Tony Martin and his Bigfoot Fossil Footprints

Tony Martin found what he believes are Bigfoot fossil footprints in Maine in 1975. He was rock houding in Coos Canyon, near Byrun when he found rocks resembling 12″ long footprints, weighing about 5 pounds each. His first reaction was to think they were petrified Bigfoot tracks.

Tony Martin and his Fossilized Bigfoot Footprint Rock

An article today in the Lewiston Maine Sun Journal shows Tony Martin holding one of his two footprint-shaped rocks.

Apparently many people he’s shown them to don’t agree either because they are too skeptical to care about anything concerning Bigfoot, or because they have alternate expanations for the existence of these possible Bigfoot fossil footprints.

The article cites one expert, Tom Weddle of the Maine Geological Survey. Weddle says that the rocks are probably about 400 million years old and made metamorphically from mica crystals and staurolite. He believes Bigfoot is a modern creature, not something that would have been roaming this planet 400 million years ago.

I am not a professional geologist, but will give my opinion on that anyhow. From what I’ve learned from Michael Cremo, author of Forbidden Archeology, humans have existed on this planet for millions of years. For example, he knows of the discovery of a Precambrian-era metal vase dating from 600 million years ago, as well as many similarly ancient discoveries. So I don’t buy the idea that Bigfoot could not have been around to create fossilized footprints in ancient Maine.

The article, by Kathryn Skelton, includes a short interview with BFRO founder Matt Moneymaker, regarding how he makes money and what he believes makes his $300 Bigfoot expeditions worthwhile.

Source: Bigfoot & ME (Maine) by Kathryn Skelton, published in the Lewiston Maine Sun Journal.

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  1. Humans have existed about 300,000 years on this planet, but written history only goes back about 10,000 years because of the great flood of Noah fame that happened about 12,560 years ago. Anything before that is guesswork, in history. They just don’t know.

    Sasquatch/ Itan have lived millions of years, and they aren’t onnly on this planet. It will be proven soon that they are human, only a different kind of human than we are They are the ancients! We are the very much younger relatives of them. They avoid us because we are way too violent.

    They are very telepathic, and they will know you are there before you know you are there!!! So if they want you to see them, they will. If you come with guns, and murder on your mind, I can guarantee that you won’t even get close. But I can tell you this, they know you are there! Only the sensitives can feel when they are about.

    They are waiting for us to grow up. We are spending too much time warring, polluting and destroying the planet, and we show no respect for the animals. They know how to talk, they just prefer telepathy. They don’t like to make a lot of noise.

    They are a peaceful people, unless provoked. Then you better back off, because they certainly know how to fight!! You do not want to see a battle!! They can be ruthless. To date, few have happened on this planet. They are awesome fighters. Back off fast if you see one. This is why I know that if they wanted to get rid of us, or do us harm, we would not be on their planet now.

    They have traveled in space for millions of years now, and have access to weapons we can only imagine. They do not want us dead, they are our relatives. They are simply waiting for us to grow up. And they hope it happens soon.

    Before we kill the planet, and thereby ourselves. They protect the planet.

    DNA proves that they are human, sooner or later we will figure that out. Our DNA is 99.99% like theirs, that makes them human. Our DNA is damaged, or we would remember them. I won’t go into how that happened now.

    Just remember, if you want to contact them, make sure you use telepathy, and tell them. When they find that they can trust you, you will be contacted It is all up to you. Be trustable, and they will trust you. It is that simple. They can feel you thinking about them. They know.


  2. I found this site today. I read thru all the stories and posts. I beilieve bigfoot may exist. There are far too many eye witness accounts from too many creditable ppl to suggest they don’t. Irecently drove accross the US, from MN to Fla. There’s just too much back country around for human’s to poplulate on our own.

    I doubt the idea of shape shifting. If this did in fact take place has some native americans suggest, I would catagorize it as more “magical” than actual, similar to a disapearing tiger or a floating elephant as seen on stage. If an expert on medicines can make us feel better I’m sure they could make see better as well!

    I have never believed modern science and the concept of dating anything on the earth. With all of our technological advances just in the last 120 years, how could the first million be so unadvanced? Perhaps humans are the aliens out there, huh? (No, very doubtfull). How can we accurately predict the age of something 1,000,000 years old when we as humans have not been around more than 10,000 at best! No data, including carbon dating, has been around long enough to endure the earth for us to use it as a source for dating. The only thing we can do to date objects is use our statistics from the last documented ages and formulate a guess, assuming things remain constant for thousands of years. Yeah right! Take a look at Katrina and the difference in landscape from one storm on one day. NO ONE can tell us that an object is 10million or 100 million years old!!!!!!!!!
    Obviously, this is just me.

    Have a good million years.

  3. Dan, have you studied Michael Cremo’s work? I don’t think I said humans predate dinosaurs, but only that there’s been human-created objects found in rocks millions of years old, so the timeline we were taught in public schools must be wrong.

  4. Many anthropologists entertain the idea of archaic homo sapiens crossing into modern homo sapiens time in south east Asia in the last 10-20k years but to say that humans predated dinosaurs is just plain stupid. It’s such a stupid concept that even Creationists would disagree with it.

  5. Are you kidding me? I was reading your site and had an open mind until this last posting. 600 million years? Are you completely discounting all of the science and archaeology that has been done in the last century? Humans and their direct ancestors are at most 4 million years old and critters like us are

  6. I am fascinated by this subject. Not everyone can be “seeing things”. Great site you have here. If you have the time, check out mine.

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