Texas: Bigfoot Sighting at the Neches River

Sighting report received in email:

“Two friends and I were fishing in South Texas on the bank of the Neches River about three in the evening. We had been there about four hours when my friend said something about hearing something in the woods behind us. We all had been hearing it but were not concerned and did not think it was important.

Neches River in Texas“Anyway, my friend Tim turned around and almost had a heart attack. He just kind of whimpered because he was too scared to talk. It is funny now but was rather serious then. Anyway, we all turned around to see a very large animal standing just outside of the treeline looking at us as if he wanted something. Well needless to say we did not stick around to see what it wanted. We all backed into the water about ten or fifteen feet and then walked down the river until we were at least fifty feet downriver from it.

“The thing we saw was a good six and a half to seven feet tall with hair all over it. It did not appear mean and I think if it was I would not be telling you about it. Anyway, we left. Only thing was we left all our gear so we went back the next day to get our stuff and found the darndest thing. All our stuff was there except the stink bait. The can was there but the bait had been scooped out and I guess eaten. I don’t know if it had eaten it or what but I think that is what it was there for in the first place. It smelled our bait and thought maybe it could get an easy meal.

“When I think back on it now I can’t help but think that if we had not left when we saw it then it would probably just have left. It did not seem mean or aggravated at all. We were just scared anyhow. That is my story. I swear its true. My name is Thomas Vick. I won’t tell the names of my friends but can tell you they, like me, will never forget that day. But you know I feel very fortunate to be able to say that I have seen what I’ve seen and I think that it is realy cool. By the way, we were fishing on the bank of the Neches River near Beaumont, Texas.”

More photos and map: Big Thicket National Preserve, Texas

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  1. My sister and I sneek away one night and went to the casino our parents ask us to don’t drive on I 10 late like that by ourselves but we wanted a girls night out, so we were returning home about 2:00 a.m. she lived right off of pine street off of I ten in Beaumont as we pass the water plant and were driving by the grave yard there by the big white two story house looked like a dog or a big wolf on all four crossing the street ,but as it step on the street it stood up like a man turned and look at us she slammed on the brakes and we both started screaming I yelled don’t stop run over it she just held the steering wheel screaming I put my foot on hers and that thing ran on two legs like a man into the grave yard it was about seven feet tall and very hairy I don’t ever want to see that again I won’t go to the river park on pine street late anymore.

  2. I think everyone has been smoking or sniffing a little much.Been up and down that river night time day time in the woods and on the bank and their are alot more that did the same if it was or is their it would be on some ones wall by now no such thing

  3. I was deer hunting just outside of Scape & Valley , off of Hwy 87 just before Fox Hunters Hill, on a deer lease around my step dad and mothers place. I usually head in before dark because my eyes get bad after dark, but this night I thought I heard something walking around in the brush so I waited until I couldn’t see so I got on my 3-wheeler and headed back to the camp. While riding down the logging trail, I came to a ditch where I had to slow down to cross it, I heard something like a growl, that made the hair on the back of my neck stand and I had shivers all over my body, needless to say I gave the little 3-wheeler all the gas I could and raced out of there, never looking back. That was over 40 years ago and It seems like last night. I always wandered what it could have been.

    1. Scrapping Valley is the place where you are talking about. I know it well. I now live in Alabama but I know exactly where Fox Hunter Hill is on Hwy 87. I live in Burkeville for years and have even went back in an attempt to call up a squatch, with no luck so far, but I am convinced that they are there in East Texas and Scrapping Valley is the perfect place for them to be.
      Good to hear of this encounter.
      J R

  4. Mr. Thomas Vick,

    Have you considered consulting a sketch artist about your encounter? Google Sybilla Irwin

    The bigfoot may have rubbed the skink bait on itself or offspring to deter humans and preditors. Search for “The Harvest” on You Tube.

