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Bigfoot Evidence is a fascinating blog. The blogger, Larry Surface, doesn’t promote himself, gossip about others, or discuss other people’s research. He just goes into the woods to observe, then writes about what he’s found. He discusses the types of things he considers to be valid Bigfoot research, as well as the types of evidence he finds inconclusive or inconsequential.

I believe this blog is a must-read for any Bigfoot researcher involved in conducting Bigfoot field investigations. Larry Surface goes beyond the mundane and gives a simple but very helpful means of analyzing a variety of phenomena associated with Bigfoot including footprints, rocks, hair samples, and stick formations.

Here are a few of his blog articles:

Hair Analysis – in which he gives visual comparisons of several types of hair samples, and explains why he believes “hair should be the most important goal of researchers.”

Bigfoot EvidenceStone Hunting Weapons – Larry looks for small rocks that may have been moved from or into his research area. He also finds animal hairs on them and analyzes them.

Arches – Larry is quick to point out that most odd arched-branch structures in the woods are probably not made by Bigfoot.

Rock Stacks – great photos and a plausible theory on why they may be created.

The blog hasn’t been around very long so it didn’t take long to read through it, however I’m definitely putting this one into my Bigfoot News Room so I’ll be informed of any future postings.

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  1. These creatures for sure existed in the 1940’s and most likely still do today. I had an uncle who used to show me pictures of one that he and some other people killed in the north Georgia 1943. The pictures were lost in a house fire back in the early 70’s, but I can still visaulize them in my mind .The thing weighed about 800 pounds, had long filthy hair all over. It had one big eye (that they shot out) right in the middle of its pointy head. But the thing that I remember best was the size of the creatures nuts. Great big hairy nuts that were calused from dragging on the ground. It looked like basketballs in a sack.

  2. G. Kennedy,
    I would like to know what part of WV you have had your experiences. You can reach me by email at

    I too was a very avid hunter but after my sighting in the 80’s, my life in the woods has forever changed. I still deer hunt some, but my eyes are always searching the woods for what else may be there. I understand your fear also. I too am a pretty big guy. Career military and proficient with firearms. Although these creatures made no aggressive moves toward me, and they eventually were very aware of my presence, it leaves you with a very unsettling feeling. I admit that it is fear deep down inside and I also realize that my natural, inner animal instinct tells me that this is better left alone. But, I must continue the search.

    I would like to connect again and learn more about them. I have no desire to harm or expose them. I simply need to answer the questions inside of me that will be there for the rest of my life. I do not wish to be a part of large search groups as I feel their chances are very slim in ever encountering a wild bipedal. Being an enthusiast alone will not present the skills it will take to have contact with these creatures. Very small groups, all experienced and unarmed. These are very intelligent, very illusive creatures and they know exactly what man is capable of doing.

    Mr. Kennedy, after reading your blog, there are a few things I would like to share with you. I think these creatures are migratory. I think they have had to learn to be. I only imagine them settling when the environment and their surroundings allow them to. I think you have either moved to a place where they are comfortable being or you are in a hot zone for crossing. Meaning, they have a regular path through your property because in the past, it has allowed them to continue their illusive behavior and the terrain provides them with the necessities they need to survive. It sounds to me like they are making themselves known to you on purpose, probably because they do not want to leave or change their habits. Your presence is more than likely a threat to them but as time goes on and they see that you are not going to provoke them, they will go about their normal routine. Try not to invade or disturb the area where you have had sightings and occurrences. Show your respect for them and the forest and you should have no problems. You would do good to think of them as more human than animal. That is where most make their mistake. These are not dumb animals wondering around the country side. They are highly intelligent, probably more so than you and I, and totally adaptable to their surroundings. I would almost go as far as to say that they are nature’s perfect selection.

    Hope I hear from you and best of luck with your new friends…


  3. My wife and I moved to a very rural part of WV and I have had several encounters with a Sasquatch. Last year during the summer months I had one of these creatures approach my property at about midnight and begin howling/moaning. Another creature started howling back at it. This was bone chilling. I did not know what I was hearing at the time but my wife later saw one of these things. Large-7-8ft tall, greyish in color. We have had several other incidents happen (rock throwing, vocalizations, wood knocking.) Just the other day I was in my kitchen and a very loud “whoo-ooop” sound echoed through the woods. I did not believe in Bigfoot until last year. I am an avid hunter/outdoorsman and I have harversted several trophy deer and bear with bow and arrow. I am convinced that there is a family of these things living near me. I lease over 1000 acres of property and I own 20 acres. There is minimal human interaction and an abundance of food sources, water, shelter, etc. BFRO has been in my area and spoken with me. After doing a little investigative work of my own, I have learned that there are stories from this area for years about a creature described as what modern science is calling Sasquatch or Bigfoot. After last years incident, it has truly changed my life. I have not been on a hunting trip in almost two complete hunting seasons now. Hunting use to be my passion and hobby-I now fear the woods. I’ve been told that this creature is non-violent but what I heard that night could rip me from limb to limb. I’m a 6’3 245lb prior college football player-retired law enforcement. I know what dangerous sounds like when I hear it.

  4. i can’t believe no one from mississippi has not posted any sightings, i am a mississippi native, and at a very young age my family had two sightings of a bigfoot, one was just a very weird smell, and huge foot prints crossing the dirt road we were walking on, and the other was a man with long hair all over him, standing in the bushes watching us swim, and when we got out to investigate, all we could find was the same looking huge foot prints, this sighting was in the rural area of pass christian ms.

  5. I am of rich native american descent and stories of the weclaw go way back. To us he is of the forest people. They are the ancient ones and we believe they are put here by mother earth to preside over the forest. We don’t question their being here. White people have only known about them for a short time. They go back in our past to our beginning many generations ago. It’s typical of white people to want to kill anything they don’t understand to prove something which is stupid. There are many weclaw in the forest the same as the deer and bear and they should be left in peace. The weclaw will be seen more over time because the whites are destroying their home and they have less land to live on. The weclaw are of our culture not yours and they should be left alone. you don’t have to know what everything is. somethings are best left undiscovered. This is one of them.

    1. Hi Mike… the more I’ve learned about Bigfoot (or Weclaw) the more I agree with you. It is to the point where I would not reveal any hotspots in my territory because they will not even communicate with me if I tell, and they would know my intent. They need privacy, which is getting more difficult to maintain because there are so many people using the backwoods for logging, marijuana growing, bear hunting, etc..

  6. I’m looking to spend a few weeks in the woods for research on a survival piece I am writing and I also have a belief in the existence of Bigfoot and would like to do some research on that subject as well. In looking for areas local to me I came across The Shawnee National Forest in Ohio. Was wondering if you are aware if the sightings are bogus or there is some truth to them.

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