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Last week I received email from a person in Pennsylvania who found large muddy footprints across from his house in Sewickley Heights, Pennsylvania, a heavily wooded area not far from Pittsburgh in Allegheny County. The twenty bipedal prints – mud on asphalt – measured 18 to 20 inches in length, 8 inches in width, with a heel-to-heel stride of 78 inches. When I met Sharon Lee at a Bigfooters’ dinner party in Willow Creek, California, on August 16, I asked if she knew any Pennsylvania Bigfoot researchers. She recommended Eric Altman of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. Sharon Lee lives in Ohio and has done some recent squatching with Eric.

Apparently Bigfoot sightings in Allegheny County, near Pittsburgh, aren’t uncommon. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society’s site lists 32 incidents for that one county alone! Now they’ll have one more.

The website for the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society includes a blog, the PA Bigfoot Society Journal; a forum for members only; a radio program, Beyond the Edge Radio; some fascinating photographs of squatching discoveries and techniques; and an extensive county-by-county database of Pennsylvania Bigfoot sightings and encounters. There’s also a county-by-county listing of Pennsylvania Bigfoot researchers to call on if there’s a sighting, and some Bigfoot merchandise to buy as well.

Pennsylvania Bigfoot SocietyI enjoyed my tour through the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society’s website and feel I now have a much better understanding of the intensity of Bigfoot activity in that state.

A few sample sightings from the database:

1. In 1985 two couples set up camp near the Dubois Reservoir in Sasquatch territory. The two women hiked in the woods and were disturbed by a terrible rotten-egg type smell and unusual movements. Later that evening the couples enjoyed their campfire until they heard heavy footfalls circling around them. Though it was dark they decided to break camp and get out of dodge. The creature followed them to their vehicle and when they turned on the headlights they saw it only 25 feet away: 7 feet tall covered with reddish-brown hair. Read more here.

2. In Berks County, 1991, a man out grouse hunting on Blue Mountain saw a creature, at least 7 feet tall with long black hair covering the body. He estimated the creature to weigh 400 to 500 pounds. There was about a foot of snow on the ground, and ice, so walking was difficult for the man. The creature, however, was running but not winded. Read more here.

3. In 1992 campers in Erie County heard vocalizations and saw a large bipedal creature cross in front of their truck when they attempted to leave the area. It had started when one camper saw hair-covered legs in his flashlight beam. One of the campers attempted to take photographs but got nothing except eyes. Read more here.

Almost every county in Pennsylvania appears to have had multiple sightings – and the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society’s data will be helpful to anyone experiencing possible Bigfoot activity in that state.

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  1. 1973. Carnegie pa.. by superior steel. As a young man in 10th grade , enjoying my summer vacation. I noticed banging coming from the hillside and then banging from the junk yard. This started almost everyday in the evening at dusk. I would run down to the junkyard to see what was going on and the banging would stop. This went on for at least a month. Then one night I was alerted by my dog growling at something in the back yard. When I went to go see, it happened so quick only to capture a glimpse of a hairy torso jumping off the back wall and away. The next morning I seen evidence of the back fence pushed down and I gathered up my Friends and we went to the top of the hill where we found a path of field grass pushed down. The pounding stopped after the sighting immediately.

  2. One day while hiking in the woods on a open trail my wife was hit by pebbles for about a minute. I can’t remember the exact spot but it was in the Northeast Pennsylvania area outside of Scranton.

  3. I no in sewickley heights pa.bigfoot is their. it.people who live there ,Stay to there selfs.lot’s of food.and woods.for them. Let them be please.

    1. Right on.. I have had three encounters withBigfoots here in Lancaster caounty… Leave them be!!

  4. Several yrs ago (around 35), my beagle and I were hunting rabbits during the late season. (snow on the ground) We were near orangeville , in penna just east of the town along pymatuning creek which feeds the shenango res. As the crow flies probably abut a mile from hells hollow where I have read there were bigfoot sightings. I came across what I thought at the time was someone walking barefoot thru the snow, which I thought was very strange. These tracks were not very large, my feet are size 12 so I estimated these to be about a nine or ten. At that time bigfoot was never really mentioned so I never even considered it just thought it odd someone would be out in extremely cold weather in their bare feet. One other thing that needs to be mentioned is that the tracks went from brush pile to brush pile just like my beagle and I were doing. Over the yrs I thought about those tracks from time to time, not saying it was a young bigfoot but then again who knows ?