  5. Wade, Bigfoot kills dogs. Many people across the country don’t want to wrap their minds around this reality, but when cornered by Canines, they just pick them up, bite the dogs throat like an apetizer, and rip it out. Dogs usually get this. I see that you don’t. There’s more unexplored wilderness in this country than populated regions for the migratory Bigfoot to hide. It(hiding) is in his DNA. Bigfoot doesn’t want to be seen by the lot of you, and he’s good at accomplishing that. And bring a VERY large caliber weapon if you intend to shoot one. They don’t go down easy. You’re better off holding fire unless you know damn well that it’s a rouge BF.

  6. If you really want to see a Bigfoot go out when the moon is full..the best time is in the early spring and late summer. Face the south and walk until you come to a stream this if you live near Dam B near Jasper, TX. Stay there from Mid-night to 3:45am make sure you have some fresh meat and leave it facing the full moon near the river’s edge(chant these words…keeper of the human race, fore-sake your shadows and show your face, from me you will find no harm). One thing..DON’T HARM IT!!! They are the keepers of the earth…if harmed very bad things will happen!!

  7. Wade……………why does a leopard fear the lion enough ….to retreat when confronted…or even before any direct / up close encounter……if possible?
    There are breeds of dogs that believe or know that they can whip most any man….some even fearless. Would they feel the same way about us if….we were 3 – 4 times larger….and smelled like a skunk or worse? Perhaps being intimidated for the 1st time in their life?

    There’s quite a few individual ,… yet similar,….accounts …..describing…. how dog(s) were generally fearful of the creature(s)….{what ever you care to name it}…and also,…accounts of “bigfoot(s)”.. being aggressive…even up to the point of trying to harm a dog. – A primal “knowing”
    of an ancient rivalry….recognized by both….a mutual disdain/fear/respect for each kind….competitive….adversaries.

    Heck, Wade……..maybe you ain’t seen a “Bigfoot”
    ’cause……they recognize you,….like the leopard recognizes the Lion….(a little skeert)

    What parts of south la?

  8. If one of them exists, then others must exist as well (i.e. parents, breeding partners, etc.).

    With the existence of multiple editions of Bigfoot within a certain area, why have no deceased remains been reported. Something as large as they are reported to be would be hard-to-miss when dead – especially the odor of decomposition.

    If the Bigfoot does not die a solitary death in the open, then there must also exist some sort of burial site at which the others dispose of the corpse in some manner. Does the Bigfoot know how to use a shovel?

    Just asking ….

  9. why does no on track them with dogs dogs are used for deer bear and everything else but no reports come out that the us dogs to run one down. you think you have one around your place email me i will prove he is real or not wadeporche -at- comcast.net will come to your place and end this story one way or the other

  10. allso maybe that is why there are no sightings in south la, we go in the woods and we have guns if they was one around he would be hanging on the wall

  11. all this bigfoot stuff is bull do you really belive as many sightings they had and people camping who claimed they saw one is real hunters as myself spend from morning to night in the woods and never seen one and why is it funny that all this people are going to walk in the woods or sleep in the woods where there are bears and other dandrgous animals never have a gun. think about it if you were going camping in the woods would you not bring protection

  12. There was a news article in the early ’60s (Orange or Beaumont) of a sighting on the highway. Does anybody recall this or have the article?

  13. Excuse me Mr Thomas, but can you tell me where do you get your information? It would seam that you have extensive expertise in the comination of herbal smokes and beers and in how one sits in the woods near the fire. Just so you will have alittle bit of information of expertise I was raised in Houston and spent a great deal of time in the Piney Woods north and east of Houston. I am also an ex-law enforcement officer out of Montgomry County. Yes I have not seen a “Bigfoot” but I have heard things out in the woods during both day and night-time that I could not explain. Was it “Bigfoot”? Or something else, who knows. But oneday someone will bring the evidence that people like you will except but untill then we will have to deal with people like you.
    p.s. i am so proud that i didnt call him a frecking idiot…

