David Paulides Responds to the Bigfoot Massacre Issue

While checking out David Paulides’ North America Bigfoot Search website yesterday to verify a statement in my first posting about Tribal Bigfoot, I noticed that Paulides has added an undated “blog post” that seems to be a response to the Bigfoot Massacre hooplah/outcry that started on Cryptomundo with Loren Coleman’s postings of MK Davis pictures and videos compared to responses by John Green. Coleman’s posts included a couple derisive mentions of Paulides’ name which set me off, and I responded with a few blog posts of my own, shocked that Paulides would be associated with such an outrageous theory. Perhaps I should have kept it to myself, but I was very upset by the issue, especially after seeing David Paulides’ name mentioned! Plus I thought the photoshopping on the videos Coleman linked to was outrageous!
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Compromised by an Errant Bigfoot Researcher Again?

I’m deeply disturbed by the connection of David Paulides to the the Bigfoot massacre theory of MK Davis, especially since this morning Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo put an email said to be authored by David Paulides in his blog posting about Rene’s Film. For what it’s worth, I generally think it is a violation of internet ethics to place a private email on a public site without permission from the sender. But there it is, accusing John Green and Bob Gimlin of “harboring a very, very dark secret” or at least implicating that they bear some sort of culpability in this matter. [Update: see note from Loren Coleman regarding the source of the email in comments, below.]
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A Bigfoot Massacre? Bloody Nonsense!

John Green is a hero in the Bigfoot research community – and rightly so. As a young Canadian newsman he took time to come to the Klamath River Valley to explore early Bluff Creek Bigfoot footprints, and the Patterson-Gimlin film site. You can read his entire account of events including his part in them in his seminal work, Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us. Therefore the idea that he could be involved in a Bigfoot massacre cover-up strikes me as being contrived.
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