Bigfoot Bones Hidden In Indonesian Cave, Islanders Say

According to a team of Indonesian explorers, residents of a remote Indonesian Island claim to have the bones of a Bigfoot hidden in a cave that is accessible only at low tide. But because the tide was up at the time they were there, the explorers passed up their chance to bring forth this discovery.

Alex Retraubun’s mission is to visit thousands of Indonesian islands, naming them. He works for Indonesia’s marine and fisheries ministry. Muhammad Yusuf is head of data analysis for his team. The men travel to more than 100 islands during each of their journeys, which take place every two weeks. With a schedule that tight, Bigfoot bones weren’t a priority. Their goal is to finish cataloging information and names for 17,504 Indonesian islands by the end of this year.

The islanders told them a Bigfoot used to live on their island. According to their story, after its death, the creature’s bones were interred in a sea cave.

Source: Indonesian’s off to the islands–all 17,000 of them by Laurie Goering, foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, published on June 24, 2007.

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