  14. Doubting Thomas……Your obnoxious tirade….your insults about the folks who’ve told their experiences…reveals your ignorance, disrespect and overall lack of class
    Your proclamation that “THERE ARE NO BIGFOOTS”….only indicates how far you’re willing to go to prove just how ignorant you are.
    You’re entitled to your opinion, of course,….but for you to state your opinions as if they were fact….is arrogant AND ignorant.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if you had little or no experience in any activity such as hunting, fishing, camping or living in areas with little or no regular human presence. After all,….
    “IT’S THE WOODS, FULL OF ANIMALS DON’T YOU KNOW” …(that brilliant observation tells on YOU ,…..Tom.) It’s OK to be scared of the dark
    ( lions…an’ tigers….an’ bears….Oh my!)
    You reveal even more of your myopic views by your statements about shooting such a creature for what I suspect,…you imagine would be a moment of glory or financial gain.

    Oh,….by the way,….be aware that this is not some “LAME REBUTTAL” to your powerful ….“CASE”…you think you made. It’s more an acknowledgement or your delusion of grandeur….lack of emotional development…..ability to show your buttocks


    1. Who would ever try to justify anything to an idiot! You are rude crude an ignorant. bigfoot or no bigfoot your mother should have given you a few more licks when you were a kid.Iam applaed at yout behavior and lack of manners if I knew you personnaly, I would smack you one. Are you 10 or what.

  16. the story was all good until they said 3 in the evening. when someone fails to get that right(3-afternoon-3-a.m.) then i say bullcrap. i know this is a minor mistake. but we are in a world of facts plain and simple! but i guess he just made an error. an error here or there the next thing you know is maybe it was a bear.cause if your not sure on time standards. then maybe your not sure on the sighting. just a thought. and yes i’m a believer in sassy and i hope we bring in the evidence or dna real soon.

  17. I am a bliever in Bigfoot although I am not a fanatic about it. I believe anything is possible and keep an open mind.I know there are some hoaxers out there also possibly playing games. I came across your site looking for information on BF for one of my sons who is very interested even though he is only 5.I have never seen anything resembling a BF but have heard some very disturbing and strange sounds several years ago.My wife and I had gone to visit her grandparents in Spring Texas and arrived very late around 1a.m. My wife’s grandparents lived at the time in an established neighborhood.The whole place is surrounded by piney woods and the subdivision we were in ended near the tree line.Although there were other subdivisions all around there was this wooded area at the end of their street.I had gone back out to our vehicle to get the rest of our luggage and was noticing how clear the sky was with many stars visible.It was in early fall,clear cool weather.I stood outside for awhile and then heard off in the distance a loud bellowing sound that raised the hair on the back of my neck.The sound seemed to start out low and go up in octave.I was raised out in the country in South Texas (father south than San Antonio) and never heard anything like that.I heard it one more time and then it was quiet.Before it started I heard a dog here and there then it was silent except for the traffic heard from the freeway about 5-7 miles away.I told my wife and she laughed about it neither one of us knowing what I heard.At the time I did not know or had heard of BF recordings until seeing a show with my son and heard the sounds again.I told my wife that I swore that what I heard was very very similar to what the folks in the show were playing.It has bothered me somewhat not knowing what it was I heard and being so close to the homes.Now the subdivision has been enlarged and the wooded area has been almost totally destroyed for more homes.It just makes me wonder what it was.Please do not publish my email address though you may contact me with questions if you would like.thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

    1. L.E. – my partner had a near-encounter in the mountains of Washington state, but it was pitch black outside and all he heard was the incredibly loud noise near his vehicle, in which he was spending the night. Whatever was out there was apparently distressed by his presence!

      Your vocalization experience sounds like the creature may have been at a distance. Can you guess how far away it might have been? How far were you from the nearest river or creek?

  18. A few years ago I spent the entire East Texas Turkey season near the area of Boykin Springs. Each evening I would scout likely area to listen for roosting turkeys so that I could slip in pre-dawn the following morning in their vicinity to try and call the gobbler into shotgun range. Due to hunting pressure gobblers do not seem to “Shock Gobble” to Owl calls in the evening as much as they have in years past.

