Australian Yowie Research

Did you know there have been almost 10,000 sightings reported of Yowies in Australia? Yowies are the Australian version of Bigfoot. They say there are two varieties – tall and short. The tall Yowies are about 6 to 10 feet tall, and the shorter (and full grown) Yowies are 4 to 5 feet tall. Read more about Yowies and the history of Austalian Bigfoot sightings at What is a Yowie? and at Historical Yowie Articles.

The site has an extensive Multimedia Center with audio, art, and photographs. There is a section listing all their equipment and a series of i>Yowie expedition reports. There are also listings of sighting reports all through Australia, including a very recent one from September 15, 2009.

australian-yowie-researchThe site also lists sightings of a variety of cryptozoological creatures including big cats, Thylacine, Bunyip, Bigfoot, flying creatures, and more. A section on VietNam lists this very interesting article: Wildman in VietNam by Dao Van Tien.

When all is said and done, if you want to know more you might like to register at the Yowie Hunters Forum where you can connect with real Yowie hunters and find out what sightings they’re talking about now.

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  1. Hi, I live at the base of the darling range in Perth,Western Australia,and ppl can believe whatever they want to believe,but I can take anyone on a 20min drive any day of the year and bash out a few tree knocks and the Yowie’s will answer with knocks,it’s that plain and simple,these creature’s exist,the problem is they live where we can’t and more importantly don’t give a shit about anyway,we are consumed by our own stupidity and reliance on our lazy way of life that these creatures have managed to become myth rather than reality,and good luck to them I hope our vile society never works out there mystery!

    1. Brendan, I tend to agree – they are real and they deserve better than to be found by human beings, who exploit everything touched. One of the main reasons I slowed down on writing on this blog was because I changed my mind about whether I want them to be found. As of now, I think humanity is too immature on the whole, to be able to be a benefit to the big people. I respect them for their privacy and sense of self-preservation. They probably have a lot more common sense than we do.

    2. Hi I to live close to Darling Scarpe and was wondering if we could chat about Yowies.
      Thank you.

  2. Old digger….if you live in oz go ask any aboriginal about the yowie…they’ll tell you they exist. Just like Indians in Canada and USA know Bigfoot exists. They told the early euro explorers about them. It’s fact. Stop watching mainstream news …it makes you stupid. And they flat out lie.

  3. Dat Mista Bigfoot be looking like my Uncle Luther. He gots a Mink coat, a convertible Brohm and lots of chicken heads in da back seat……..Dat Big Pimpim!!!!

  4. Hey there Old Digger ! The yowie does indeed exist in australia . I have collected their hair samples footprints fingerprints and vocalisations and yes , I have proof . No , not all of us want to make money or write books , some of us just want the creatures officially recognised .

  5. Yowie’s what aload of rot just because there are sightings in Canada and USA does not mean that a Ape like creature lives in Australia Fact no Monkeys nor any types of Apes live on this country there has been no bones ever found if anything a escape Ape or Monkey could be what they are seeing But Australia has never been home to Monkeys or Apes in the distant past A lot of people make up stories just to see their names in print The people who keep saying that a Yowie is alive are only trying to make Money and write books on something that is not real they are Frauds in my opinion

  6. I’ve always wished they’d take the BF guy all dressed up from ‘Harry & The Hendersons’ and take him for a little stroll through an area known for BF and see what happens, lol.

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