JavaBob’s Book Signing at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum

Just published as of today… this video of JavaBob (Robert Schmalzbach) who was my friend and neighbor a few short years ago. He still owns the property next door but rarely comes here anymore, and when he does never bothers to contact me. I’m putting this video here to share with other local folks who might like to know he’s doing well and still looking for Bigfoot.
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The Bigfoot Discovery Project Video Archive

Yesterday’s Bigfoot Site of the Day was the Bigfoot Discovery Project’s Video Archive. I spent a lot of time last night watching some of the many short videos of Michael Rugg of Felton, CA sharing his Bigfoot knowledge and wisdom. It was an enjoyable, mesmerizing experience, and I eventually realized I was too tired to write about the site… so for the first time in the duration of this Bigfoot Site of the Day project, I fell asleep without writing a post about the site I was checking out.
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