    One evening alone I drove up to a high point on a forest service road that crosses private ground and borders the Upland Island Wilderness Area. I sat there alone as the sun went down and the woods grew quiet then began to awaken for the night shift. From my position not more than 50 to 60 yards away a Tom turkey flew up to his roost in a longleaf pine.

    I was on the old road and I knew that without much trouble the old bird could see me if I moved so I remained still. He did not gobble on the roost until out of no where there came a long bellow like howl that sent the bird into hysterical gobbling. This was not a coyote nor dog. There are no timber wolves in East Texas and there have been none since I believe the 1930’s. This sound was not a mountain lion or bovine nor equine or alligator bellow. It sounded almost primate-like.

    I remained in my spot until well after dark in order to not spook the gobbler off of his roost. Unarmed and cloaked in darkness I returned to my truck. I pondered what that noise could have been the whole drive back to camp. The noise made the hair stand up on the back of my neck and I could feel the adrenaline surge through my body. It must have done the same for the turkey because I cannot count the number of times he gobbled when the howl began and ended.

    The gobbler continued to gobble several times after the howl had stopped. I discussed what I had heard that night with my camp mates who had spent many seasons hunting that area in the fall for deer and pigs. They suggested wolf, coyote, mountain lion, even an old church choir that might have been practicing at a nearby jokingly. The sound came from somewhere in the Wilderness area to my right.

    The following morning I went back to that area pre-dawn with my pal to hunt the gobbler I had roosted that previous evening. He had moved roosts during the night as gobblers often do. He honored our calls well enough but once he hit the ground he met his hens and headed off away from us gobbling every few minutes until his calls faded into the timber. To this day I know not what made that bellowed howl that came from the abyss and of what beast it came. The turkey that humbled us that morning will forever be known to me as the “Bigfoot Gobbler”.

  19. I am in brazoria Texas visiting my grandmother she lives in a neighborhood called roses of the river right off of the San Barnard river it is a small neighborhood and to the left of her house is a wooded area and me and my girlfriend were sitting outside at about midnight when we heard something growl or bellow moments later a cow that sounded to be farther in distance let out a horrifying sound like it was being killed of course I got scared and ran inside and that is how I found this website now I’m no expert on the wildlife of this area but that could have easily been a bigfoot

  20. Yea dude a few yrs. Ago I was driving home from Freeport Texas down hwy. 521 near the south Texas nuclear plant. It was in the summer around 6:30 . When a huge dark brown in color thing ran across the hwy. It ran like a person on two feet but hunched over some, an it was fast. I wish someone would have been with me I don’t talk about it much cause people give me crazy looks but I know what I saw an it was real .

  21. Grace, if the footprints were fake how would one explain the dermal ridges on SOME prints…re: Dr. J Meldrum…these can also be duplicated but it is such an extensive production and then to place them in the wilderness in the hopes that some one may find them… that is the unlikely part of all this…I believe they are a remnant or cross of neandertal/wildman ( of the Old Testament sort) if you are interested I can locate the passage(s) in the
    Old Testament. Life like religion should not be an open and shut case. Without the mystery where is the excitement of discovery?

  22. bigfoot is just a big fake. I really think its pretty dumb that you keep making up stories people. Search up Ray Wallace, you’ll see what i mean

    1. Grace, Ray may have made some fake Bigfoot footprints – but that in no way proves that all Bigfoot sightings reports are false. The evidence shows that most Bigfoot prints that have been cast are not from fakes… it is complex, and I really should post something about this soon. Thanks for the reminder, though your comment did seem as if you haven’t done much research. All the best to you anyhow.

  23. In April 2008, my brother and I spent 5 days and 4 nights canoeing down the Neches River. We launched at Town Bluff and put in at Lakeview. We saw more deer than we could count on both hands but no Bigfoots. About every 15 miles, we would spend each night on a sandbar. The last night was the most eventful. We set up camp on the east bank, about halfway between Evadale and Lakeview, across from the city lights of Lumberton. An oil rig was being constructed about one mile southwest of our position. My brother was awakened by unknown objects being thrown into the river. Later that night, I was awakened by the sounds of rocks or stones being banged together. The coordinates are 30° 17′ 15″ N and 94° 7′ 11″ W.

