The Tobico Theory

Broken branches on trees are a sign Bigfoot researchers look for as a proof that Bigfoot could have been in an area, but perhaps Sasquatch isn’t the only explanation.

Lynn Conley, of Bay County, Michigan, along with her friend, Charles Robinson of Sanford, recently found a section of the Tobico Marsh where a group of 15 to 20 poplars and oaks had been snapped off at a height of from 2 to 10 feet.

Conley’s comments: ”I looked at it really carefully. I thought at first it might have been a bear. But there were no claw marks, just snaps. My first inclination was bigfoot. Honestly, it was so weird. The air was eerie. It was something I can’t even hardly describe.”

When she and her friend were getting back into their car they heard another tree snap. “There was no wind, no reason for it to snap.”

Robinson, her friend, says it is common to see dead and fallen trees in the area, but the trees they found were alive. He says he’s a naturalist who grew up in the woods.

Since the broken pieces were not lying in only one direction, a storm was ruled out. The trees were too thick to wrap a hand around and didn’t have enough branches to be broken by a buildup of snow or ice. So Robinson put forth what I will call “The Tobico Theory” – that because the area had an exceptionally wet winter, the trees were saturated with moisture which quickly froze; then just like a frozen pipe, the trees snapped off.

Source: Is bigfoot trouncing through Tobico? Probably not, but it is one theory behind mysterious tree breaks – published by the Bay City Times and Mlive.Com

About the area: Tobico Marsh

Photos of the area: Tobico Marsh at Dusk – Bay City, MI

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  1. When I was 18 I was fishing at night on the tittabwasee river between sanford and edenville Mi against a high bank for channel cat with 2 freinds in a boat. We had 3 fish on a stringer tied to a log.As we were fishing we began to hear noise on the steep high bank 60 to 100 feet up we did not see anything as time past I sound came closer.then the smell I will never forget like dirty feet Bo and skunk all in one.we heard a low rumbling growl and that’s all it took we untide the boat and took off but forgot the stringer next morning we went back and the stringer was broken stretched not cut and the fish gone and the smell still in the air on the local news big foot had been seen looking in the window of a near by farm this was in July of 1975 John

  2. I seen a bigfoot when i was 6 yrs. old in Sanford, michigan on Neilson Rd. My grandpa and Grandma own a little white house right by the turn on that road. There is a pole right in the middle of there driveway. Anyways, it was me, my 2 sisters, my brother, and my parents. We were going home and it crossed right in front of us in 2 steps and went in to the woods. I know what i saw that night. I am 28 now and it was a long time ago. But, my mom seen it to. They are out there. But, a little smarter than us.

  3. I saw Big foot one time when i was hunting in the U.P. of Michigan there I was watching my bait pile waiting for a deer to show up then I saw something moving through the woods and it was big. It poped out right at the bait pile ate a whole suger beat in one bite. I put my scope on it and told my self the only way anyones going to beleive me is to shot it dead so I put the cross hairs on its chest and let the 270 rip it took off running I sat there for a bit to let it die then I went to look for blood there was 2 inches of fresh snow I looked and looked but no blood anywheres I found hair at the bait pile. I swear it was bullet proof because I don’t miss. Every year I hunt the same spot hopeing to get a nother crack at it but I bring the 357 mag with me now.

  4. I live in southwest mi in a place called almena. A very large population here swears on seeing or hearing bigfoot in the area in the 70s and 80s. Myself included in that gang. I know what i seen . I was within 20ft or so from it in broad daylight. If you want to know more contact There is a copy of national enquirer called the almena journal that explains more/.

  5. Just a question; (or 2 or 3.)
    Did they bother to look for other evidence? Such as the obvious footprints. They did say it was a marsh.

    Hair samples? Tire tracks? Smells? Did they feel like they were being watched? They did mention it was creepy there.

    The fact that another snapped while they were there was an obvious warning for them to leave.

    Sasquatch don’t leave claw marks, they don’t have claws They have fingernails. Strong ones, but still fingernails.

    Breaking off live trees means that a larger man was there, one who is obviously very strong. He saw them, clearly. So he knew they meant him no harm. So he left them alone. I have the feeling that he wasn’t alone, as well.


  6. I have lived in a heavily forrested area with very cold winters for a good portion of my life. I have never seen trees get wet freeze then snap, not even the dead logs that get covered in snow and ice. The only thing that can possilbly be attributed to the tree snapping is a very wet snow being held up by the branches can cause a drastic effect on all the trees in an area. I have actually seen this, we lost around 4 trees on our 2 acre lot. We actually had to leave our home for fear of a tree coming down on the house.. We had to dodge many trees on the way out that had fallen over the county road.

  7. FYI
    I’m not sure how I came to this site but anyway I personally think bigfoot is BS and do not in the slightest way believe but a friend of mine from Bay City swears he saw one in Tobico marsh. Usually a seemingly normal person I find this sighting of his crazy. I belived the so called sighting happened in the mid 1980’s.

  8. Ross, I tend to agree with you but not having a solid scientific understanding of plants, I wonder. Seems like there’s been lots of trees in frozen environments that didn’t snap.

    A few years ago I visited a section of forest near where I live – and there were dozens of trees on the ground, all of which had fallen in the same direction. It was at a high elevation (Poker Flat, near Kelly Lake). I theorized that a winter storm with high winds and wet snow had blown these trees over. A few years before a winter storm with extremely wet snow broke a pine tree in my back yard, and toppled one of my plum trees.

    Anyhow, it is just a theory. Most people won’t believe it was Bigfoot unless they see him doing it.

  9. this clearly is big foot, frozen tresse just dont snap, if anything it makes them stronger because ice is harder than wood

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