Animal Sounds & Bigfoot Research

There’s a howling sound recording posted on the BFRO website. Back on May 17 Tom Biscardi went to Washington state with his expedition team including Peggy Marx, a wildlife photographer with many years experience in the woods, and Lee Hickman, her grandson, an expert tracker. They listened to that same recording and said it was coyotes howling to one another.

This is just one example of how Tom Biscardi doesn’t say something is Bigfoot evidence when it isn’t.

I liked how the BFRO posting had a soundclip of a mountain lion for comparison. I have a mountain lion visit my yard often, and it sounds very similar. This is not at all the same sound Rex (a GABRO volunteer) recorded in Tara Hauki’s yard a few nights ago. That sound is included in the videostream at FindingBigfoot.Com.

Posted by: Linda

“Finding Bigfoot” vs “Waiting for Bigfoot”

Last night on Coast to Coast AM, Loren Coleman accused Tom Biscardi of copying Jill Miller’s “Waiting For Bigfoot” site idea.

I’d already explained back on August 17, this is not at all true.

The truth is that Tom didn’t know Miller’s site existed until long after he’d planned FindingBigfoot.Com.

See my earlier posting for more details. I am surprised if Coleman didn’t see it because he was here reading (and commenting on) my blog before his appearance on Coast to Coast AM last night.

Posted by: Linda

Bigfoot Footprints

This morning I filmed Rex and Tara looking at the footprint Rex found yesterday. They started looking all over the hillside for more prints and found some in a line from uphill, moving in the direction of her house. It was very exciting!

Tom, Bob, Rob, Tim, and Elbert are still out of town trying to secure possession of the Bigfoot that was injured and operated on in another state. They will add Bigfoot videos to the videostream as soon as they’re able to film it – and get the film back here to encode it.

Posted by: Linda

Where’s the Bigfoot?

Tom Biscardi was on Coast to Coast AM a few minutes ago announcing to the world that there’s a Bigfoot in captivity. He’s under a lot of stress and has been for days now. That came through in his voice, and he wasn’t willing to tell the whole story.

Considering that he’s expecting to get possession of the Bigfoot soon, I don’t know if he’ll come back to Happy Camp… desperate times make desperate people.

I haven’t seen him since he left here three days ago. But as I understand it from what he said on the radio, he’s still going through negotiations with whoever has the Bigfoot, and there’s a lot of conflict at this time.

I hope they get it straightened out soon. I’d like to see this Bigfoot myself.

Posted by: Linda