Bigfoot Expedition Near Bend, Oregon

About 35 Bigfoot research enthusiasts visited Bend, Oregon in mid-June as part of a Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) sponsored expedition. No sightings were reported but they listened for Bigfoot responses to Matt Moneymaker’s calls and searched for scat and other Bigfoot evidence. Participants in Moneymaker’s Bigfoot expeditions pay hundreds of dollars to camp out and be part of the action.

The Bend Bulletin article about the BFRO expedition was long and descriptive: Seeking Sasquatch – A group of enthusiasts comes here to track the elusive mythical beast. In it, Matt Moneymaker is quoted as saying, “We’re looking for a needle in a haystack, but we’re using a magnet….I’m good; I can call them in….It’s gotta have a bit of a mournful touch to it.” The magnet theory uses vocalizations, tree-whacking, and other techniques to attract Bigfoot attention.

According to the article, Moneymaker’s approach includes having teams traveling in different areas of the forest making Bigfoot calls to one another, trying to get an actual Bigfoot to participate in the vocal exchange. Being in different sections of the forest makes it possible to triangulate and locate the source of any responses. He keeps the groups moving until they hear a Bigfoot vocalization, then they concentrate on that area. Unfortunately, it can be many days before a response is heard, so expedition participants often don’t have any Bigfoot contact despite the prices they pay to participate. Moneymaker claims “dozens of encounters” but will not describe them in detail.

The Deschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon has been the location of numerous Bigfoot sightings since 1963.

If Chaska Denny, who left a comment on Bigfoot Sightings recently, is right, Sasquatch is psychic, and intelligent enough to avoid researchers. Psychic Sasquatch would be able to pick up on the purpose of an expedition and refuse to respond to sounds. That is why my method for finding Sasquatch includes psychic contact first, and driving through the forest second. Other than that, I believe Moneymaker’s methods are as good as anyone else’s. He receives a lot of criticism because he’s turned his hobby into a business, but besides resentments over his money-making policies, I don’t know what other Bigfoot researchers might have against him. I’ve stayed out of that controversy.

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  1. Bigfoot is totally real dude! I am from bend and I have seen him several times. I have actually tried to train him to paint my house. I managed to coax him to grab the paint brush but he got paint all over his face. And he ate my dog the other night.

  2. George, I agree Tianca sounds a little strange and her post is mostly off topic. But BF is out there.

  3. I’m a big Bigfoot enthusiast, and have several encountersin the last 17 years. No sightings; I wish, 1 in Oregon and 4 in N. Colorado. Obviously I cannot tell the stories in less than 4 pgs. What animal shakes trees and growls like an African lion?… Or bangs rocks and sticks together?…Or breaks dozens of branches by twisting them?…Or stomps through the forest on 2 legs, walking very near you?…Or scares a cow I just passed 5 mins. ago so bad, that it sounded like it was being slaughtered?…Or breaks 15′ Juniper trees in half?..I know the area where one lives. I’ve seen it’s shelter and discarded bones with broken branches everywhere. Even Les Straud (“Survivorman”), mentions the “Boogeyman”. It’s true. They’re out there. The smartest animal on the planet! Nocturnal, bipedal,fast, strong, intelligent creatures, and we still can’t prove they exist! As for the skeptics, I would like to put you in it’s living area for 1 nite by yourself, and you would believe! These creatures are true survivalists, they evade humans like they hunt, by stealth, only seen by a chance encounter. We already have all the evidence besides a body, The Patterson/Gimlon film is real. The footprints are real. The vocalizations are real. The reported sightings are real. What about the hair samples of an unknown ape species that are analyzed, how do you fake that? I will have more encounters and evidence, I’m sure. Skeptics are narrowminded people that need to open their minds up to the possibilitiy of Bigfoots existence. Sometimes I even have trouble accepting my experiences as real. Denial, denial, denial; how can this be real? There can’t be enough food in the area. There can’t be enough of them to reproduce. I’ve been hiking in the woods before , and I did’nt see one. That does’mt mena they’re not there. I’ve had the feeling of being watched before encounters, and it’s the creepiest feeling you’ll ever have. You know you’re being watched! I invite the skeptics to just open you mind up enough , and take time to read some of the encounters people have had. How could thousands and thousands of people, go to such great lengths to create such vivid stories, with the same descriptions of the creature , if it did’nt exist? Ignorance of the facts, they won’t give it a second thought. These are probably the same people that drive with their lights off while it’s raining or snowing, and not wearing their seatbelt. It’s easy to believe they don’t exist sitting comfortably in your living room but you’d have to admit it’s a little easier to believe in when you’re in the deep forested woods, with no one else around, and you hear strange noises that defie all logic, rationality, and explanation.

