Weird Stuff Seen in the Woods

I surf through the Bigfoot Forums every now and then looking for new information about Bigfoot (what else?) … and I noticed an outstandingly entertaining thread about weird things seen in the woods.

[That thread has been deleted since I first wrote this post.]

Creepiest thing you found or saw when hunting for BF, that wasn’t, Gold Miners, Meth Freaks, Hippies, and More!.

Examples of creepy things Bigfoot researchers found out in the middle of the forest: clothing, car parts, a crow tied high in a tree, a ritual site, and more.

Definitely there’s lots of strange things happening out in the boonies, and a lot of it has nothing to do with Bigfoot.

I wondered about the car hood found on a remote mountainside.

My partner suggests it was placed there by a tornado. Could have been, but that can’t account for all these creepy things.

I think the weirdest thing in the woods… is sometimes another human being.

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  1. I wonder about Bigfoot, I mean he does “creep” around the lands and houses and watches you. That sort of creeps me out, and he hides so you can’t see them but they can see you! Or looking into windows trying to see what’s going on. I know they are curious, as we are towards them. I mean, if I saw them in the woods and was able to stand my ground and observe them without freaking out, I would. Just to watch what they do and how they interact with each other, so I can understand them being curious and watching people, but still its sort of scary knowing they come around your house late at night till early morning…and dogs don’t even bark…they just start howling!! Sort of creepy to me!

    1. Yes, Bigfoot creatures have been known to look into windows. They must be curious. They stand behind trees and peek around to look at humans. However dogs should not just howl – they should run and hide. Bigfoot have been known to kill dogs. Apparently they don’t like little yappers giving away their position… either that, or they look like food!

  2. The weirdest thing I’ve found in the forest was an entire box of KFC chicken, 10 or 12 pieces of untouched, chicken, without another person around!!
    The next person i passed on the mountain trail wouldn’t be for another 3 1/2 miles. When I asked this particular hiker if he knew anything about the chicken, he sundenly looked frightened and went charging down the mountain without explanation!!

  3. ” I think the weirdest thing in the woods… is sometimes another human being.”

    You got that right, and those ‘weird things’ arent only found in the woods either.

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