Why Not Report It?

Around here (Happy Camp, California) people see Bigfoot but few report it. For a while, when JavaBob was in town, people would go to him and tell him about things they’d seen. He was a friendly deli owner everyone in town knew, and easy to talk to. But since he left last year there’s no central meeting place, and people aren’t talking.

Why do you suppose that is? My guesses are (1) that they don’t want people to think of them as crazy; too many people, even locals, are verbally abusive toward people who say they’ve seen Bigfoot. And (2) they think they are protecting Bigfoot by not giving away the location of the one they saw. Am I missing any other important reasons here?

All I’m asking for is a location to research. A new sighting here in the Klamath National Forest, or somewhere nearby, would give my partner and I a place to go look for recent footprints and other signs to verify what is reported as a Bigfoot sighting. But without a report, I’m having to rely entirely on my intuition.

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  1. I have another possible explanation. Many traditional Native Americans know a lot more about Bigfoot, or the Bushman if you will, and they do not speak of it out of respect. They realize a huge capacity in Bigfoot for a certain kind of sixth sense and to them, disclosing information about bigfoot is rude to those who are close to it and to Bigfoot itself.

    Great website Linda. Good to see all these comments.


  2. I just found this websight, and I felt compelled to tell about some of my experiences in the back- woods of the Pac. NW. I started fighting forest fires in 1977 as a 16 yr old in a boys ranch. I went on 167 fires before I was 18,( I kept a log book), & went the USFS at 18 and finally quit in 1984.¬† In ’83 I stumbled on a GIANT turd in the middle of a trail in N. Idaho. In ’85 a black wolf walked up and sat 6ft behind and to my left while elk hunting up the Moyie River in Idaho. In ’86 my brother and I were intimidated by “Something BIG” while camping in Skamania Co. Wash. In ’90 something paralleled me noisily but invisibly while hiking into an old abandoned mine in Skamania Co. That even worried my pet wolf, because she had never growled at anything up to that day. In ’94 I was treed by a VERY pissed-off moose while working in the Beartooth Mtns. of Montana. In ’97 a cougar killed my wolf and later attacked me, but I got away unhurt. (The cougar payed for his sins the next night, heh, heh.) In 2002 I saw something very large sitting¬† beside the Alaska Highway south of Watson Lake, Yukon. It was snowing heavily, I was driving my old Intl.Scout about 35 mph, and I saw it as I approuched a curve. What was weird was that it looked like the whole body turned to look at me, and the eyes I will never forget. They reminded of my wolf’s eyes, except these were kinda reddish gold, and we made eye contact as I drove past it. It gave me the most giddish feeling that I have ever had in all my 38 years that I have spent working and exploring the DEEP backwoods. If there is a trail to somewhere, I take the long way through the woods instead. I have one good friend who is also a dedicated backwoods explorer who told me the other night that he doesn’t like going into the woods with me because “You attract things”, whatever that means! I do look forward to my next meeting with the “Hairy Man”, and hope he will sit and share a meal with me. HA!

  3. Why not report? reason #1 for protection of the species,I live in apart of the country where some would shoot one of these creatures for both fear and fame so,why not keep it secret? they are everywhere just very elusive, if you are lucky enough to encounter one in your lifetime you will find out that they live in peace among themselves and usually avoid man, even when the rare occasion of an encounter happens they choose to walk away rather than interact but not always so, be respectful and be cautious when you are in the woods looking for wildlife this also includes bear,deer ect.

  4. I saw a big foot on the east side of the parks hwy, north of cantwell, and south of carlo creek alaska. this was february 14th 2009, at 10:30 am. I wa driving north on the parks hwy. about 40 miles an hour, the roads were icy. AT first I though it was a moose so I slowed even more, then I thouth it was a spring grizzly bear as it was standing on two legs. As I got closer, it had a round head, 2 arms, 2 legs, hands, and was standing up right like a human. The big foot through it’s right arm up in the air, turned and long strided into the bush. I figure it stood 7 feet tall, as it’s head was over the bushes……..