  24. I’ve heard the howl many many times where I grew up in East Tx. Everymorning when my husband would leave for work, I would say wait listen and he heard it too. Loud banging like sticks and the the bellow of like the recordings they play. My husband doesn’t believe and mocks me about Tarzan calls that probably a bull bellowing. I never heard a bull call in that manner. What sealed my belief happened back in 1998. My friend and I were riding our horses in the fall on a deer lease across from our neighborhood. Im not afraid to tell my story because I wasn’t alone and know what we saw wasnt normal or any animal known in Tx. We started our ride with the horses relaxed, but as we entered the lease the horse dropped their heads and snaked them around looking every where with their ears pricked and muscles tense. We came upon a doe that spooked the heck out of the horses and even the deer was behaving weird. She ran maybe 20 feet and then dropped and curled up, we would run up on her and she would do the same thing, until finally she wouldnt budge. We got deeper into the woods and the horses acted more jittery. Crows flew up and we sat watching them, with the horses pacing, only to see about 20 hogs running through the clearing. They never paid us any mind and ran maybe 10 yards past us. The horses started rearing up, so we decided something was very very wrong and started heading back the way we came. The sighting happened when we stepped onto the pipeline we had to cross, we saw what we thought were 2 dogs running around a large stump, maybe 50 or so yards down the pipe line. The horses were stock still and quivering. My friends horse reared up and her hat fell off. I stepped off to get it, when the dogs stood straight up. My horse started sidestepping on top of me as if I wasn’t standing there. I started to step in the stirrup and when I went to swing my leg over, I heard my friend say Oh SHIT! I looked over at the “dogs” and the “stump” was standing straight up and looked like a huge person. We knew instantly that it wasn’t a bear, it stood straight and like a person, siluted like a human not a bear. My horse almost dumped me, her horse bolted with her and was hauling tail for the house. Mine was spinning in circles like he didn’t know what to do, when the “stump” bellowed! That straightened my horses sence of direction out and he tailed my friends horse, caught up to him and flew past him. He never stopped until he slid across the highway. I was standing in the stirrups and hauling back on the bit trying to stop him before we made it to the road, but it was no use. We talk about that alot and neither one of us has EVER or since seen that again. Our horses would NEVER cross the highway again. Both my friend and I hunt, we may be girls, but we know our tx wildlife and they were no known Tx species. We both are grown now, she is an accountant and I am in the medical field and working on my doctrin in medicine. We don’t drink and never did drugs. Whatever we saw wasn’t average and from as far as we were it still stood tall and looked like it was right there. We think they stalked us and the horses knew it and were unsettled. Both our horses were old pros and not green broke babies, both in their teens. I know of other stories in the area. Now I know others have seen it too. If I wouldn’t have had a friend along to say O what the hell is that, is that what i think it is?? OMG u see this right then I would second guess my mind. Do I think Bigfoot is a figment of the human mind, NO! I think people that say things like that, have not experienced life and are afraid to venture out on their own into the world. Don’t read a book and try to diagnose people because we are honest and say what we saw. I am of sound mind and body and so is my friend. I’ve studied Psych and never read anywhere that Bigfoot was a sign of being a Skitzo. I do believe that bigfoot is animal and not human and by far a predator, horses don’t get nervouse around prey animals or herbavores.

  25. Very believable tale here. I don’t doubt it but I do think that bigfoot is a widespread case of schizophrenia. parts of human culture as a whole sees this projection from our mind of the human beast. The thing is though I dont think its an illusion but some way that our brains our hard wired into the natural world.

  26. I have scoured the woods over Sam Rayburn and also in Shelby county Texas. I have heard stories from people in this area who have sighted one in the Boykin Springs area and also in the Ebenizer spill way area.I myself have never saw one in my hours of searching for deer. But I hope we do one day.

    1. I hope you’ll get to see one soon… and please come back and tell us your impression when you do! They seem to avoid guns and rifles and trail cams. I think they’re highly intelligent and intuitive, and probably very psychic!