    When you’re a child you’re told” watch out for the Boogeyman” then, you grow up and you think ” there’s no such thing as monsters”, and then you find out there really are monsters out there!

    Dan Fries

    1. My name is Gary and in 1995 a friend and I was picking morrell mushrooms in wallowa Whitman national Forest we were sitting taking a break and eating a sandwich when we heard a loud branch breaking just a little ways from us we were waiting for the other person that was picking with us and all at once an upright biapdel creature came out of the timber running right at us we were tired from picking schrooms and I looked up and made the comment there’s Jeff and he’s running as soon as I said that the creature looked up saw us sitting there and without even breaking stride turned 90degrees to its left and was out of site in 2 or 3 strides Shane and I looked at each other and we both said what the h_ _ _ was that about then our other friend hollered at us from the top of the mt about 100 yards away we jumped up and ran to where we saw it go and we could hear it breaking branches and running down hill but we couldn’t spot it and even though we tried to find tracks we couldn’t neither one of us would even talk to another person about it for almost 20 years it was light brown covered in hair and quite tall I have been back there every year since and have never seen it again I am absolutely positive they exist and would like to see someone prove it beyond a doubt. Monkeetails[at]

  4. My goodness, what kind of idiot is this Tianca person? And the rest of you for that matter! There is not a Harry boogie man in the woods, it is all in your imagination…..

  5. I agree that these creatures are not going to pose for you, Matt Moneymaker is just taking peoples for a ride , they’r whole crew is for that matter, I have been involved with them and could tell you they’re full of it. I do not believe that a creature that has kept out sight for so many years is just going to be baited into a particular area , these creatures are intelligent and not easy to fool , the only way you might see one is by chance , I believe in the search for evidence and chance sightings but I doubt anyone in Matt’s group will ever really get to see one , they’re not as dumb as man; if they were someone would of bagged one by now.

  6. Tianca, I found that to be very insightful. Especially I liked the part about love, raising the body’s vibration, attracting Sasquatch through loving meditation, and absorbing energy. I’ve loved all your messages, Tianca. Thanks so much for coming here to educate me!

  7. First off, the Sasquatch will know you are there before you do, and they will be watching your every move, and listening to your thoughts. So it depends completely on you whether you get a response or not. I will give you a hint, they are telepathic, so sound blasting will only drive them away.

    Read this;

    “I have to laugh when people call them Apes. Not even close!!! I can’t even say they are as human as they are, because it isn’t so. WE are as human as they are!!! They have existed millions of years longer than we have, they are the Ancients!!!

    They have eluded man on this planet for centuries, what does that tell you? Smarter, stronger by far, and more evolved in the spiritual sense. They use their psychic talents to elude us. And it works!!!

    They are multidimensional, that means that all they have to do is go up into the fourth dimension, and disappear right in front of you. They could be there, watching everything that you are doing, hearing every thought in your mind, and you wouldn’t even know they were there unless you were a sensitive. Or unless they wanted you to know they were there.

    Basically, they know you are there, before you know you are there. No contest.

    Most people think of Sasquatch as being just an animal. Yes, they are animal, technically. (They certainly aren’t mineral or plant.) But they are not like any other animal you’ve ever known, at least not on this planet. What animal do you know can make themselves invisible, sneak up on you, and kill you silently, before you even knew they were there? The wild animals respect them for a reason! They aren’t stupid!! So if they really wanted you dead, you would be already. (Let me make the point that earth Shan humans are also animals.) Most people here should just get over themselves. They are remarkably unaware of what is really going on around them.

    How many animals do you know that can make you sleep with just a thought? How many do you know that can travel 500 miles a day and not even break a sweat? How many do you know that can Heal you without even touching you, and simply just because they decided that they like you??? How many do you know that would vow to die for you???

    And remember this, they were here millions of years before we even got here, and consider this as their planet. (We’ve only been here 300,000 years.) They let us share this planet, taking all kinds of abuse from us, yet they don’t attack us unless they are defending themselves or their family.

    And what do we do? We pollute the planet, have hundreds of wars, cut down all the trees and kill the habitat and animals, and mess up the water. The very air we breathe is so polluted in places that it has turned to acid rain!!! We are raping the planet, like we have somewhere else to go when we are done!!! We don’t! It is like we have a death wish or something.

    And we insist that we are the smart ones??? I don’t think so. Smart is living in peace. Smart is taking care of the planet and animals. Smart is respecting all life, no matter how different they are from us. Smart is cleaning up any mess that you make. SMART IS LOVING EVERYONE and never warring with them. Smart is getting an education.

