana farming in the woods is a major danger for Bigfoot seekers. Also, be aware of hunting season.

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