The Kentucky Bigfoot Sighting – Game Cam Picture

Was a Kentucky Bigfoot raiding some poor gardener’s veggie patch for a delicious midnight snack?

Kenny Mahoney wanted to know who or what was wrecking his plans for a productive garden, so he installed a game cam, which was a clever and good idea. The big surprise was finding a big black blurry blob of a possible primate caught in action in his game cam’s lens.

So everyone wants to know — is it a possible Bigfoot? Well, I hate to disappoint the excited public, but Bigfoot bloggers are skeptical, myself included.

I totally believe there are Bigfoot living in Kentucky… that’s not the issue. At issue is the extreme blurriness of the photograph. To me that says, “inconclusive.” I can’t verify that it is Bigfoot if I can’t see it, and just a shape isn’t enough. As Kenny Mahoney said in the video, “I don’t ever rule anything out but it is a real long shot.”

Kenny’s wife, Margaret, gave the photograph to a wildlife expert, who believes this thing has fur and isn’t a black plastic garbage bag in the wind. Bill Dranginis of Virginia Bigfoot Research thinks it could be a crow or raven taking flight. Personally I think the crows and ravens are more likely seedling thieves than Bigfoot, who would need more substantial roots and greens to survive.

I wasn’t even going to comment on this due to the blurriness of the inconclusive photo, but I’ve got three times the normal number of people coming to this blog for the last two days. This always happens when a Bigfoot story hits big media. So I’m giving you what you want… a comment.

My comment is that it could be a bird, a bear, a Bigfoot, a bag … hey, those all start with the letter B. Well, it is also Blurry as can be so I can’t form an opinion that would mean anything.

Seriously, if you’re curious about Bigfoot keep in mind that Bigfoot research is an awesome, fun hobby. You get to face the mysterious, the unknown, and conquer your fears. So if you’re curious enough to look for information on Google, maybe you’re curious enough to walk into the woods at the site of a recent Bigfoot encounter. What do you say to that?

For more information on Bigfoot research, see my recent article, How to Find Bigfoot.

Also see this recent article: Creative and Useful Bigfoot Research Techniques by Don Campbell — the man is an inspiration and his ideas are stellar!

And have a nice day.

38 Replies to “The Kentucky Bigfoot Sighting – Game Cam Picture”

  1. This film or pictures were on tv ,dont remember what show but they proved that it was black birds in the air ,

  2. I saw an analysis of this photo on some show (maybe Finding Bigfoot) and it was determined to be two black birds flying towards the camera. As they got close to the camera their wings were in the downward position meaning they almost touched which makes it look like arms. It was the same for the other one on the left. They both looked huge because they were really close to the camera.

  3. I am sorry but ALL photographs and video of “Bigfoot” are blurry…ALL of them…every single one from the history of Bigfoot sightings and photography…WITHOUT EXCEPTION…so why does THAT make you skeptical LindaJo Martin? Aren’t you all experts in seeing “proof” of Bigfoot in the blur? Just sayin’

  4. I live in Monroe county Kentucky me and my wife were barbecuing out late one evening when we saw a tall Harry looking animal that had human features it totally scared us

  5. Looks like it’s been removed because it is a hoax. It’s a picture of a crow coming in for a landing taken between the legs of an animal feeder by a trailcam.

  6. Has anyone heard of the Kentucky Mammoth?
    I’ve heard a story about it. It’s suposed to be an elephant type creature about 3-3.5 feet tall with hoved feet and hair on at the base of it’s legs. And it’s only tusks are twisting from the center of it’s forehead. Has anyone else heard about this, or is it just someone messing with me?

  7. I must agree that the orignal photos, while extremely interesting, are not conclusive, and do not prove the creature in the picture is a bigfoot

  8. I have cleaned up the picture and clearly see a face there. People also claim the animal was seen moving around the garden. This contradicts what others think was a bird in flight. What is strange about the bird theory is the bird is supposedly looking straight up witch is why there is no beak or eyes in there pic. Im not sure how a bird fly’s with it’s head all the way back so it’s looking up while flying another way. I think what we have here is another different looking b/f. The hands seem to look like feathers until you clean the pic up then you can see hands with hair covering them. I guess we can make both sides happy if we say Garbage bag with a face and feathers.