    We aren’t the smart ones, but we are getting there. It takes time to grow up. So they are being patient with us.

    Patience (?p?-sh?nz) is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances. This can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast.

    Yep, that’s the one. That about covers it.

    Imagine this. Someone is parked outside your home, with the radio blaring, in some language that you have never heard before. It disrupts the whole neighborhood, which is usually quite peaceful. You show remarkable patience, and try to just ignore them, but they keep coming back and blasting that sound at you. What do they want? Can’t they take the hint when you throw rocks in their general direction?

    It is really very irritating. You finally just grab your stuff and leave the area, grumbling about some people.

    This is generally what happens when people use call blasting. Did you ever consider just sitting down and talking to them in their own language? Telepathy??? Hmmm…now that is logical!!! It might even work!!!

    Contrary to popular Bigfoot researchers ideas about what to do, you need to be quiet, be as odorless as possible, and be patient. Did you hear that? QUIET!!! They just do not like a lot of noise. Remember, these are people who use telepathy, they like the quiet!!! No motorbikes, ATVs, jeeps, trucks, etc. Ever hear of horseback??? Oh, and bring gifts; they love apples, cucumbers, peanut butter, potatoes, etc. Leave the wildlife cameras home, they all smell funky to them, something in the plastic. Never underestimate the capability of their noses!!!

    If it smells good, they’ll come investigate. If it doesn’t, forget it. And they can smell your shampoo, deodorant, mouthwash, cologne, even your dog. Hon, they can smell your fear, and especially your pheromones. They can even smell the ivory soap you showered in. Febreeze doesn’t work on them. If you are on your period, women, stay home. That travels for miles. Did you wash your clothes in Tide? They can smell it. Did you drink some pop? They smell it. Did you gas up your vehicle? They can smell it. Did it ever occur to you that all those unnatural smells are like air pollution to them, because they are so sensitive? You fart, and they smell it. You pee of the side of the porch, and they smell it and take offence!!! To most in the animal kingdom, peeing in an area is claiming it as your territory. They see it as theirs, they have been here millions of years longer than we have. They have seniority, guys!!

    Think about what you are doing. You’d have a better chance to see a Sasquatch if you cleaned out horse stalls for half a day before you went out. Then, at least, you wouldn’t smell like you!!!

    Now let’s talk about your feelings. You do know that you project everything that you are feeling? If you had a fight with your wife earlier, they will feel that. If you are missing your daughter who moved away, they’ll feel it. If you lost your car keys, they’ll feel it! It all shows up in your aura, every thought you have. If you are angry, they will feel it. You take all this for granted, it is what you are used to, day in and day out. It is amplified to them, they are very sensitive to such things. And since they are from a higher dimension, they can see all the colors of your aura.

    YOU CANNOT LIE TO THEM, they would know it instantly. So if you are lying to yourself, or even your friends, it is obvious to them.

    So calm your thoughts, don’t fret about the camera, the bait, the sound blaster. Just sit there, and meditate. Feel the mountains around you, smell the grass, actually listen to the breeze, feel the stream running by so cheerfully, enjoy the bugs flitting about. Feel your heartbeat, and try calming it down. Be completely still, and project love to everything and everyone around you. Enjoy life, revel in it! FEEL the planet. Just be.

    You’d be stunned at how much you can feel and hear if you just listen and be quiet! When you manage to not talk for a week, then you’ll be getting where you need to be. You have to make yourself as non-threatening as possible. Leave the guns at home. (Or, if you think you need them for protection against other animals, leave them in the truck.) They are pretty useless against Itan anyhow. They can deflect bullets with their aura, did you know that? (Ninjas are noted for being able to do this.) Well, the higher Elders can. They are masters. And even if one bullet did manage to hit them, they can Heal themselves in moments.

    I’m not making them out to be Superman, that’s not what I’m saying. On this planet, at this time, people very much underestimate psychic powers. They have even been taught to think that they are bad. It is not true.

    Everyone has the capability to use their inherent psychic powers. It is how you use them that matters. If you make a point to use them only for good, then that is the result that you’ll get. One of the Universal Laws says that what you give out, you get back threefold.

    So make sure you are sending out love, good feelings, trust, honesty, honor. Things that you want to get back!!! Isn’t that what the twelve commandments are all about? (Yes, originally there were twelve.) A guideline to live by?

    If you want people to love you, you need to learn to give love freely. To make yourself loveable.

    If you don’t want people to steal from you, don’t steal from them, or anyone. Be honest!

    If you want respect, you need to earn it. Be respectful! Honor your mother and father, and everyone else who deserves it! Don’t act like you know everything, no one does!