  5. I can tell you where Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Orangutan man and the Skunk Ape comes from. Long before Jesus was born a few thousand slaves ran off around the world and started their own countries. When these people left there was a large group of men who took off and ended up in Africa. Some of these men caught female Orangutans and took them over to South America and had sex with them and created the American Indian. The men who stayed in Africa caught female Gorillas and had sex with them and created the Black man. When scientists found the bones they thought we evolved from a female Chimpanzee. But it wasn’t a natural evolution it was a man made evolution. Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Orangutan man and the Skunk Ape are half man and half Gorilla and half man and half Orangutan. They use to call the American Indian the red man. The hair of the Orangutan is redish or orangish in color. When the hair all came out the skin of the Indian remained red. And the color of the Gorilla is black. When all the hair came out the skin of the Black man remained black. So they are not prehistoric creatures from millions of years ago
    but they are man made creatures from a few thousand years ago. They will always remain the same. They will never evolve into anythingelse but what they are. Man made creatures.

  6. i live in aberdeen washington theres a place in hoquiam a town next to mine its called longren pass so for fun my daughter myself her boyfriend my brother and some of his friends we recorded some sounds of bigfoot from the web and went out on feb 14th around 10pm and played the noises fro my car stereo and at first we didnt hear anything so we decided to leave when i got down the road to get on hiway 101 i looked in my mirror to merge and saw it crossing the street it had to have at least been 7 or 8ft tall and was a tan brown color it passed close to a street light we have been going out there for a couple of years making noises with our mouths and getting calls back but this is the first time we have come that close to it we also went back and looked for footprints and seen a heel print any feedback would be appreciated thankyou

  7. I have been an armchair investigator for about 7 years now, and have finally become fully aware of two facts:

    1) Bigfoot is certainly a real creature

    2) The government – and no, I don’t know why – is doing its best to cover up its existence.
    No, I’m not a loon who sees a conspiracy behind every tree. But there have been too many reports of government officials – whether forestry, military, fish and game or similar entities – whisking away BF bodies etc. Why not just hand them over to the Smithsonian after thoroughly examining them, and be done with it?

    Also, the sheer number of encounters at Ft. Lewis, Wa. [as well, I’m sure, at other military installations], where a single body could very easily be harvested and scientifically examined, but never is.
    Think about it – this nation spends BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars to gain scientific knowledge. It would cost perhaps a few thousand in weaponry, manpower and time for the military to obtain a specimen of one of these magnificent creatures; wouldn’t that be an amazing scientific discovery? It wouldn’t cost a billion, or a million, or a half a million, and we wouldn’t have to travel to the depths of the seas or into outer space to do it. So why hasn’t it been done?

    Why not, indeed?

    That’s why my passion for gaining knowledge about Bigfoot and reading reports has turned into mere curiosity. I know they exist; what evidence we DO have is overwhelming. There is also a lot of evidence that the US government is seeking to keep this creature an unknown. The only thing I don’t know is “why”?

  8. I grew up in a small town in sw michigan. We have all seen or heard bigfoot. It is a place called almena. Every body thinks it is a over looker for princess almena who is supposed to be buried there . Ihave personally seen him up close. Like within 20ft. Me and a friend were walking from my house to his and the creature entered the road way 20ft or so from us. We both ran like hell. I remember the red eyes. thelong stringy hair and the smell to this day. This was in 1988. ted

  9. Snowman, you are very observant! I wish more people had your skills, we’d probably have a lot more samples to test!!! Most don’t even pay attention to their surroundings, and when you are out in wilderness, that can be extremely dangerous!!! The wild animals are smart!!!

    I need to make one point that most don’t know, or are just not considering possible.

    I know for a fact that Sasquatch do go into cities. I live in Galesburg, Illinois, near the edge of town on the west side. There is a park 3 blocks from my house. I don’t sleep well at night, so I keep busy doing things that are quiet, like reading and writing, with the TVv down low, so I don’t wake up my sons.

    About three weeks ago, I felt, then heard, heavy footfalls, clearly running past my house, through the side yard and toward the park. I heard nothing else, saw nothing, (it was near 4:30 in the morning) and smelled no odor. Absolutely nothing else unusual. Then the strangest silence for a half hour. Nothing moved in that time. Nothing!!!

    An hour or so later, it was dawn, and life was back to normal. NO ONE mentioned hearing a thing. So I didn’t tell anyone. I found out a week later that it was Ritta, and he was chasing someone, and caught him, that was trying to hurt me. He refused to tell me anything else. But he did say not to worry.

    Ritta is my BF friend, my protector.

    From the sound of his footfalls, he was big. My windows shook! I think he made my family, and maybe everyone else in the neighborhood, sleep while this was going on, so as not to alarm them. I knew that he was there, but no one else did.