  27. Still have not seen a bigfoot. Stilll hoping someone finds one. With all the trailcameras out there maybe 1 day they will be found.

  28. I believe each and everyone of these stories of
    Bigfoot. I use to live on Teal Rd. in Orange, Texas and I have heard this sound many, many times at night. In the late 60’s people would not leave there pets outside for the reason they may wake up next morning and these animals will be torn apart. I believe that this creature is related to bigfoot but is a meet eater and I have seen him one time on South 105 late one night just outside of Vidor. Yes this is a howl or what ever you want to call it you will never forget this sound.

  29. I was fishing in a creek that runs into the stillhouse lake area. When something started throwing stones near the spot where I was fishing. I looked around because i new I was the only one out there at the time.This fishing spot is about a 300meter hike from the road and there is only one way in and out of the area. Anyway I was the only one there at the time it was late not quite dark yet. But I kept on hearing something in the thick wooded brush behind me to the point that I packed up everything and left. I had this feeling of being watched the whole time I was there.

  30. Well, I read all of your stories and I also believe in Bigfoot. I have many stories from my mother and father from the Arkansas and Texas Area. I am from Texas north East part near Wise county. I haven’t seen or heard bigfoot but my mom and dad have. my dad was driving from Texas to Arkansas years ago and he pulled over to sleep but he got in the bed of the pickup and went to sleep . Soon enough he heard something walking in the woods near him . He awoke to hear it jump over the fence and at that moment he leaped through the rear window to his pickup and locked the doors and watched as it ran across the road. That is only one of several encounters he had. but im a believer even though i havnt seen or heard him myself like to though .

  31. I,m an avid hunter and fisherman of forty years and im here to tell ya, night or day on many trips, i,ve experienced many animals of interest in the damdest situations. Flat tire in Seguin TX. was stalked by a brown cougar about 6ft long and eyes the size of silver dollars, yr. 1997. In Bandera TX. a black bear approached camp site looking for food, yr.1975. etc.many more. Bottom line, you have to be willing to be isolated most of the time at night. My most recent experience, JULY2008 at my parents cabin in colorado, surrounded by national forrest, last night before heading for home, bigfoot entered my mind. I did lock all the windows and the 2 doors. Weapon always loaded,fell asleep next to my 13 yr old bloodhound, shepard mix. I woke up at midnight to see my dog standing and staring at the front door of the cabin. Enormous amount of fear over came my awareness as something walking around the cabin in a slow and heavy way. Alone with my dog in the black of night, did not want to take chances. Awoke the next morning to find dog food all over the ground which was in a igloo in the back of my truck. Bear or BIGFOOT ? CANT WAIT TO GO BACK BUT WITH FRIENDS!

  32. Tim…I am currently in DFW area…will try and monitor this sight daily, am also interested/skeptical ( wanna believe ) as far as a carcass being found, well how many bear carcassees does anyone find regularly?? yet, we know they are there i’ve lots of friends that have seen/mainly heard it…from E. TX…close to Marshall, Dad lived in Larue close to New York
    ( east of Cedar creek ) on dead end blacktop…only on 30 acres backed up to 400ac…daddy heard wierd stuff at nite, very isolated no neighbors for MILES…more tomorrow

  33. I hear a lot of people on here talking about Bigfoot and seeing it. I have always lived in the Dallas area and even though I love to be out in the woods I guess I have never put my self in a position to see a bigfoot. Well come February that is going to change. I have done a lot of research and have found the place I am going to spend a week in February and do some research. My only problem is all of my friends and family thinks I am rediculous. I would like to meet other believers to do some research with me but I don’t want to pay any dues to a club. If anybody that reads these posts are a true believer, lives in the Dallas area and would like to do some research with me then reply to this post and I will check it every day. Of course before we go tromping in the woods we would need to meet and talk. I am serious about doing some independant research and don’t know what to do because nobody I currently know wants to believe me, or in me. So if anybody is interested and serious about researching with me just post on here and let’s talk or email me at timjo76063@yahoo.com.