  9. Correction, i meant to say Canopus, Sorry Clare-Alana. But anyway; the thing does look like a gorilla. I don’t think it’s a host; and I surely dont see it being a bird unless it’s a terradactyl. A trash bag blowing in the wind isn’t likely either. I know it’s a still shot, but those flowers or bushes should be leaning one way or the other, instead of symmetrical. And if you say it’s still can be a trash bag but maybe the wind wasn’t blowing at the point of the shot; well the bag should be drouping or dangling; especially if it’s caught on a branch or something. If it’s a host, good job.

  10. Clare-Alana needs a hug. How are you going to come to a bigfoot discussion site, and give your opinion, and then turn around and blast people for doing the same?

  11. First of all, they have and may still exist. We know for a fact they have. there are always new animals being discovered every year that we thought no longer lived. You only have a handful of people trying to prove it. About as many people that are trying to stop an asteroid from hitting the earth. I guess if all americans are stupid you have to count the natives as well as Pres.Theo Ross. who encountered one. As far as that guy bashing Americans”telephone tough guy”….I know a pair of balls doesnt exist between his legs!!!!!!

  12. After blowing this up and lightening it, I could clearly make out eye sockets and a mouth. Was it a bear? No. A bird? Come on. A sack? A man in a suit? Who knows? I saw the face of a gorilla. I don’t understand how one blurry photo can lead to Americans are stupid or any other of the comments about my country. I guess some people just can’t find anything good in anything.

  13. i can’t believe a picture of what could be an unknown species has prompted a political discussion, and not a very good one i might add. To be opened minded is a quality that we all could benifit from. To lilly, personally, the only species i fear is my own. i would love nothing more than to go to the sight and see if i could come up with an answer, after all we need a little fun and hope that there are things out there we have yet to destroy. Anyone interested in an expedition, i’m game!

  14. Thanks, Rick!

    John, I don’t think the people who got this photo were trying to hoax anyone, but the more I look at it, the more I think it is a bird in flight.

    My partner believes it is a silverback gorilla… but c’mon… those don’t disappear from zoos without someone noticing and reporting it!

  15. In regard to Canopus….he’s probably clinically obese:
    poorly educated (if at all); doesn’t have health care and hates everyone. Don’t waste your time on a looser like that. Search for Bigfoot!

  16. I say it’s really a Bigfoot, because what else could it be ? I do agree with so many others though, about how does BF always convinently hide his face in so many of these still pictures lol…..I don’t see what this guy has to gain from faking a picture…nothing money-wise, but only 15 mins. of fame…I doubt that was his goal either. It’s obviously not a bear, or a black Hefty bag lol.

  17. i live next door to where big foot was sighted & i think that is kinda spooky. ive been out side late every night and i heard some unusual noises in the woods the night this took place. its things like this that makes you wonder if there raely is onother kind of species out there that only comes out at night. im not afraid of the dark its the the things in the dark that are scary.

  18. I have to agree with the people that noticed all the pictures to be clear except the picture that was the reason for the article. Why even show pictures like this, show us some hard evidence. I personally am tired of seeing blurs and having to use the imagination.

    1. Exactly, Tim… that’s why I didn’t write something about it when I first saw it. I am waiting for a clear photo that isn’t an obvious picture of someone in a fur suit.

  19. Oh my, can’t we just all get along? I’ve been excited about the cam film since seeing it on CNN or HLN. Of course it proves nothing to us because of the blurry quality. I’m thinking if it is a Bigfoot, he just crossed a river and got his hair all puffed and fluffy. I think these animals can hear a trail cam a long way off. And last, I think Bigfoot exists. I have a few articles on When those two from Georgia were pulling their hoax (you know dead body in the freezer), I got three times the readers than usual while it was happening. People are interested in the subject. If one does just a little research, he will find that over the years there have been so many … Well, I’ll not try to explain. Keep up the good work, Linda. Keep us informed.

  20. Dear Audieliz,
    You’re in the top set? Yet you still can’t differentiate beween ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.. Hmm..
    And really, your dad went to Harvard? Oh my goodness. How incredibly exciting and relevent.

