RIP Don Campbell – Bigfoot Researcher

Am I the last to know?

I got my first email from Don Campbell on September 4, 2009. He started by telling me about his Bigfoot baiting techniques.

“Just read my friend, Cliff Barackman’s blog and now have read your
site. Cliff is trying out some of my bigfoot baiting techniques. I
mentioned to Cliff and DB Donlon aka The Blogsquatcher that I had been
using honey and sweet feed as an attractant to Bigfoot in the Carmel
Highlands area of Monterey County.” – Don Campbell

I posted some of his earliest emails in Creative and Useful Bigfoot Research Techniques, by Don Campbell. He recommended using honey jars to give Bigfoot a special treat, and had other very creative and unique ideas for connecting with them.

I continued to get steady email correspondence from him until Christmas, December 25, 2009, and then he disappeared from my email inbox without another word – until March 9 when he got out of the hospital after a nearly 3-month stay. His health had been bad for years. He spent eight years of his life in hospitals after an industrial accident crushed the lower half of his body.

On March 11 he wrote:

“Got the H1N1 swine flu shot in Nov. and ended up getting it anyway at end of December plus foot was acting up. Then I got MRSA on top of all that at hospital. Then they sent me home without rehab and my blood pressure dropped and I went back. Ended up in a acute care rehab place for 8 days.” – Don Campbell

After March 11, 2010, I never heard from him again. I emailed several times – until I got a notification back that his WebTV account had been closed.

At the time I suspected he might have died, but when I looked for obituaries online I couldn’t find any information, so I accepted that either he’d died or decided not to email me anymore.

Just a few days ago I was at JavaBob’s house and mentioned to him that I wanted to go on local expeditions this summer to use Don Campbell’s Bigfoot contact techniques. When I got home that day, I decided to do another web search to see if I could find any more information. I was hoping that some other blogger might have written something more recent about him. But that didn’t happen. Instead what I found was verification that he’d died last June. One year ago, on June 26, 2010.

He gave me permission to publish anything he’d written to me in email, so it is my intention to publish all his emails in an e-book, so his voice won’t be lost.

Don Campbell
Donald E. Campbell Jr. – November 12, 1950 – June 26, 2010

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Sierra… in truth, I am grieving this loss. He and I had another interest, which was writing young adult novels. He offered many suggestions while I was writing my 2009 novel, and I’m considering including those emails in the e-book. There’s also a lot more that applies to Bigfoot and the paranormal. What’s upsetting me is that the novels he was working on are unpublished. Will they ever be published? I hope his family realizes how precious they are.

  2. Thanks for posting Linda, it was sad to hear…. do post his letters, his enthusiasm for this research and his techniques should be known.

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