Bigfoot Sighting Near Burney

There’s an article at Redding.Com about a very recent Bigfoot Sighting just south of Burney. The researchers there claim to have encountered Bigfoot as many as five times. According to the article during this sighting the researcher threw a stick at Bigfoot to try to get a reaction. Was that crazy, brave, or normal?

They went back a few days later and got an excellent set of footprints. See the photo here.

Oregon Bigfoot

Oregon Bigfoot has a beautiful website and very helpful national database of sightings including a few from here in Siskiyou County.

The most recent was in 2002 when a girl near Yreka said she saw two sasquatch in the field near her house.

The website is owned by Autumn Williams who claims a childhood sighting of her own. She’s been working on her bigfoot research since 1996.

Bigfoot Research Organization

The Bigfoot Research Organization is the best site I’ve found on the subject so far. I looked around the site for a way to join but haven’t found it yet.

There’s lots to learn here, including all about what we need to take with us on expeditions.

There’s a sighting report form and a huge database of reported sightings.

There are twenty reports from Siskiyou County. How exciting is that?

Our most recent sightings are not reported there yet. We need to change that.