Should Bigfoot Researchers Care About Shape Shifting Reports?

The question Regan Lee asked at Technorati today is whether Bigfoot is a shape shifter. Regan realizes that most Bigfoot research specialists reject the notion and ignore shape shifting reports, however reports of this nature still trickle in. Should we take them seriously?

The last person who told me that Bigfoot shape shifted into a bear earned my intense skepticism, but that hardly means that it couldn’t happen. Two years ago I wouldn’t have considered that they could be interdimensional, but now, after doing psychic research that uncovered elements of interdimensional information sharing, I’m beginning to wonder if it is possible. I am going to be the first to state here, in public, that just because I think shape shifting is way too far-out to be an acceptable theory, I COULD BE WRONG. So there, I’ve said it. And so could hundreds of others who think this couldn’t happen.

So Regan, in case you ever read this… I’ll keep it in mind. And if anyone comes up with any proof that shape shifting happens, please share it with me.

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  1. I have seen something I can not explain other then its true. I was watching property on a webcam when dogs began to bark like crazy. This went on for some time until
    a figure walked around the corner of the garage I was watching. This figure was transparent but his outline was that of a large man. The figure walked to the end of the garage and seemed to look right at the camera then took a step back with his back to the wall and faded into the wooden wall. I could see the outline of the body in the wall.I have thought about this over and over and never shared it with anyone. I know that people will never believe bigfoot could do this so it really puts the brakes on trying to talk about what could possibly be going on with this. Im positive to what I saw but who do I try to tell. Well this is something that I know to be true but until someone else sees it I can not talk of it as fact. Can anyone offer anything to this. It is welcome

    1. Bigfoot has the face of a baboon and can shapeshift, moves like a slinky , and speaks a language with a animal voice . I’ve seen and heard it , Scary as F. I’ve had 3 run ins with it . I know it’s whereabouts. Just let it be . If it wanted to kill me I would be dead.

  2. Why should a shape-shifting creature be any more far-fetched than believing in a religious figure like Mohammed or Jesus?

    Native American spiritual beliefs have as much right to exist as any other formal religion and in fact, as someone else here suggested, there are even biblical precedents that could help explain Bigfoot’s existence. Look up the story of Jakob and Esau to see what biblical scholars suggest about the origins of modern day bigfoot.

    Regan Lee’s question about shape-shifting is worth consideration, since it is mentioned in First Nations story-telling traditions, but personally, I still am drawn toward a dimensional explanation for BF’s apparent ability to pop in and out of sight, to their ability to not be killed by conventional weaponry and to their avoidance to capture and containment.

    There is a fascinating post on Cryptomundo’s site about events at Lawrence Livermore Labs in California about Bigfoots in captivity, which suggests that the creatures at least possess the ability to make themselves invisible.

    Lastly, though it’s in defiance of ‘occam’s razor’ when we assume that what appears to modern research as a fantastical hypothesis like interdimensionality, we cannot just ignore witness testimony that supports it. I started collecting the weirdest bigfoot stuff in my own blog, here:

    Check it out if you wish..


  3. You mentioned something about shape shifting. I personally don’t believe in it. However, why don’t you check out the video on YouTube posted as Mushmatsa’s bigfoot video. Sure looks to me like a creature is walking upright then goes down on all fours. Check it out & then you tell me.

    1. Pamela! Welcome to the site! I had a link to that video on the front page of the site for a long time and just removed it yesterday or the day before. Here it is: Mushmasta’s Bigfoot Video for anyone who wants to see it. I’m going to go look at it again now as I don’t remember it going down on all fours. Thanks for the comment!

  4. An btw I do believe there is a large population bf’s on the northamerican continent….I just am of the opinion our “energy” signatures as humans are so “jarring” to them that there is the possibility we make them physically uncomfortable.

    This is a simple common sense observation….if you work with Tigers their center of gravity is lower than ours, so in their eyes we’re an easy target as we appear continuely “off balance” to them….our body language seem’s like gibberish to them….ect….pick you’re favorite annimal and think about it .
    Any hunter knows about the start, and stop pattern of deer, or the big mistake of pawing an snorting during rutting season to flush a buck out into the open.
    Why wouldn’t some of my theories work since BF is nothing more than another woodland creature?
    Sorry, just my two cents worth.

  5. In considering everyones opinions so far on this thread I think there are some logical theories that bear looking into.
    1) the defiation of shapeshifting used here implies a literal physical transformation of matter.
    2) crediting BF with the ability of hypnosis.

    I would propose that as for the most part the human mind is literally seeing “anything” with the caveat of during times of extreme stress an actual image “may ” be translated into a more acceptable image as our brains ‘flounder around ” for a point of reference that is less threatening.(example)
    the grasping for bear images, Or (hey ! what’s that tall guy doing on the side of the road?
    It’s like a saftey mechanism to soften the shock temporarily
    of what our eyes are forcing our brain to input.

    2) It has been my experience that animals altho not gifted with the english language “per se” do quite easily “see/hear? pictures projected at them and will respond.
    If you “think it loud enough with an animal you already have a repore with.

    My point of all this being (theoretical obviously) Maybe if someone stumbles across a bigfoot the fear and confusion a person will unwiting project repusles theBP, as it would indicate we’re in a way unbalanced, in general.