  34. Im shure something is out in those woods in east texas .just look at pictures of that thick dank shit and if youv EVER spent time outdoors anywhere you know thats prime hiding woods right there.plenty water plenty food and in accessable to a large degree. sooner or later somebody is gonna bring one down and prove that its real. Im not into killin stuff that Im not wantin to eat. ( unless its pissin me of at the time )im tryin to be a better buddist n not just be killin stuff.I hunt n fish like every bad ass true texan but a bigfoot probably taste preeeeettty gamey so thats out. what i would be willin to do is try to try to trick one out in the open with some hott milfs n some stink bait,screw blastin calls n bangin shit together all night thats to obvious duhh.would you walk up on a bunch off idiots doin that in the back woods at night? not me bro,never but if i was king off the woods n there was some hott milfs w some bad ass stink bait camping in the creek bottom itd be on! THINK ABOUT IT! Any one interested in an expedition of this sort can contact me at jdoggyx2@yahoo.com . no bullshit im serious! i live in blanco tx and one of my buds is a biggfoot fanatic. im shure we could do a few trips a year. he has a bunch of video cams (pervert) lol! im shure we could pool some resourses and figure it out! PS byomilfs and ill get mr vicks stink bait recipe!later

  35. I live in east texas about 5miles from the neches river near Diboll tx. it was about 10 yrs ago when me and my friend seen something an animal of some kind on their knees drinking water from the bank of the river. it looked like a big ape we were in a small flat bottom boat and we seen this ape like thing about 4 blocks away so we really couldnt see that well i told my buddy to idle the boat and we stop and were floating down the river towards the image when my buddy gave the boat some gas to get a closer look the thing ran into the woods it looked like maybe 5ft or more couldnt tell. when we go the the area we looked for prints and couldnt realy find the spot where it was drinking water. i dont know if it was a “Bigfoot” or not but what i do know is that is weird and we both were shocked and we told some of ours friends and we were laughed at. so i really dont tell that story anymore but i have not been fishing at the neches river again since then.

  36. I recently visited Boykin Spring Park. This area is full of creeks. It is still wilderness. They are there in good numbers. I will be going back again this summer. Plenty of photo opportunities.

  37. I have only told this story to a few people and I would like to share it with you. In 1990 a business associate of mine (Roger) and I were driving to Larado Tx from San Antonio in seperate cars and at the time he was about 50 yards or so in front of me on Interstate 35. About half way through our trip and in a remote stretch of hywy, a very large ape like animal jumped the fence on the left side of the 4 lane hywy. There were no other cars on the road and it never broke stride from the time it cleared the fence, crossed just in front of Roger’s car, and continued to the pasture land and heavy brush to the right of us. We both slowed our speed at the moment it jumped the fence to our left and were able to get a good look at it to judge its size. It had a large upper body, dark long hair and ran in a stooped position sometimes putting it’s hand to the ground as it ran across the uneven ditches across the hywy. As it reached the fence on our right, I slowed my car to where it was directly out my passenger window and watched as it grabbed the fence post and easily hopped over. Judging from the 4 ft. fence, and how much taller it was than the post, I estimate it would stand upright close to 6 ft. or better. When we reached our destination, the first thing out of our mouth was, “did you see what I saw”. Now almost 20 years later, I can still see everything in my mind as though it just happened. The last time I talked to Roger, about 5 years ago, we discussed what we had seen years before and still share the same opinion…”how did an ape of that size get in south Texas”?

  38. I have friends who used to live outside of Timpson,Texas…who were startled by the same kind of thing. They are very reluctant to tell anyone else about it. They say it’s called the “Goober Hill creature”. Has anyone ever heard of this?
    Thank You

  39. 3 week ago i was on the river fishing about 1 to .5mile away from coffin road in evadale,tx. it was about sun down. i heard some weird nosies i never heard before and tought nothing of it. as i was paddlen down river i seen something in the water ahead swimming accross the river. it wasnt a deer,hog or anything i ever seen cause as it was coming out of the water on to the sandbar it was walking on 2legs. its black hair covered its body was stood about 5 to 4ft. it walked behind a pice of drift wood on the sand bar as i was passing but after i passed it walked away from the wood the into the woods. chills went all over my body and every hair on my body shot up. i started slappin the paddle makin as much noise as possible. i kept telling myself as i was paddlen the fast as i could that is was a monkey or something not so scary.lol i made it to my truck and told my friends that i seen a monkey on the river. they lafhed at me. i know what i seen…….