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  11. I have become a little disappointed with the BFRO because they are making it into a money machine I guess that is why the web sight owners name is Matt Moneymaker that should say it all, I looked into going to one of their expeditions here in Arizona and they want 300 up front foe expedition expenses but you feed and cook and camp yourself, I can see screening people and so to see what their intent would be but I am not going to pay them that it is more interesting to investigate on my own and I could probably produce better results but I understand if you are going to have finances while you investigate and travel the world you invite and charge people and i would assume give them a little show so maybe they will come back and bring a friend I would love to have a job researching and hunting and be in pursuit of these creatures but I have to work for a living.

    I have to give it to them 300 times 50 to 150 that is some big money and I would assume it as a scam it is hard enough to find a competent person to talk to about these creatures let alone find someone who would have the same desires to do what it would take to prove its existence and that is going to be a specimen live or dead and very much intact. it would be the hunt of a life time and probably take a life time to hunt one. But i do not think it is wise to do that only because we now have the seirra club and peta and a million other specialist environmental groups that would love to have some thing like that because they would use it to shut down the public lands of our country and the world and it would be detrimental to many things in our society.

    how would you like to drive up to your favorate camping spot and find that the road and forest have been closed to the public do to it being a possible big foot habitat or even public highways closed do to them crossing a possible habitat. I am talking about people who are serious about draining Lake Powell for a fish what about the 60 million people that really on it as a water source and irrigation water for food etc etc. and that would just be a beginning for them. some one will ultimately make just that discovery and then our world will be very very different it is sad to say but they would be better off left alone or literally hunted into extinction in today’s society. the only thing that has saved them thus this far far is their habits being nocturnal and extremely elusive.

    I know they exist and have seen a large one myself and it is not a hoax my friends just know that if you have spent much time in the woods you have probably been observed more then once and by more then one it is like this we all know that cougars and bears and wolves and many creatures of different species exist but how many people have actually seen a cougar a bear a wolf etc in its own natural environment? very very few probably less then 100 thousand out of 330 million nation wide in a average life time and that is probably pushing the sighting numbers. I have seen bears I nave been within 15 foot of a cougar and only saw a flash in low light conditions and did not realize until 2 to 3 minutes later after i had tripped over a 2 by 2 buck it had just killed and started eating its body and blood was still hot. I assume I was stalked by the same animal just the year before while i was deer hunting in the same area when i heard some thing behind me and doubled back up a small side canyon and came back over a ridge and into the canyon I was in just 10 minutes before and I followed my tracks back down that slightly iced over creek and when I got within 20 yards of the location were I had previously left the trail I looked down and low and behold a cougar track in the mud inside of my previous boot track and the cougar track was just starting to fill up with water. now that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

    my point in all of this is I have had close encounters with these creatures and seen very very few I have had probably had 10 encounters with a cougar but I have never seen one in the wild long enough to realize what it was until i saw its tracks or some thing like that deer kill and tracks so i would say more of us have been observed by animals and big foot alike then we have seen of them. think of how sharp a deers senses are and how hard they can be to sneak up on now think about how sneaky a predator has to be to catch that deer if you can conceive that now think of a large creature that can see in the dark better then you can during the day and that can smell and hear a thousand times better then you can and that has the endurance to chase over long distances and at high altitudes and over terrain that you can barely stand on and that would take most of the day on a hike just to get to the top of a ridge or mountain top and these bigfoot creatures can cover these in minutes and go up and down one after the other all day long

    I know how far a black bear or a cougar will run before it will allow its self to be treed by dogs and it will take a person in good shape 10 times as long just to catch up and people wonder why they never see a big foot that and they will try to hide them selves if they think you may see them. I have seen one do that first hand and the 10 seconds or less that my encounter lasted I learned a great deal about them and can totally understand why a sighting is so rare.

  12. call me and i will show you guys the biggest footprint in a mountain in a west africa village.
    call +23243726866.
    i live in ghana but i saw the footprint in my own country.

  13. I used to sit on my front steps and wonder about a siren type sound coming from the woods. Then I went camping in West Branch park and heard the same sounds from deep in the woods. Later I noticed there was no forest sounds at all; no bugs no frogs, nothing. When I got interested in bigfoot I listened to the Ohio howls and recognized it as the same sounds I’ve heard coming from the woods.Also, a friend who lives in the direction of where the sounds came from told me something growled/roared at him when he was burning the plastic coating off of wire and letting the fumes drift into the woods. That was a few years ago and he still refuses to burn anything at the back of the yard. Last summer he found feces in his yard. He says they were very big and had berries in it.