    To conclude, with the advances in understanding of particle physics it’s not bevond reason to suppose that with our undiciplined mind a bf could be within a few feet of us but if all we expect to see is a brushpile our own brains could quite easily trick us into seeing something more acceptable than “the whole truth”
    Add this string of theories together and the possibility BF has the ability to effect EMF fields however so slightly and the actual creature has in effect managed to be in plain sight, much like a car in the blind spot of your car sideview mirror

    A example of this is one person may see a patch of mist they’re convinced is a ghost, while the person next to them sees an angel complete with wings….who’s “right”?
    everone was “right” if a temp agreement can be reached it was in fact a ball of energy….and nothing more till more scientific methods of measurements can be applied.

  6. To add to my earlier comments, I dont know enough about shape shifting to judge on it but am very interested in learning about it. I mostly feel that it is more about the creatures ability to use its surroundings to elude humans and keep from being bothered by us.

  7. Hi everyone, I am new to this site and I have enjoyed reading all the comments. I would just like to say to all the skeptics, that you should listen to the native american stories and you can’t dipute eye witness accounts. I am an avid hunter/outdoorsman and have been for most of my life. Ive learned alot about being mentally in tune with nature and being in tune with the 6th sense, (so to speak) and having the abillity to do that makes all the difference. I can also blend in to the surrounding environment that I am hunting in. I have had a small herd of doe deer walk right up to me and come so close that I was able to pet the nose of one without spooking the animal. My point is that the wilderness is bigfoots environment and they know that environment better than we can imagine. A bear can smell a human a mile away and if a bigfoot is in tune with the environment it is in, then it can too and the chances of you seeing one is slim to none. I believe it is a rare treat to have an encounter and consider it a gift. I have had 3 very memorable encounters and hope to have more in the future.

  8. I, for one, do believe in the existence of Bigfoot. I used to read a variety of books covering this (these) amazing creature(s). One book even suggested that they have the ability to make you see what they want you to (sort of a hypnosis) like a man and they have the ability to speak to us in our language. This alone convinces me that they are far more intelligent than we first believed. Which would mean that it would be child’s play for them to evade any human search team or detection by any of our more advanced technologies (i.e., satellites and telescopes)

    Has anyone ever considered the possibility that Bigfoot may not even be from this planet? Or, what about the sightings compared to the sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s)? It might be worth checking out.

  9. i believe in big foot and have since i first heard the stories. there are a ton of un discovered things and creatures in this world so y shuldnt he be one of them? angel falls for example its huge and had remained hidden for years. im 14 but im sure i know what im talking about. we too have native american in our family and i think that has given me a greater since of closeness to the earth and has allowed me to open up my mind to things out of the normal swing of things. i believe shape shifting is possible, y shuldnt it be? it upsets me when ppl are rly close minded to stf especially when they havent experienced anything to disprove other peoples theory i rly wuld just like to ask those of u skeptics to go out early one morning and meditate. truly recieve the universe. i can almost guarantee that ur views of normal will start to change. this modern world is not normal. concrete isnt normal and all these superficial thinkings are not normal. we humans have lost soo much of ourselves. why capture a sasquoch and make it lose its way just as we have lost ours? its not rite and i think maybe a lot of u should think abt the effects something like that could have on not only them but us. i think we have ruined enuf of this world. maybe its ok to leave a portion un-touched by human hands. its not rite. we are at the top of the animal kingdom…for now, things change. and our treatment of the “lesser organisms” is going to haunt us one day and that day is coming soon. my advice follow the golden rule not just with other ppl but also with the earth. its the only one weve got we have to learn to coexist something we arent doing well as of now. we dont have to wipe out everything that doesnt fit into our perfect little vision of “a perfect world”

  10. The American Indians viewed “bigfoot” has a spiritual type being, a Keeper of the Woods. I believe these creatures do possess the ability to shapeshift. I believe that is one of the reasons they are seen and then cannot be tracked.

  11. OHH Red Elk also claims the alien bigfeet do disappear maybe that’s actually shape shifting

    if interested just search “Red Elk” on youtube , last time I looked he had about 5-6 video’s including one on disappearing and one on flying by people

  12. Now I believe in the bigfella in a big way and I believe there are aliens visting earth

    but I truly don’t believe any animal from this planet shape shift’s
    if the bigfella could do it then some know animal should of shown signs of so sort that they were close to that capiblity
    since most traits of animals are found in other animals in some shape or form
    so since we’ve found no other animal that shape shift’s
    I say this is Native American folklore
    not that that is bad after al christain still believe Noah loaded a big boat with 2 of every animal
    andthey claim to be schooled and modern

    yes I’m a American and proud to be

    no I do not believe in God or any other Idea that’s used to control peoples thought’s and how they act

    but just to be fair I saw video on youtube by a Indian called Red Elk , he claims we have our bigfoot and one that’s alien , maybe the alien ones shape shift