  40. mr.vick some day if u go back get ur camera and take as much pictures as u can and run away it may sound wierd but to it’s a good idea and i’m just in the 6th grade so i barely know anything i do know alot about big foot i have been going on line to see if they have captued bigfoot i have been doing this since 2004

  41. I lived on Lake Sam Rayburn were most of you posting under here are talking about I myself have never seen Big Foot I have however had many people tell me they have I lived 10 miles from Boykin Springs and 5 from Ebenezer Park and I lived in those woods hunting and fishing and 4 wheeler riding if there is a Big Foot this is definatley the kind of habitat for something to live of that size. I hope we find him one day.

  42. Dear Mr Vick,
    I read up on big foot sightings all the time. I believe there is a bigfoot out there and hope to be lucky enough to see one.

  43. dear me vick, we live on the neches river right out of jasper.. on hwy.255. our dog is always barking and we know something is there..yes my husband and i belive in bigfoot…. patsy h.

  44. I just happened on to your website. Glad I did. After I check with my X-wife and her first husband, I would like to tell you of their experience that happened back in the early 70’s. At that time, everyone called them a lie, but now that there has been quite a few bigfoot sightings, what they were saying seems to be real. They still say the same thing about a 7 or 8 foot hairy giant. But let me get their permission first. Get back to you later. Herb

  45. Dear Mr. Vick

    I lived in a Town north of Beaumont called Jasper. My sighting was at a public park called Ebenzar park close to the dam on Sam Rayburn. Yes i saw a Bigfoot. But instead of running i stayed put. What i saw i will never forget.It has stayed with me for close to 20 years. My friends have seen 2 at a park called Boykin Springs. I have gotten really in to looking for signs of the Gorrila in a number of area’s around Jasper and have found signs from more than one spot. Have had friends tell me of seeing a bigfoot behind the prison in Jasper. Have had a friend of mine tell me that he has seen the foot prints of a large man between the prison and Roganville texas which is about 12 miles from the prison.

  46. Hey Mr. Vick, i read your story and terry’s story and i myself have never seen bigfoot but i can tell you that i have heard the same thing as terry did ive also heard fake hoot owls, whistles and rocks being pounded together me, my boyfriend and some friends i guess what you would call hunt bigfoot and have all this on tape we also have eyes 2 red eyes on tape that we did not see while there but saw later on a tape. Please write back with other comments i would love to hear from you! spoiled_brat_21807@yahoo.com

  47. Mr. Vick,
    I was very fascinated by your story, and felt the need to write and share with you our story, though it’s not a sighting or even close to yours, it still leaves me wondering…’what is that’? We’ve heard extremely loud sounds. It’s hard to explain but I thought like a growl, yelp, howl, whipping noise. I know that sounds very strange and most didn’t believe us until they heard it themselves. It’s not a panther, well, I say no way as does my husband and the ones that’s heard it. It’s always been at night, mostly late and during cool weather. But I can tell you it sent shivers up everyones spine. Funny, we never heard it (and it’s rare that anyone has actually) until we had a bad tornado that knocked so many of the trees out. It’s just so loud that I was stunned. Sometimes it will last for only a minute, once I heard it for a good ten and was frozen in my spot. I’ve listened to recordings said to be Bigfoot, and that was the first thing that came to mind. Anyway, I just wanted to share that and thanks for reading. Oh, and I live in Newton, not far from Beaumont.

  48. i have always wanted to see and believe in Bigfoot, i will be in port arthur texas on the 4th vistiting the in-laws wish i could get a chance like you had

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