  21. Well – I’d have to agree with Canopus – it does look remarkably like a Silverback Gorilla. But that’s where our agreeing ends – Audieliz was right, you were being racist – i don’t understand why you attack Americans in general, idiots can be found everywhere! – it is true that many Americans do not have a good grasp of geography but still, being racist whilst accusing your victim(s) of being racist is downright hypocritical. you called America uncivilised, wasn’t this the country that invented the phrase “have a nice day!”? how much more civilised can you get?
    Audieliz I hope you were just typing too fast because your typing is shocking – if you want to retaliate to a sour idiots taunts then at least have a little something to back it up – your grammar is terrible and if your dad really went to “Harvard” then I would have thought you would at least be able to spell it. Oh and “hate” is far too heavy a baggage for anyone to be carrying around, or projecting onto others – instead just think “ok today I met an idiot…never mind bless them” and then forget about them. back to the Bigfoot I myself am a skeptic but am open enough and willing to be proven wrong. Yeti’s everywhere, come on down !

  22. Well Canopus,
    I think the only cry baby is you and YOU were just being racist! Do you have any friends or are YOU trying to figure out why the rest of the world hates YOU, I don’t even know you and I hate you, America is just as important as the other contrys, with out it we wouldn’t have many thing you take forgranted. we may not always agree with points of veiws but you just go OTT. You think your so smart and you wish you were in if your smart then you wish you had real friends.
    I’m half American and I’m straight top set and my dad is full american went to Harvord univerty (one of the best in the world also in Aemrica) So up yours loser you just got served.
    P.S. I hate you!!!!!!

  23. I’m not sure myself, i never knew whether to believe in these type of things or not. Everyone says, oh, it’s just a myth, simply because they haven’t seen it, but for those people that believe they have seen it, maybe they’re telling the truth, it’s hard to tell, but i personally think you can’t discount this until it’s been proven.

  24. It’s a guy in a suit.
    All of it is.
    Or maybe in this video, it is a black bag flying in the wind.

    OR PEACE!!

  25. So, everything other than the so called ‘bigfoot’ in that pic is reasonably clear. But, conveniently, not the Big Brown Blur…3 more ‘Bs’ for your collection… oh and one more, i’ll give a clue, a slang word for ‘toilet’ (aka AM E R I C Aerrrrrrrr).

    Answer – Bog

  26. First of all, the large animal in the photo is clearly a silverback gorilla. It is likely to have escaped from a zoo (most likely several miles away). It is likely it escaped several years ago and only now has been caught on camera. It is not unusual for primates to migrate to other, more ‘food-rich’ areas. Secondly, I just cant believe how mind numbingly stupid you Americans are. Instead of wasting your time on assenine issues such as this, why dont you try to concentrate on other more important issues, such as:

    1) clinical obesity (because you are the most numerous nation of blimps in the world).

    2) your extremely poor education standards. Americans are extremely stupid. You dont know anything about the rest of the world and you are incapable of understanding even the most basic scientific principles and you have no grasp of general knowledge. Go to youtube and type in the search bar ‘stupid americans’. Watch the eye opening news report conducted by a journalist from Australia.

    3) your criminal based ‘healthcare system’. Almost 40% of americans are living in poverty and almost 60% cannot afford the extortionate health insurance. Health insurance companies make their profits by refusing to pay out for treatment. My friend vistied your uncivilised country and he was charged $800 for a course of penicillin antibiotics! (it is a very basic and extremely cheap drug). The same course of penicillin treatment in India, only costs 48 rupees (which is about 75 cents!). Go figure.

    3) try to understand why the rest of the world HATES you. Stop invading other countries. Stop murdering their people and stop STEALING all of their natural resources such as oil and gas. Most of all, stop being racist, uneducated, uncivilised, cry baby, spineless, barely sentient beings.

    1. Canopus… even though there’s lots of truth to your statements about America, please remember not all Americans are the same. Many of us agree that education here is bad, that war is wrong, and that our health care is overpriced, and that our diets are trashed by processed, poisoned foods. I am a pacifist, natural foodist, into natural healing and home education because I agree with your observations. Please remember to hate those responsible for the problems and not those who have been subjected to them just because we were born here.

  27. hm…interesting…i’m not sure what to make of it myself…has bigfoot ever even been proven to exist? it could’ve been a bear who knows…it did actually look a lot like a gorilla but as you say how can a gorillla be roaming wild in kentucky?

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