Mushmasta’s Bigfoot Video

This You-Tube video has been getting lots of attention lately as reported by a Canadian site, the Times-Columnist: Bigfoot or bear? YouTube viewers debate. The 94-second video may show a Sasquatch, though some think it shows a bear. The site of the filming is near Tofino, BC. It dates from last summer but wasn’t put on You-Tube until February 4, 2007.

The You-Tube page, in case you want to add to the 41 comments that already exist there: Strange Humanoid Encounter
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Why Not Report It?

Around here (Happy Camp, California) people see Bigfoot but few report it. For a while, when JavaBob was in town, people would go to him and tell him about things they’d seen. He was a friendly deli owner everyone in town knew, and easy to talk to. But since he left last year there’s no central meeting place, and people aren’t talking.
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