The Trail-Cam “Bigfoot” – My Opinion

A reader emailed to ask me what I think of this new trail cam “Bigfoot”. The picture was originally published in the Bemidji Pioneer, in Minnesota, and was a trail cam photo attributed to brothers Peter and Casey Kedrowski, and their father, Tim Kedrowski.

My first impression was that it obviously is not a Bigfoot, because the legs don’t have any muscle definition – in fact, they look very much like a costume or a pair of loose pants.

My partner’s first impression was that it is a hunter in dark camo (see examples below which are from Cabelas.) I’m not sure if my examples are the darkest camo, but it very well could have been a hunter walking by in full camo, including one of those strange hats.

Camo or not, the legs look like the give-away to me, because they aren’t curved as muscles in an unclothed leg would be. Others have pointed to the hand, barely visible behind the tree. It looks like a glove to me.

And those two bright spots on the head – they couldn’t be a Bigfoot’s eyes because a Bigfoot’s head is close to the body – there’s no neck, so a Bigfoot doesn’t turn his head like a human being does. A Bigfoot has to turn his torso too. (I get these ideas from eyewitness reports, such as those in David Paulides’ books.)

It could be a Bigfoot costume. I’ve seen plenty of them in the Bigfoot parades here in Happy Camp and in Willow Creek, and they hang exactly like that – baggy and loose.

Sample photos of dark camo winter clothing and headgear from the Cabelas website:

So, it looks to me like either an intentional hoax, or perhaps just an accident. Perhaps the brothers put up a trail cam and later a hunter walked by, triggering the motion sensor. In that case the brothers may have honestly thought they got a Bigfoot’s photo, however the lack of muscle definition in the legs makes me wonder how this particular photo got to be so well publicized. Surely people can’t be thinking this is real. Or can they?

Bigfoot researchers must have an enormous amount of skepticism in examining Bigfoot evidence, but others, unfamiliar with evidence we’ve seen submitted over time, might be more willing to believe.

Because I’ve got this site I often am sent possible Bigfoot pictures, but they’re usually very unimpressive, I’m sorry to say. We’ve got a big credibility problem with all Bigfoot photographs these days because with modern software photos are easily faked, and there are excellent artists available to do that. To have a truly conclusive photo that nobody would be skeptical about would be very difficult these days. I’d go so far as to say it is impossible. So when someone points to something shadowy behind a tree and says it is a Bigfoot, I don’t believe it. If it isn’t clear enough to be analyzed it isn’t going to impress any credible Bigfoot researcher.

Even movies are questionable. Look how much controversy there’s been over the years about the Patterson-Gimlen film. I do believe that’s a real Bigfoot, but a lot of people are still denying it, even though many respectable scholars have analyzed it frame by frame and declared it has to be real.

What we need is for some Bigfoot researcher to make contact with a Bigfoot on a long term relationship basis. I know people have reported having these relationships, but often these people will not allow others to know, for the protection of their Sasquatch friends. We need credible scientists or scholars to be able to witness and hopefully even participate in these relationships, to document the existence of these forest people. Photographs aren’t going to suffice, and film most likely won’t either, though Patty is a great start. And I’m totally against the theory that killing one will help; that would only give the Sasquatches one more reason to want to avoid us.

So there you have it… my opinion. I often don’t comment on these types of photographs that hit the news because if I can’t believe they’re real Sasquatches, what good does it do to show them to people?

If you want to see a lot of bad “Bigfoot” photographs head over to this link: Field & Stream’s Trail Cam Contest – they offered a million dollars to anyone who could provide a photo of a Bigfoot, so consequently they attracted all kinds of hoax photos from collages to blobsquatches to bears to sheer nothingness. People were desperate to get that money! (Thanks to Don Campbell for sending me that link.) You can sift through the photos and help rate them… it is great advertising for Bushnell trail cams.

I wonder if this photo everyone is talking about was intended for that contest. Is it worth a million dollars to you to put on a Bigfoot costume and walk in front of a trail cam at night?

Too late… the contest has ended.

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  1. I agree with the others that this is just some guy walking by-probably an accidental pic rather than any hoax. As for the comment about th Saunemin Giant, that one is real, but many locals think it’s rather ghost like rather than flesh and blood like a bigfoot. The appearance of the Saunemin Giant is very similar to bigfoot though. Maybe it’s the ghost of a bigfoot? The pictures of the Saunemin Giant look far more convincing than most alleged bigfoot photos. If you ever visit Saunemin ,IL. ask the locals about the Saunemin Giant along 5 Mile creek where it enters the Vermillion River.

  2. This looks like a guy in camo and gloves, not a bigfoot. I have actually heard of some convincing photos of the Saunemin Giant near Saunemin,IL. They were posted in a general store decades ago, and locals swore they were real. Several hunters vouched for the authenticity of the Saunemin Giant stories too. Well, the general store closed decades ago, and no one seems to know what happened to the photos. Some had been published in the Saunemin paper though.

  3. Bigfoot never will be ‘found’, killed or captured. That’s because he is Cain– the original murderer; cursed with the “mark” and doomed to wander the earth. Footprints, hair and rumor is all that he leaves. Keep searching…

  4. Karoline, it may seem like a fantasy until you see one. I live in an area where there have been Bigfoot sighting reports all around the area I live in, as close as a mile to my home. That’s what got me interested in learning more about what’s going on.

    I believe the number of reports combined with the extreme credibility of many witnesses combine to indicate that Bigfoot probably does exist.

  5. I agree!!!
    I am from Mn and grew up in the area. That image from the trail cam is most likely a man either poaching or checking his traps.

  6. People think he is fake up ^ in those pictures because they think it’s camo clothes but in the picture it doesn’t look like camo!

  7. Total bunk. Doesn’t even look real. Legs are straight and real short. Arms are definately too short. Looks more like a gay man in a gorilla suit the way the hands are reaching. First bigfoot I’ve seen with eyes in the back of its head. (*¿*)

  8. The Patterson/Gimlin film is a subject of the YouTube video Patterson’s Bigfoot Buried. You may want to watch it as it analyzes the film rather than the creature.

  9. I analyzed the clip as best I could to see what was what. The gloves appear to bea different fabric than the rest of the suite, and there is a clear delineation line between the top and bottom parts of the suit. Not a good enough picture from your site to give a definitive report, but that’s what the blow ups and adjustments show.

    Also, the leg/torso dimensions differ from most reports. Couldn’t make out what the shiny spots on the head piece were for certain, but it looks like reflection from a head lamp device, maybe the buckle and battery holder?

    Given the fact that there is no weapon or cartridge belt visible, I’d go with the deliberate hoax theory.

  10. Totally agree with you, no chance! I don’t even think its an ‘accidental’ picture. This kind of photo is a blatant hoax, and has achieved its purpose- publicity!
    Its no wonder genuine people like yourself have to put up with the ‘you must be crazy!’ attitude from others.
    I really do believe these animals exist, but as you’ve said in the past,unfortunately, a body is what
    is needed to prove their existance.
    Many thanks for all the information you make available, and long may you continue.

  11. Hi Linda,I Read your article and agree with you.
    Definitely Not a real Bigfoot. My new songs are
    in the studio and should be out in two to three
    weeks.One song tell’s why BIgfoot is so hard to find. When I get the mp3 I’ll send it on to you.
    Your friend in the search for the real BIGFOOT
    James Kocher
    Song Writer

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