    Are you one of those people that thinks guns are bad? Let me tell you this. A gun is a tool, plain and simple. It could sit in a cabinet for years and never be used. Does that make it bad? No!

    It is not the gun that is good or bad, IT IS THE PEOPLE THAT USE THEM. The gun, or arrow, or sword, or knife, or crossbow or laser, is just a tool. Nothing more. Your own body can become a weapon. Just think about it before you start banning and confiscating the guns. What would you do if someone attacked your family? How would you protect them without your weapons?

    And heed this warning. The first thing a government does when it has turned bad is to get the weapons away from the citizens, so they will be helpless when the government attacks them. Yes, when the government attacks them.

    I think of a gun as a form of protection. I don’t use them to kill, though I am a Marksman first class with a rifle, and damn good with a handgun. In a past life, I was one of the best gunfighters on the planet. But the difference was, I used my guns to help people that couldn’t help themselves. I never murdered someone.

    Are you aware that the commandment in the Bible was altered by some really bad people?? The original commandment said, “Thou shalt not murder.” Not that you should not kill. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO.

    Murder is the unlawful killing of another human person with malice aforethought, as defined in Common Law countries. Murder is generally distinguished from other forms of homicide by the elements of malice aforethought and the lack of lawful justification. All jurisdictions, ancient and modern, consider it a most serious crime and therefore impose severe penalty on its commission.

    And then there is this.

    To kill, killing or to have killed means to cause the death of a living organism.
    The act of killing an animal, plant, or other life form can be said to have occurred when an outside force, usually another life form, has done something to cause it to die

    Now, are you also aware that Healers are totally capable of killing, by using the same powers that they use to Heal someone? Yes, they are. The Elders don’t want Healers to use their powers to kill. There is too much chance, since they are very sensitive, that the killing can harm them.

    Healing 101 – my style

    Everything you see around you is energy; you, the chair you are sitting in, the plants in the window, the water, the glass, the bed your family, your dog, the rocks outside, everything is energy.

    Energy does not die, but it does change form. (Since you are energy, that means that you do not die, but you do change form.) Yes, Reincarnation is real. You don’t have to believe in it for it to be true. It just is. So remember, Karma is real as well! It is perfect justice. Whatever bad you do to anyone else, it will come back at you, if not in this life, then another.

    So go ahead! Go out into the woods and shoot a Sasquatch Itan, and see first hand how fast Karma can come back and bite you in the ass!!!

    Let’s move on.

    Your body can absorb energy or you can pass it on. This process happens constantly, whether you think about it or not. If you think about it, you can motivate it to move. Your thoughts are the motivation, the mover. That makes you a Healer, whether you like it or not. It is totally up to you whether you use it or not. Everyone has the capability to become a Healer. Our bodies were made to Heal us and others.

    Think about this, even the animals know how to Heal themselves and others. Animals often Heal people, and that is well documented! Dogs, horses, dolphins, cats, they all know how to Heal. It is a natural talent. We all have it. It is energy, and we can easily learn how to use it.

    The more you use it, the better you get at using it. Like they say, use it or loose it. Stagnating your own personal energy will mess your flow up, and your body gets sick. Depending on how much you stagnate yourself will determine how sick you get.

    All the negative emotions will stagnate your energy flow real fast. Hate based emotions, like jealousy, avarice, greed, contempt, prejudice, etc. If you cling to them long enough, they will kill you. It is exactly the same as killing yourself. Because you do it to yourself.

    If you stand in the shower and let the water run down your body, you wash away more than the dirt. You make the natural flow of your energy move better, you Heal yourself. If you stand under a natural waterfall, that is even better, because the water is alive there. It will help energize you! You straighten out your polarity.

    Using a bathtub will mess up your energy flow. The water is not flowing down your body. So the directional flow of your energy is stagnated. If you must use a bathtub, stand up and turn on the shower to rinse off. See?

    Think of your body as a battery. When you get close to a person who is low on energy, the energy in your body will naturally go into them until you are both equal. That makes the drain on your energy lower the level of energy you have for yourself, so you will need to recharge. So pay attention to who you are associating with. It’s important.

    Are they takers or givers?

    If you are around the takers too much, you will always feel drained. So learn how to draw in energy, and you will be ok.
    It is a matter of protection, especially if you work in a hospital, or are a caregiver of some sort.

    Negative people will also be takers, but they do this to themselves. It is always best to avoid the negative people, they are such a drain on you. Since they drain themselves on a regular basis, they will consistently drain you if you let them near and touch you.