  5. 2001 My friend and I were planning a trip into Allegahany National forest,and asked my cousin for a good place to camp. My cousin knows that forest like the back of his hand, and put us in a great secluded area off of Hearts Content Trail. Around 3am on our 2nd night we were awakened by a Scream like a female was getting murdered. We were up all night freaked out, and when I returned home to Cleveland my mom said “Thats a Screetch Owl” I thought nothing of it until Bo Bo and the group came on this year. I have listened to every animal noise that could be heard in OH, or PA. That scream sounds like recordings of BigFoot encounters. My wife and I are planning on a BF hunt in East TX next week. There are numerous sightings in this part of the state, and I am so excited!! If anyone want to camp where we were in PA, I can look at a Topo and put you exactly where we were.

  6. When we were in Cooks Forest in October 2009, I heard a “whistle” while on the River Trail.
    There was no one on the trail except for myself, my husband, my daughter and her friend.

    1. I heard a strange birdlike whistle after dark in Cooks Forest in the summer of 2016. Sounded like it was only fifty feet away and I kept feeling this feeling like I was being watched the whole night. It freaked me out so bad that I actually went to bed early which I never do because I like to sit out by the fire till late at night, and the next night I went to bed early with my friends because I said I was not going to stay out there by myself.

  7. I never knew there was so many sightings in PA. I live in central PA near Lewisburg & no one I know has ever said a word about Sasquatch. As for me I’ve always believed it was real I just thought they lived in the Pacific Northwest. But after reading all kinds of accounts online in central PA I must say I’m starting to believe they are around here esp. after I saw the Jacobs photos from Erie, if they can be there they can be here. I’ve never went bigfooting but I’d defiantly would like to go sometime (with other people) of course lol. If anyone is from central PA send me an email. Cya Nate

    1. Hey I hear ya, I live around Mifflinburg and I believe they have to be around these mountains- R.B Winter.. But had heard very little reports.

  8. here nin cameron county pa iv had severl incounters,at my home from wood nocking to ti watching tv though my bed room windo my yongest girl will not stay here in less i stay up all night to protect he it s tryed to get in once,i look at it this way thay are the other pepoel of the woods,,its nike living next to ur nabor u ncause him greef ur naber will cause u greef it in how u look at things in life,i hunt cyotes fox and cats at night and have had them tell us to get out of there we honer and leave.

    1. William… that does sound frightening, but since you’re doing the good neighbor thing, they probably respect that. Your youngest girl may sense that she’s being watched while she’s there. They sometimes have an interest in girls, and I would not let her go outside alone. There are cases of young women being kidnapped by Sasquatches. Seriously!! You will find multiple reports like that in the book, Tribal Bigfoot by Dave Paulides.

  9. i have a friend that told me his sister who lives in dunbar pa seen this very large animal go from the edge of her yard into the woods she said it was the biggest thing she ever saw she is still scared to death i thought i would get on the comp. to see what i could find.Jerry Trainor

  10. I live in Burgettstown area and for the last year and a half we have encoutered some strange happenings. We have had rocks throwed at us. we have heard like a thump on trees and we have even seen a black creature that walks upright. The man like creature lets you know that you are to close to it. I have a picture of a foot print that is not bear or human. I am native american and have Indian in me, I believe that big foot has found a home on our hill and seroundings, and why not we have 33 Acres of wood land and lots of fruit trees and the sportsman club have 1400 acres of wooded area. Big foot has plenty to eat here I think he is happy here. We have cattle and a Pig and he has not hurt any domestic animals here. So big foot has a safe haven here. this is facts from a women that has lived on this place for over 41 years and never ecountered anything like it. I myself never dreamed I would be worried about a big creature as I am about bigfoot worried that someone would want to shoot him down. I myself will studdy to make sure that it is him and try to keep him safe from harm. I never believed in this magnificient animal until now call me crazy or what you want but I will try yo get more footage on this human like creature and update as I go so people will know he exist. thank you for having this web sight so you know you are not by youself on this.

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