What Do You Need To Know About Bigfoot Sightings?

I just wrote a list of things I believe about visitors to Bigfoot Sightings… who you are, what you’re here for, and what kind of person you might be. Now I’m wondering how accurate my ideas are… so I’m opening the comment section on this post for you to tell me why you’re here and what kind of information you’re looking for.

Here are a few of my ideas:

A person who visits this site…

…wants to learn how to look for Bigfoot.

…wants to hear about recent Bigfoot sightings.

…would like to know about equipment used to try to find Bigfoot.

…would like to find links to more Bigfoot information.

…would like to have a constant source of news about Bigfoot.

…wants to know what signs to look for.

…enjoys learning about what other Bigfoot researchers are doing.

…prefers learning about Bigfoot in a non-adversarial, friendly environment.

…wants to see lots of photographs.

…wants instructions on how to get to places where Bigfoot has been seen.

…wants historical information about Bigfoot sightings.

…wants to know theories about what Bigfoot is.

…wants to know whether or not Bigfoot really exists.

How am I doing? Do these ideas describe you? What are you really here to find?

19 Replies to “What Do You Need To Know About Bigfoot Sightings?”

  1. The film that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made in 1967 of Bigfoot was real. The creature that they filmed was half man and half gorilla. Bigfoot was created by men that went to Africa several thousand years ago. They used ropes to catch female gorillas and had sex with them and created Bigfoot and eventually the African people. If you don’t believe that humans and primates can reproduce hybrids, then watch this video.

  2. I have (sober) seen a U.F.O. a ghost and an animal I couldn’t identify
    Which leads me to believe that most people don’t pay attention to their environment.
    Because if I (a skeptic) can see them then there’s something to it.

    and for you conservative christians out there:

    just because you haven’t seen these things doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  3. I’ve never seen one, but if I do…he better be able to dodge bullets cause i’m gonna throw everything I have at him. Once he’s laying there, filled with bullet holes, everyone will know that he truely does exist!!!! And I will be crowned king of all men!!!!HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  4. Hello-

    Great site! Yes,I’m a firm believer! My father seen one back in the mid-’70’s near a lake while fishing-a juvenile. Anyway,every website I’ve visited-every blog I’ve read-no where does it mention shooting one with a tranquilizer. That’s a way to actually capture one without harming it. It seems no matter what kind of footage or pictures,or other circumstantial evidence presented,the so-called “myth” can finally be proven….once and for all.

  5. I think you are right on the money with your observations. I too have seen the bigfoot, and tell everyone. I dont care what anyone thinks about that.
    As far as shooting one…well those that say they would, if there is one, couldnt there be others in the nearby vicinity? I know since my sighting I have a whole new respect for what could be around that next tree, rock, or log, cause when they realize you see them they disappear very quickly, and you see them never again usually. This website is awesome! Thanks for all the great information.

  6. well i am in HS and i am writing a paper about bigfoot and my stance is that he is real. And most ppl say u have to see sum’n in order to believe but hey ppl believe in heaven n hell. right? well anyways i was just looking for how many states that he/she was actually sighted in! haha so idk if that makes it to ur list but yea…..that’s y i’m here!

  7. I’ve been thinking latetly if I found a bigfoot and could find it at will. What should I do? Wishfull thinking of course but what should happen? Maybe in the distant future or even now what would be the best thing to do? After lot’s of thought I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t tell anyone. I mean no-one. Why? You might ask? I feel the only way to truly prove bigfoot exists is to capture and propably kill one in the end, and display it for everyone to see. Even then, you will have many people screaming it’s a hoax. So you’ll be back to square one. Having destroyed a creature that truly doesn’t deserve it.
    So if you happen to come across one feel free to report it but don’t give specfic details such as nearest road. Just the nearest town will do. All this hunting for Bigfoot truly will mean someday someone will kill one just to prove a point. I’ve seen one so I don’t need to prove they exist. I hope whomever comes across one, they think of this and just appreciate how lucky they themselves are for seeing one and let it go with that. Killing one will take something that we can’t get back as a human race.

  8. I am 59 y/o, and have been fascinated by this subject since first reading about it in “ARGOSY”
    magazine at age 10. There is too much HARD
    evidence to ignore, and deniers (sp) need to come
    out of their labs and get into the real world.
    The ONLY reason a Sasquatch should be shot with
    anything but a camera, would be in defense of life.
    There are (seemingly) rare occurances of an agressive encounter, but, usually, there are alternatives to killing.

  9. Brian, I don’t support the hunting/killing of Bigfoot. In a few areas laws have been passed forbidding it.

  10. ok so can i hunt and kill this thing or is there a law that says i cant fire a bfg 50cal. at it????????????

  11. I think it was life changing when I found my first footprint. The sensation when discovering the footprint and knowing if was nearby is exhilarating. And after having an aggressive encounter with one back on Sept 6th, 2007, I am definitely a beleiver now. I cant wait until spring to get back in the field.

  12. Excellent list! Covers a lot if not all the questions surrounding Bigfoot! Having seen a Bigfoot I can tell anyone he really exists! And I do ,and let it go at that, they can beleive me or not , I know what I saw!!

  13. i do think bigfoot is real! i mean havent people looked at the real photos some might be fake though. however i know which ones are real and which ones arent. if people dont beleive me or you and they keep on saying bigfoots not real, well i would just ignore that!


  14. Like so many other people I’m fascinated by the prospect of there being a yet to be discovered creature living in the remote backwoods of North America. It’s a subject that has always interested me. I believe that it’s very possible that such a creature does exist. The only thing missing: compelling evidence. Hopefully, in time, such evidence will emerge.

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