  13. What if the “skunk ape” manisfestation of BigFoot held the clue to shape shifting? Could a creature produce its own camouflage, much as a skunk uses defensive odour.? Only instead of emitting a substance that merely smelled, it also had reflective or distorting visual effects. I too have noticed that the area in a photo where the creature is sighted is often smudged or indistinct and moreso if the creature whithin a group was larger. I have come to believe that they can emit a fogging musk like substance. That produces a visual distortion that allows them to elude good observations. I have reason to believe that they can throw some whitish rope like substance that disperses, and fairly often see what appears to be a thrown, dropped or floating piece of white association with groupings of creatures. Perhaps this is the distorting substance or evidence of so -called shape shifting, glowing or luminous balls, as sometimes there is even a white flash or “hole” in a photo.
    I have had one direct encounter with something the size of a large bear with glowing red eyes at a distance of 15 feet on the road in front of my car at 12:30 pm. It was moving like a bear, but didn’t seem to be a bear.
    In some cultures, Himalayan, Big Foot (Yeti) is said to a human-like bear. A high altitude blue bear. I cannot decide whether the shapes seen are more bearlike or apish, and have to reserve judgement. Thanks to all the native persons who have added comments.

  14. I believe there is an undiscovered primate out there! Let’s get some hard evidence before we even start going down the paranormal trail. Talking about shape shifting can only lead to more skepticism and ridicule and will only serve to slow the process down. There will be plenty of time to figure out why this animal was so elusive after we have proof it exists and get the science community on our side.

  15. it would be my opinion that the born agains would be the ideal believers in bigfoot… i mean, they believe what is written in the bible, and if you can believe that you should be able to believe anything.

    1. You’ll believe it when you die and what you denied becomes your reality forever. Why don’t you go ask a Witch who opposes the Bible. They know what Bigfoot is as they are involved with these demonic manifestations.

  16. “just because I think shape shifting is way too far-out to be an acceptable theory, I COULD BE WRONG. ”

    I wish more scientists could be like you and have an open mind about such things.

    While I too don’t believe that Bigfoot is from another dimension, I do keep my mind open. After all, I think it’s a little foolish to go around saying you believe in Bigfoot but don’t believe it could be from another dimension. I have to admit though, I’ve never heard it as a shape-shifter.

    From other cases I’ve read, I want to say there might be different types of Bigfoot, meaning ones from our dimension and another kind from another dimension that can read minds and shape shift.

  17. I too am a born again believer, and I saw what I now know to possibly be shapeshifting or like Tara mentioned as my husband suggested, perhaps these creatures have the ability to cause us to see only what we think we see, when in actuality what we have seen is a false image, or impression?

    This does not fit in with my Christianity and although I wanted to believe in sasquatch as being a air breathing creature, and although that may be true, we cannot dismiss ( as I did) and take away the actual experience. I do not want to make this an issue about religion, but I do suspect that there is a delicate balance in society as it is where faith is concerned, to prove that these creatures have certain abilities and traits that the majority of humans do not would upset that balance.

    I have seen alot of things and although I cannot prove what I saw, I know what I saw. Sasquatch disapeared before my eyes, and in another encounter ( I observed this looking through a treeline) I saw a creature leap away from me that had the tail like that of a white tailed deer, but the legs and feet were not. I even thought to myself that the legs were not even like a coyote because they sure didn’t look like that of a deer! What did I see? I am uncertain, but I know things are not what they appear to be. And I am sane with my feet on the ground and my head is FIRMLY planted on my shoulders… the truth is out there and like many truths yet to be unvieled will be revealed in due time…

  18. This is a very difficult subect to discuss WHEN the people talking have SEEN a bigfoot. Let alone those who have not. Seeing vs. believing … hmmm?

  19. Do I believe in Bigfoots? For the most part yes. Although I do believe that the very possibility of them having the magical and so-called supernatural powers to shapeshift or shift shape this load of crap. Could they be this “paranormal manifestation?” Who knows. Although if they do actually exist there is no doubt in my mind that Bigfoots are indeed psychic, for their seemingly uncanny abilities to avoid, for the most part, humans, and thus capture, could no doubt be attributable to this superbly honed psychic ability and/or these extremely well developed senses.

    For Bigfoots, like all mammals, can no doubt automatically and instinctively sense danger, and thus when their turf is being invaded. So I have no doubt, that if they do exist, that they’re quite psychic and have these keenly developed abilities, or this 6th sense, that enables them to evade humans so adeptly, and with such subtle finesse, skill and stealth as they seem to have mastered the art of melting away into the woods. Maybe that’s the very reason that no Bigfoots have “officially” been caught—(though there is this plausible theory I’ve heard that most of em have been caught and rounded up by these government agents and/or G-men along with other military trained mercenaries who are intent on keeping the mystery of Bigfoots just that, this unsolved mystery, for with the infra-red and satellite technology of today, along with increased government secrecy, anything is possible!).

    Also, do I think that one can communicate with them through the medium of mental telepathy? Quite possibly. For if they’re psychic, which I have no doubt that they are, than Bigfoots are most likely open to and susceptible to such well-directed thoughts, requests and/or mental exchanges. Though I haven’t had any encounter with one so I wouldn’t know. Yet I’ll say this, I’d probably feel much safer around any type of Bigfoot than I would many humans, for I’m certain that almost all Bigfoots are far more stable, sane and caring than many humans that I’ve had the misfortune of getting to know, drinking with or just bumping into. For the great majority of people who claim to have had a Bigfoot encounter claim that not only was it basically peaceful and non-threatening, yet that they were looking into the curious and benevolent eyes of this innocent five year old child, regardless of the actual age of the Bigfoot that they crossed paths with!

