The Polish Yeti, In The Snow

A 27-year-old film maker, Piotr Kowalski of Warsaw, claims to have filmed what looks like a Bigfoot in the Tatra Mountains in Poland. The film is now in the hands of The Nautilus Foundation of Poland, a group which attempts to explain unusual phenomena.

Source article: I had walk with a yeti on holiday published August 29, 2009 in the Sun.

The proportions seem right, but the way it lingers out in the open, lurching forward, seems kind of odd. I think a real Yeti would stay behind the rock the whole time rather than allowing himself to be seen. I don’t have an opinion on whether or not this was a hoax though my first reaction is that it probably was a friend in a hair suit. Perhaps someone with CAD skills can measure the proportions using Jack D. Davis’ methods explained on his Is it Real? website.

What do you think? Real, or fake? Or are you reserving judgment, as I am?

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  1. So everybody here seems to know what a Yeti should look, walk and behave like???
    “…a real Yeti would stay behind the rock the whole time rather than allowing himself to be seen.” Give me a break!
    Whether or not the video is fake you can’t go about saying that this is a fake because the ‘thing’ behaves, walks or looks like a man. Besides, I believe that’s the whole argument about the Yeti isn’t it? that it could be the ‘missing link’? So it would make sense that it’d have human like behavior and shape. Maybe this is just one of those film projects that later are brought to the mass media and turns out to be either a big spoof or prank or an ad. Personally I think the video is not very convincing and is not because I know how a Yeti should behave like, but it seems to be just a big set up with no much special FX and blurry, like many videos of inexplicable events. Maybe there’s more to it that we can’t see here maybe that’s all that there is to it. Would we ever know? we’ll see

    1. Good observations, Charlie. I think that comparing the Polish Yeti to Patty using the TurboCAD measurements would give us a better idea of whether it could be real. Everything else is just guesswork based on our knowledge of human and Bigfoot behavior. And yes, I feel confident in making some guesses based on the hundreds of Bigfoot sighting accounts I’ve read. I’ve never read anything like, “Bigfoot came out from behind a tree so I could get a better look at him…”

  2. I agree… the shaking camera was way overdone. The only reason Patterson’s camera shook was because he was running to get closer to it. Once he stood still and aimed it at Patty, the picture was clear. These guys weren’t running, and I still don’t see that as normal Bigfoot behavior.

  3. A hoax. The camera is pulling back and away the entire time so you never really get a clear view of it. If I had the camera rolling on a real bigfoot or yeti, the camera would remain on the creature the entire time.

  4. The more I look at this the less I believe it. The “yeti” walks like a man, and I feel a real yeti wouldn’t come out from behind the rock and let himself be seen. Also, the arms aren’t long enough. The lurching forward looks like a man trying to appear ominous. The retreat, bending over, looks just plain silly. Not yeti-like at all. I could be wrong but I’m going to say… I think it’s a hoax.

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