The Cost of Owning a Bigfoot

Did you ever wonder about the cost of grooming a Bigfoot, should we ever have a live one in captivity? To make this intelligent creature fit in with the human world could involve some expensive procedures.

Sean Leviashvili came up with some imaginative ideas including hair removal – something I’d never expect a Bigfoot to do.

I’d go further than just hair removal and clothing. The most important expenditure besides food would be education. Could a Bigfoot be taught to speak our language? Could it learn to read and write? Would it even want to?

The idea of capturing a Bigfoot then releasing it into the wild is noble, but not truly realistic. Once we have a Bigfoot, the scientists will want all their questions answered and it won’t end with just DNA testing. They will keep the Bigfoot for years.

The Bigfoot will be like poor Ishi, the last Native American from the Yahi tribe near Mt. Lassen, California, that stumbled in from the wild. He became an anthropological treasure and a museum exhibit in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why would anyone think the same thing wouldn’t happen to Bigfoot?

Worse yet, a captive Bigfoot could end up in a zoo. If it turns out to have intelligence that can communicate effectively with humans, the government might want these creatures to be used in their war efforts.

What do you think would happen to a Bigfoot in captivity? Good grooming is the least of it.

4 Replies to “The Cost of Owning a Bigfoot”

  1. Now why would we want to make a bigfoot learn english? Why is it that we always think our way of life is the best way of life. Isn’t that what was done to the indians the true Americans. If ever I found a Bigfoot, I would try as hard as it would be, to keep my mouth shut and let him live in peace. I think it would be nice to just sit back watch and for once learn something instead of destroying it. How would any of us like to be trapped and put into a cage to live?

  2. I totally agree, if he/she was captured it would be studied by the government and what kind of a life would that be for such a magnificant creature. His life would be a living hell and me being a beliver I would be sick over it. All I can do is plead with everyone who wants to capture one alive, please take second thoughts about it and forget you ever saw him. I am beginning you, you would not want to be put into that possition.

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