    Taylor A., Squantum, Mass (SQ’s in the suburbs of Boston, where, as I’m certain, no Bigfoots have been found yet!).

  20. After seeing enough strangeness, all accounts should be taken as is, then explanations explored.
    We like to think we have a coherent science of reality but with things we have no idea what this phenomena is. Is it just biological, etc. As for shapechanging. Up in teh cacades I saw two women change into deer, and I wasnt alone

  21. I could have sworn I saw the Bigfoot turn into a bear and my best explanation is that seeing it was such a shock that my mind said it was a bear and my eyes shifted to see just that. That is only a guess, but it seems most rational to me.

    Love your website. It is straight forward and as factual as possible.

  22. Hi, Im not so sure, I think they can make them selves look like bears… I have seen 3 things that make me think they can.

    One is the pictures taken from a Pennsylvania.
    Jacobs Photo’s on the bfro site

    A Video of what they say is a Black Bear chasing a rabbit
    but when you watch it get back in the brush, It seems to stand up and take off running on 2 legs.

    And Black Bear looks like Chimp. They say that the Juvenile Big Foot look like a chimp..

    You can see both on this site, It is a Game Camera that they have set up. If it is the Game Camera
    Im thinking it is, It is set up in the Big Thicket in Texas. I know that the Bear chasing a rabbit is on one of the Big Foot Sightings boards.

  23. Thanks to Chaska Denny, for the info on the pulsating orbs. This ties in nicely with experiences of others, close to me, in SE Texas.
    My brother (now dead), and one of his friends saw an orb, that rose from nearby woods, and came toward them.
    A man driving on the highway had a pink orb pace him a short distance.
    There is a mysterious place in Hardin County, that has a history of sightings. Recently while slowly driving on Bragg Road, a friend, and I exprienced the scenery passing by us at around 10 mph, suddenly reverse, and go away from us for 2, or 3 seconds. We were trolling for Bigfoot, as we both have had class B encounters.
    I had to work my way through my unbelief, but now I have no problem with shape-shifting. Sure there is an explaination, but if that is what we seek, we won’t find it with conjecture. There are those of us who for some reason, or another are meant to have run-ins with the Bigfoot. I feel privilaged, “does that sound familiar”, to have been close to them.
    This world is stanger than it seems, and absolutely nothing, is as it seems.

  24. Im a Native American From the Jicarilla Apache Tribe these shape shifters in our tribe we call Skin Walkers

  25. after reading this blog, I would like to comment  that I have read some very well thought out responses here, especially the native Americans who wrote in ( I live on the Flathead Res in Montana, even tho I’m pure white boy)! I have had many animal encounters over the years, including being attacked by a cougar, treed by a moose, (which taught me a very valuable lesson. NEVER kick a moose in the head!!), Wolves  and grizzlys where they hadn’t been seen in more than 50 years,  and 4 possible bigfoot encounters.( see my comment in “why not report it”). When I was a young hippy-kid I would get hit by pinecones on my head or back whenever I went in the woods near our cabin, or while working on projects when I worked for USFS, even tho I was no where near the trees, so they didn’t just drop and hit me. then one day I solved the mystery. I was walking by a clump of firs one day when I felt that I was being watched so I turned to my right and standing on a tree branch level to my eyes was a squirrel standing on his hind legs with a pinecone held over his head in his front paws ready to launch it at me! It was just like in Chip & Dale cartoons. I just sat there and laughed til I almost cried It was so funny. Now you try to convince me that  that squirrel might have been a bigfoot? now THAT’S FUNNY!!!!!!!!

  26. I may be a little late coming in, but here goes; what came first, the shapeshifter, or the Sasquatch? In other words, a shapeshifter can morph [for want of a better word] into a wolf or a bear, but it doesnt mean that all wolves or bears are shapeshifters. And the same for Bigfoot.

    Also, I have thought that the Bigfoot phenomenon can be, not one, but several things. They can perhaps be a few different yet similar primates. Sometimes, they can be seen as part of a paranormal manifestation, but that doesnt mean that there arent also flesh-and-blood Biggys. For instance, at Gettysburg, phantom military battles have been witnessed a number of times, but not all soldiers, of course, are phantoms.

  27. I added a comment on August 22nd but found I had the wrong date when my experience happened. It was 1978 and not 1998. I also want to add that I totaly agree with the comment by James Roundtree. I think he is absolutely right in the comment he stated. I have also thought all along that they do shape shift before they die. Why else has there never been a body of Bigfoot found? Readers, stop and think about it.

  28. When people talk about bigfoot shape shifting all it dose is make the people looking for bigfoot look crazy….. Its doesn’t help much mostly causes a lot of people already think were crazy…. I also can’t think of one known animal that can shape shift…… I say were never talk about shape shifting again unless were at a harry potter party…….

  29. Bigfoot is real and can shapeshift.I beleive they are different spieces of the animals some supernatural, and the others flesh and blood…I have photos and a book for sale for publishing rights and a small skull of a baboon type creature which i held in western nc…It is curently undergoing dna testing at texas a and m university…It has been there for four months they are having trouble placing the strands of dna links to a suitable primate………… I am available for discussion at 8285824697, my anme is Tom Burnette

    1. My dna report never held water the examiner at lake head university at first said I had a high level primate changed his story a weeek later to a deer skull. There is an organized effort by the deptarment of interior to keep this a secret there are many native american peoples out there living off the land the bigfoots are the same hust a different tribe. They want to keep them down..

