Online Bigfoot Tour – 24 Bigfoot Site of the Day Winners, 2009

I’m starting an online tour of Bigfoot sites, both renowned and obscure. I started this by posting a Bigfoot Site of the Day on my Bigfoot Sightings Twitter account. I now want to incorporate the project into this blog, and do a little research on each Bigfoot Site of the Day as we get to it.

If you’d like to suggest a site, either leave a note here or email me (see the right-side column for my contact link.) Right now I’ve got sites scheduled up into October, one each day. I’ll be very happy to add more.

I’m inspired by the Believe It Tour which is exploring my local river valley as I write – and though I can’t go long distance to explore, I can learn amazing things online. It is time for me to educate myself more by reading more in-depth information on Bigfoot research here on the internet. So here we go with a new Bigfoot Site of the Day project!

And the winners are…
The Bigfoot Museum – Willow Creek
The Bigfoot Field Reporter – Sharon Lee
The Bigfoot Books Blog – Bigfoot’s Blog!
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society
Sasquatch Watch of Virginia
Bigfoot Songs – Tom Yamarone
Bigfoot Evidence
Is It Real? An Analysis of Bigfoot Evidence
Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy
The Bigfoot Information Page
Stocking Hominid Research
The Skunk Ape Files – Florida’s Bigfoot
Georgia’s Bigfoot
Bigfoot in Illinios
North American Bigfoot – Cliff Barackman’s Website
North America’s Great Ape – Dr. John Bindernagel’s Bigfoot Biology Site
West Coast Sasquatch
Michigan Bigfoot
The Bigfoot Discovery Project Video Archive
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness
Lawnflowers, Jerky, and Bigfoots
United Bigfoot Research Group
Kentucky Bigfoot
J. Vaughn’s Bigfoot Research Page

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