  14. I may have seen something a few years ago. I was in fifth grade and did not believe in Bigfoot. I heard crashing in teh brush behind me when I was in the woods. I turned around and saw a large humanoid shape coming towards me. Of course, I panicked and ran. I could not see it clearly because the sun was in my eyes and there were many leaves obscuring it. I have believed ever since.

    P.S. There have also been a few other reports in te neighborhood.

  15. On a hunting trip me and my hunting partner watched bigfoot for around 45 minutes to an hour. He was on top of the ridge that we intended to walk up to. After a few minutes he walked down the hill right towards us. At first we thought it was another hunter, but were puzzled by the fact he had no rifle or flashlight, and was dressed completely in black.

    Once he got close enough for us to really see what was coming at us, we both realized at the same moment he wasnt a man, but a huge fur covered thing. I bumped the inside of the truck door with my rifle, and he saw us and ran like the wind. He got between me and a big ponderosa pine and I never saw him again. I walked to where I last saw him, and found some prints and began to follow them. As I walked up the hill I stopped to find the next track because the tracks were unusually far apart. As I stood there I noticed that the top of the brush was 2 feet above my head, and when bigfoot was standing next to the brush it only came to mid chest level to him. That is when I decided to turn around and go back to the truck. He disappeared so fast, and the size of the brush compared to him and me…..well he was BIG and I didnt want to make him mad . I can tell you I didnt sleep well for the rest of the hunt at all.

  16. If you want know where I go its called triangle lake,its a small place and no cell phones work there.The further you go in the more dense it becomes

  17. and hes no a weird animal, i see him all the time, he actually has helped people get their cars out of the snow in my area before, hes realy freindly, we see him all the time

  18. I saw Bigfoot in 1962 on McIntyre Mountain in Lycoming County PA while hiking with a friend. We heard something running towards us, when it can in view, it was tall, hairy and brown, and on two feet. Terrified, we ran all the way home. We tried to figure out what it might have been. There are black bear that are brown but they don’t run on two feet. We thought it may be someone trying to scare us, but the dog was also terrified and ran with us. If it had been a person, it think the dog would have attacked.

  19. I have seen what I think might have been some kind of big foot. I was riding home in a place in TX called The Devells Pocket.We were talking to each other when somthing caught my eye. It was about 400 yards away and even from there it looked 9 ft. tall. It had a slender body long arms and legs. But get this it looked RED! I only saw it for a breaf moment. Because somhow it ran across a 13 foot road and a 13foot ditch and into the woods in only 2 secs. That suprised me how it moved so fast. I did not know that it might have been native in Southeast TX. I saw it in Buna,TX on hiway 253. This is a true story. So happy hunting.

  20. Immokalee,Florida 1987 –
    My family and I were in having an evening of fun when We heard a horrible noise coming from the direction of where our dog was outside.My husband went out to investigate because our dog sounded as if were scarred or being hurt.When my husband got to our shed he saw a large shadow up against the siding and it sounded as if our dog were being muffled.He ran back into our home thinking it was a bear or something to the effect and grabbed his gun. He then went back outside ( us trailing close behind him)and it appeared to him as if something were running down our driveway – in the meantime our dog was hidding underneath our home.My husband fired a couple of shots towards the area he thought this creature or animal was and we heard a very loud growl howl type noise,after that it got deathly quiet. I will never forget the chills that ran up me when I heard theses sounds.The next morning we did check the area and we did find weird type footprints that looked not like human nor were they a bear or any other type of animal that I am familar with.Whatever it was it was able to make a leap from the street and across a canal and land on it’s feet.The only thing that we can figure is that during the day we had taken our family fishing in the grove and we were followed back by what I honestly believe to be a bigfoot.Our home sat on a hill that when our porch light is on it can be seen from within the surrounding woods – we checked this – I believe it followed the lighting as it knew there was something there.We later found out that the people what occupied our home before us had an encounter with the backdoor being ripped off it’s hinges. They assumed it was a burglary while away? We now suspect not.We were told also through my husbands Supervisor that several sightings had occured not only in the area but at Lake trafford as well. Lake Trafford was less than 5 miles from where we were living at the time.I will never forget my experience with this night. I thank god my chldren were sleeping but unfortunately my younger brother was not – he was 10 at the time and I remember him being so very frightened and crying.He still remembers that night.Every since I have wanted to find proof of what we heard and to prove to myself that it was real.I am a believer!

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