  30. I do not think that a Bigfoot would be able to change shape. Frist of all, It is physicly impossible for a living organism to change its form. Second, why would it need to change shape? Last, why do you believe that Bigfoot is psychic? I know I seem to be a skeptic, but I am a true believer
    Comment by Dean Winchester — June 26, 2007 @ 2:51 pm

    It is physically impossible to shape shift, because physical is 3rd dimension. They are multidimensional, and that makes it possible. All they have to do to ‘disappear’ is to go up into a higher dimension. That makes them Invisible to us, but they can still see and interact with us. They could even be right in front of us, and we wouldn’t know it.

    So I have no opinion about shapeshifting. Just because I haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean that they can’t do it. So I will suspend judgement on that for the time being. I do, however, know that they can hypnotize a person and pretty much make you do anything. Thank God they use that only for good, being a peaceful people.


  31. Great thread, all. I am new to the PNW, but I’m sure these creatures exist. WHAT they are cant be ascertained without a corpse, but they do appear to be at the top of the food chain. Ive had a couple of experiences that were probably Bigfoot related, one here and one in the northeast [not sightings], so I’m very open minded about the matter. I would like to see one, perhaps photograph it too.

  32. Tara may be on the right track by stating: “they can ‘throw’ an image at you when you see them so you think you’re seeing something else.” All sensual stimuli perceived by the brain is nothing more than secondhand information. Nothing can be proved to exist in its truest form, whatever that may be. (Personally, from studies in quantum physics, I don’t believe that matter exists — it’s all waves.) Every object, including our bodies, reflects waves of light that in turn become interpreted a certain way by our brains. If these waves of light were manipulated, or rather parroted, to mimic bears, stumps or boulders, who are we to say that that is impossible? Like Julio stated: “Let us imagine the real creature Bigfoot has stealth ‘camouflage’ abilities and high-developed senses.” There’s nothing magical about mimicking your environment. Only because it’s being done on such a large scale does it seem impossible. A chameleon can change the way we perceive its color, but a Bigfoot, which we know nothing about, cannot change the way we perceive its hair? On a much smaller scale, scientists have described quantum physics as being ‘mystical’. It’s not really ‘mystical’; we’re just presently ignorant.

  33. I don’t think the creature shape shifts. As a born again believer in Jesus Christ I’m not ashame to admitt that I believe the creature is real. However, I believe that the creature is only a undocumented primate. As such while I do believe the creature is more ittelegent than most primates and possibly as a more advanced sociol structer that other primates I do not believe it has the ablity not the mental capcity to shape shift. In fact I don’t belive any human or any other creature native to this planet is such a ablity

  34. Linda
    Keep up the good work you are doing. Don’t waste your very importent time on the hoaxters, they are not worth the time spent talking about them, just let them fade off to where ever they came from. Us believers only laugh at them and they will soon disappear. They did a very poor job with the Bigfoot body they supposedly found In Georgia. Us believers only says LOL LOL LOL

  35. I had a very scary experiance with “something” one night while camping with my family in Idaho back in 1998. I have never had a sighting of Bigfoot but one night while camping with my family near a small lake we all heard the most god awful screaming coming from the other side of the lake. My husband at the time yelled “Bigfoot”, everybody get in the camp trailer”. I have never in my life heard such a sound. “Do I believe in Bigfoot, definatly”. He is a creature that we need to leave alone, he does not bother us so we should not bother him. I will remember if I ever do see one I will not look at him I will lower my head. I now live in western Oregon where there has been a lot of sightings. I know a lot of people don’t believe there is such a thing as Bigfoot and that is fine if they do not want to believe but I know they are out there.

  36. Dan, yes, there are cave systems under the Siskiyous and in the Salmon River area. In the Marble Mountains there’s a huge cave, one of the deepest in the world, called Bigfoot Cave.

  37. As the Executive Director of the only group in the world researching Bigfoot on a full time basis with full time researchers, I want to invite anyone who has had an experience with Bigfoot to contact me directly and submit to an interview. As we’ve stated on our website in numerous blogs, we will investigate, analyze and report on every angle of the Bigfoot phenomena. After spending 3 years on the Hoopa Reservation (refer to “The Hoopa Project”, Hancock House Publishing), I have learned to keep an open mind on every angle of this issue. The more personal accounts we have, the more that we understand the hominid. As someone who has read thousands of reports and has stated publicly that we believe that 80% of the Bigfoot sightings go unreported, I would encourage any witness to Bigfoot or associated phenomena to contact me and allow an interview.

    Just a reminder, we are very thorough. Every witness statement is placed in the form of an affidavit and witnesses are required to sign the form if we are to investigate, we are the only group in the world taking statements that seriously. This ensures that the statement is accurate, witness will review it and we will subsequently investigate it. If a witness doesn’t want their name revealed, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

    We’ve heard many accounts of “hairy” humans that live north of Happy Camp and are the children of a Bigfoot/human interraction. Although this has never been confirmed and nobody is willing to step forward and offer an introduction, we are looking for assistance in this area. Again, we will sign a non disclosure agreement on the issue. We are seriously interested in the science of the phenomena. You will find our researchers professional, thorough, friendly and responsive. We are not part-time weekenders interested in viewing the creature, we are slowly working our way to fully understanding Bigfoot.

    Please go to for additional details and forward statements to

  38. Thanks for commenting Regan – it is good to see you here! You inspired this page!

    Tara… I like your theory about Bigfoot implanting a false image in our minds. Earlier today I was listening to an old Coast to Coast AM program with Major Ed Dames, the remote viewing expert. He explained something called “interference” that sounds similar to what you’re saying here… but if a Bigfoot was able to do that perhaps it would be related to hypnosis. I’ve heard people say that being around them induces a kind of hypnotic trance.

  39. Thank you Linda for your willingness to be open minded, and what a great collection of thoughtful comments! I found the comments about shape shifting and Native beliefs especially interesting.

  40. Hi,

    I wanted to add to the last post. Have you ever been to this part of the world? I mean here in Happy camp. This is a part of the Pacific Northwest and it is classified as a coastal rainforest. The funny thing is that this very much resembles a jungle here. I lived in Hawaii for two years and I got to see the “jungle” there and I have not seen anything closer to a jungle here in California, more like Happy Camp and the surrounding area.

    I always like to add for people who say Bigfoot can’t exsist because we would see them more often, that we live in a literal ‘sawtooth’ range of mountains here. This mountains are so steep and numerous … (from 1100 ft. to around 4000 ft. on average in a very short span). I’m talk’in STEEP AND NUMEROUS … Bigfoot could easily hide here and I for one am convinced that he does it very well.

  41. I have always wondered if bigfoot was a cross between a gorilla and a bear… hmm… you never know. It’s almost like the Liger. A cross between a tiger and a lion. But the only thing that stands in the way of my theory is how can that happen when gorillas live in jungles? The thing that made me wonder this is that bigfoots look like gorillas a little bit. And they make that scream like a bears roar. This is probably not true but you really never know.

  42. Hi Linda,

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking myself about that shape changing Bigfoot and I’ve come to a few conclusions on possible theories. I saw that thing change into what I thought was a bear and you can read about it on my blog under ‘Sasquatch and Me’, but I’m beginning to think that they can ‘throw’, for lack of a better word, an image at you when you see them so you think you’re seeing something else. What do you think about that?

  43. Just because humans with all their limitations can’t prove the existence of Bigfoot, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t actually exist–
    Does anyone know anything about the “dogman” of Michigan and Wisconsin?
    Could it be a variation of Bigfoot?

  44. the scariest and most depressing question of all is why on earth am i even on this site taking the time to post a comment about a creature that doesnt even exist. how bored can one be? lets all get a life!

  45. Hi.
    I have read about the theory that maybe Bigfoot is a giant- australopithecus-like creature. I personally like this theory.

    Shapeshifting? This possibility lies in the field of the paranormal, and this, although quite interesting, is indeed, difficult to prove.

    Shapeshifting is often associated with chamanism and witchcraft in almost every culture.

    According to churches and scholars in other paranormal fields, also “evil entities” are able to shapeshift to scare and trick humans, change their appearance, size, form…and the strangest reports fit into this description (black dogs from hell, weird dwarfs, mixed werewolf-bigfoot creatures, weird aliens, weird ghosts)..appearing in places considered “cursed”, but this subject is highly paranormal and dangerously scary…

    Let us imagine the real creature Bigfoot has stealth “camouflage” abilities and high-developed senses. This answer satisfies most of us.


  46. As a scientist and biologist I have always maintained that Bigfoot possibily exist. However, I am a long way from accepting that Bigfoot is magical and can read thoughts, shape shift, or do any other supernatural feat. It has always been a theory of mine that if Bigfoot sightings are infact gigantropithecus sightings. Although gigantropithecus was indigenous to Asia, I believe it is possible for the species or a very similar one to survive in North America. Bigfoot is very elusive if he exist, however, so are most wild animals. It is nearly impossible to go into the woods of China and spot a Panda, or go to the rainforest and see a wild Orangatang. If we are going to be taken seriously by the rest of the scientific community it is very important that we stay away from wild theories about shap shifting and psychic powers.

  47. hey me kaleb me and my cousin saw two little figures hairy and walking with what looked like wood my cousin climed a tree and had a golf ball he threw it itold him not to but it turned around by now they other one was gone it walked closer my cousin sliped and luckly the tree cought him by his shoe a few inches under was a barbed wire fence i got him down the little creature we could see walking out to the forest and well……that was the last sighting so far until i go agin

  48. one day i spent the night at my cousins house it got dark ,one neighbor using a chainsaw (he lived out on the country) we heard a sound not human and we ran in side and told his mom she did’nt believe us my cousin did’nt believe in bigfoot but we keep watch i was asleep and it was my cousins turn to keep watch he woke me up we were behind his bed he showed me the blinds some were gone there were eyes looking at us it banged on the window we ran to his liviving room his mom said to go to and stop watching scary movies (fyi we did’nt watch any scary movies) it was gone in the norning there was nothing but a hole

  49. Shapeshifting is beyond doubt real,spiritual abilities are real,just as the one wrote “you cannot see air, but that makes it no less true” There are many things not shown to every person because they are not ready to handle what they have seen, and have no wisdom concerning it or themselves. If it is curiosity that makes you try to capture these creatures, then perhaps you should ask yourself if you are prepared,do you have the wisdom? Like many things wisdom is required not only to open the door, but to comprehend what is on the other side,then have the wisdom to know and do the right thing with what it is you have discovered..These are not light questions..yet they are important ones, and if you do not have such wisdom,perhaps one should leave such beings alone. If they had a desire to harm you they could,have you wondered why they have not?

  50. There are all types of negative and positive comments, but I just would like to speak to the nay sayers. First there wasn’t a platypus, then there wasn’t a gorilla now it’s the bigfoot. The comment was made, “If they are real, why haven’t we caught one?” I suggest that you go out in the forest and mybe one will catch you, but I don’t want to be the one to change your pamper!

  51. Seems that the “main-stream” Bigfoot community is having issues or difficulty accepting the potential of ‘shape-shifting’ among Bigfoot creatures. I suspect and am suggesting it is possible and possibly probable. I further suggest that the researchers that are looking for the creatures in traditional areas such as mountains, and remote swamps refocus their observational activities to environments such as “WalMart, Target, Sheetz’s, and Costco!

  52. the shifting thought is a real one. i have seen a bigfoot, i was about 15 years old, and he or she was watching me from a tree line. i have always believed in these creatures. i’m a very proud member of the Kickapoo tribe of Oklahoma, and my theroy has been that they are shape shifters. i feel that they use this to hide, i also think that this is why there has never been a body found. when they feel their time is over they simply shap shift in to something common so they can protect the rest of their kind.

  53. Its interesting that the native peoples from different tribes have almost the same beliefs about bigfoot. In SE Oklahoma, there are many bigfoot encounters. On the recent Travel Channel story on bigfoot, an indian shared his tribe’s (Seminole) beliefs- that are almost identical to those shared by Denny and Red Elk. I worked with a man from the Caddo tribe in Oklahoma and they believe in this being you call bigfoot. And most of the Native beliefs pertaining bigfoot predate the european on this continent.

  54. Thanks for this great comment, Wenix Red Elk. I do believe your grandmother saw Sasquatch. I need to know more about shape shifting and will be researching because there are many mysteries in the world, and I know this is one of them. So many people say there’s a way to shape shift, and just because I haven’t done it or seen it done doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Bigfoot must have abilities we don’t have or know of to co-exist but hide for so many years. You’ve given us a lot to think about. And if I see one, I will remember not to look directly into the face.

  55. Very Insightful! I, myself, am catholic, but also as a student of philosphy I maintain an open mind. I would love to learn more about what your people think about bigfoot.

  56. I am a native American from the Umatilla Indian reservation. I have worked with my tribes oral histories from years. I have spoken to many of my relatives, friends, and elders from surrounding tribes about their Bigfoot experiences. We have all shared stories from our own experiences and others past down from generation to generation. I was told that Bigfoot is very powerful and that they know how to shape shift. Shape shifting is hard to believe for many people whom do not understand medicine power. As for Chaska Denny I have also seen Medicine people performer ceremonies and take things from people that were unbelievable. Some of us have to see it to believe it. This is the reason no one had captured them if they were not strong they would have been captured by now. All of us have to remember that we only use a small portion of our brain. People whom practice old medicine I believe are tapping into areas of the brain that have been dormant to the rest of us. They have learned by practice, teaching, and meditation how to awaken these areas of the brain to be able to change shapes.
    They have powerful medicine and we as Indian people all share stories about certain medicine people would seek them out for certain thing (It would take a very powerful medicine person to be able to communicate with them without losing there sanity). My people are taught not to look directly into there face if we see them. They have the power to twist your face and make people crazy. We are taught to drop our heads down if we see them and talk to them because they shown themselves for a reason.
    My grandmother told me that backing the early 1900’s Her family had been traveling for weeks gathering roods along the Columbia Gorge and the wind was blowing against them. The horses were acting as they came up the cliff and around the bend they saw a small family of Bigfoot. There were down wind from the family of Bigfoot and were not noticed. There were about 6 of them 2 adults and 4 children playing. Grandma said from there heights they were different ages. They were throwing very large dirt clods around they made a lot of noise from there jumping and running. The said the smell of them was awful. Her grandmother had them turn back as quickly as they came up upon them. She told them that they are their own tribe and not to bother them. She told her that they are very strong and should be respected.
    There are many stories I have heard about them and I thought I would share this with you. I just came across this site today. For the last month I have went over 140 oral history tapes and interviews and Bigfoot was disscussed on these documented tapes. Shape shifting was use in my family by the men to bring the Elk down from the mountains when food was scarace this art was lost to my family but the stories are shared.

  57. Interesting stuff. Dont mean to sound skeptic, but it is funny how we never see clear images, stills or video images of bigfoot. Like the UFOs videos, the picture is usually out of focus. I would really love to see some real proof (then again I think we all would), but for now I look foward to reading your stories. Take Care Guys….

  58. why cant we catch one? we can catch elephants!we can catch lions and bears and man eating lizards and whales?

  59. I have to agree with you on that one.The things I have herd people talking about you know is true untill thay start to strech the truth.I know bigfoot is real but I don`t think that shape shifting is one of its abilitys.

  60. In the 70’s there were reports and sightings of BIG FOOT in the Little Eagle South Dakota area. Our Medicinemen were contacted and requested to look into the matter. They held a ceremony for 4 days in the area. In the dark of the moon, all of a sudden “HE” come, without a sound, and communicated to them with certain sounds but mostly with mental telepathy. “They” have always been here and are spread out all over the world, they watch over forest areas, they have helped US many times in the past, they are moving here and there now, because their habitat is being invaded by those who cut the trees and dig into the mountains. “They” give warning to those who try to find and track them, there is nothing to fear IF a person does not try to interupt them or prevent them from moving about, they stay hidden because it is their nature and do not want to seen by people, unless they decide to let themselves be seen, and there is purpose in letting themselves be seen…..

  61. Hello ALL, as I stated the medicine way of shape shifting has been around for eons. I do know that shape shifting isn’t only localized to a particular area or race, it is not something spoken about by other cultures, except in certain stories or legends. If one looks at these stories/legends, then it is easy to see that Medicine people of that culture or race were probably involved. I have witnessed shape shifting and it something that shook my way of thinking and understanding completly, as my elders said “We are going to wash your brains”…they did…so I have learned not to limit myself and thinking to what I thought I knew or what may be written, I keep a open mind and look and try to understand it in a new way. We call Big Foot “our Elder Brother”, we know Creator created them for a purpose, they come and go as they please, so just as we cannot see the AIR we breathe, doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

  62. I believe in Bigfoot because I went to this website and looked up Bigfoot sightings and this video was an option to watch and 3 people were attacked by Bigfoot in their tent when they was on their first camping and fishing trip and they was never seen or heard of again. This is a TRUE story!!!

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  64. I don’t understand how shape shifting works and hope Chaska will come back and explain more about it. The closest I can get to understanding it is by applying some of the information shared in the movie, What The Bleep Do We Know? Theoretically I think it could happen, but most of us are not in a mind frame to be able to conceive of it, much less do it. Shape shifting isn’t in our world view at all.

    I believe Bigfoot is psychic because I believe it is a natural condition of humankind too, but we are so distracted by modern life, most of us can’t develop our psychic selves. And with this too, for many people, psychic awareness isn’t in their world view so they can’t conceive of it and definitely can’t do it. What’s taught to most of us as children is that psychic awareness isn’t possible. But I’ve learned it is possible and I believe animals do it naturally. I believe Bigfoot is a flesh and blood animal of some kind, albeit more intelligent than most, and more aware.

  65. I do not think that a Bigfoot would be able to change shape. Frist of all, It is physicly impossible for a living organism to change its form. Second, why would it need to change shape? Last, why do you believe that Bigfoot is psychic? I know I seem to be a skeptic, but I am a true believer

  66. Chaska, I agree with your analysis. I believe Bigfoot is psychic and wise, and not likely to be captured. Thus my mission is to learn to communicate with them, via psychic means, and win their trust. I know it is asking a lot.

  67. I am Native American, raised up by my Grandfather and Grandmother, not by circumstance, but by choice, they took me everywhere and was witness to the “Old Ways” of our Native People on our Mother Earth. Shape Shifting is a Travelling Form used by those who know the Medicine Ways, Medicine Lodge societies…I have witnessed this and know how powerful it is, yet it is something normal to the Medicine people, it is their way of travelling long distances to gather certain herbs, roots and natural medicines. They can assume animal shapes for shorter distances and also become a pure sphere of light for longer distances, about as big as a common basketball, pulsating like breathing….The ones called Bigfoot have many powers besides shape shifting, they can read a persons mind, they can mimic any sound, they can communicate mentally with each other and to certain people who are sensitive. They know of this world and what is going on with us, they avoid what we do and keep themselves hidden, unless they want you to see them, then they show themselves. Is it no wonder then WHY none have been captured? because they know your thoughts and can read thoughts in about a 5 mile radius.

  68. M Berry – you must live right next to them. (or did?)

    I tend to agree with you that they are natural, not paranormal. They wisely have no desire to interact with humans.

  69. I dont think they shapeshift. I have seen giant holes in the ground where no light shines in like a pitch black barrier at the entrance. They are always situated down in a hole and on the holes wall. I saw one swim very fast past where I was fishing. They run super fast and that could be why people assume they just diss appear. I saw one jump from a lake shore to a tree line. I heard one run through the night and it was super fast. @ men were chasing it through the night and it ran past our camp. When they reached us they explained their story. We definatly heard something run by at least 20 miles an hour then stop and wait then run a bit again.

  70. Hi Lisa, I’m glad you agree with me. Though it is easy for me to believe there’s a Sasquatch, I have to stretch my imagination to try to understand how shape shifting could happen. It is important to keep an open mind… there’s so much we don’t have information about yet.

  71. It’s easy to dismiss the stranger reports when you first hear them–if you haven’t experienced the strange events yourself, your first instinct is to say “That’s crazy!” As a researcher, I often have to stop and remind myself that just because I haven’t experienced shape-shifting or missing time in association with a Bigfoot doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Our own experiences color our perceptions. But a good researcher must at least admit that we just don’t know the limits of reality.

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