    However, when your baby or child gets sick, holding and rocking them is good for them. You are giving them some of your energy!

    Let’s move on again.

    How do you raise your body’s vibration? You have to learn to love unselfishly, without restraint. Once you learn how to do that, you’ll also be able to go up into the higher dimensions. Each dimension you go up, there is more love.

    It is that simple. Learn how to love. It is the only way you are going to survive. Love in your aura protects you. And yes, the Sasquatch Itan can see auras. I told you before, the Elders are Masters.

    Remember the commandment; “Love others as you love yourself.”

    Jesus meant that quite literally, by the way. When you love others you are helping yourself. You are raising your bodily vibration when you love others, and that makes you stay healthy. The higher your bodily vibration, the less you will get sick, until eventually, you won’t get sick at all!!! You can’t beat that for saving on the medical bills.

    Didn’t you ever wonder why negative people get sick more often? This is why. Only lower vibrational people get sick. You have no protection when you let your bodily vibration get low, by not taking care of your health, by taking drugs (prescription drugs or others.), by stressing yourself out, by not eating fresh foods, good foods, by working too hard. The list goes on and on. Modern society is hell on your natural body. Even the water is damaged these days.

    Learn how to love. Until you learn how to love, you’ll never have up close and personal experiences with Itan.

    Peace; The personalized meaning is reflected in a non-violent lifestyle which also describes a relationship between any people characterized by respect, justice, and goodwill. This latter understanding of peace can also pertain to an individual’s sense of himself or herself, as to be “at peace” with one’s own mind attested in Europe from c.1200. This approach to life with a sense of “quiet” attested in Europe by 1300, reflects a calm, serene, and meditative approach to the family or group relationships that avoids any quarrels, and seeks tranquility — an absence of disturbance or agitation. On the whole peace represents contentment.

    Obviously, when you learn how to love, you will naturally have peace. That would be so great!!!

    But some people have a very hard time learning this fact. They will provoke, steal, hate, and let greed run their life. It is second nature to them to kill, they have trophy rooms full of dead animals! They like to kill, and moving from killing animals to killing people is such a small move. They steal rather than get an honest job. They feel, somehow, that the world owes them a living. And if anyone who is nice stands in their way, they just run all over them. They kill them.

    When a man or woman kills someone for just $6. , well…that is going too far. That is crossing the line. That is murder. That person killed just because he wanted to, not because he needed to. Because he likes killing, so he is a murderer.

    My reaction to that?

    Then again, sometimes you just have to kick ass. ?
    They don’t give you a choice. You have the right to defend yourself, and your family. In fact, you have the obligation to. If you don’t, who will?

    *The World According To Breezie”


    1. You lost all creditability to me by saying one thing “telepathic” Bigfoot are not telepathic. I been a Bigfoot educator for 20 years. Nope, no ESP, not even that close, but they are very smart and knows you by smelling you in his area, they have good noses and good eyesight even in the dark. And they can run faster then a deer. Seen one do that. So sorry about telling you that.

      Big Dave

    2. Hi Tianca

      I find you to be VERY insightful. I believe what you are saying. Do you have a website/email or something I could reach you? I know the chances of you seeing this is very bleak but it never hurts to try

      to people that scoff @ tianca but are BF believers: you guys claim to be open minded but yet close your minds at telepathy…. you guys are not open mineded as you claim to be

  8. Anakim, Emim and Rephaim-do your research. You might find the results quite astounding. The Bible is a great reference tool. I believe the Rephaim to be the smaller of the 3, but they are said to be giants who dwell in the mountains and caves. Also that the appearance of them is frightening and strikes fear in all who observe. I am not making this up. By the by, Moneymaker is a stupid name and also that everyone’s right-DO NOT take 35 odd people with you to find Harry. You might as well post up some flyers in a language Bigfoot understands all over the woods. What are you thinking? Do you also realize that almost all sightings out there were not even thinking of looking for Sasquatch and then suddenly there he/she is? I’ve been to some extreme remote places and I won’t tell you where, but I have had some unexplainable encounters everytime I’ve been there. I always bring a camera and its really hard getting anything. But when I do go, it’s never more than 3 people. You don’t want the circus with you. Moneymaker.

  9. To think that someone such as moneymaker is exploiting the bigfoot phenomemnon is pitiful..There has to be a love and a scientific desire to finding the creature…Being a local Bigfoot investigator in southwest missouri I do it for the love of the unknown to know and beleive there is still things to be found and that we are as humans still walking a great adventure in this life…As with all animals I know Bigfoot has senses beyond ours and the key to finding him is through hardwork and alittle luck but in the end all we have is that…Someone soon will shed a new light on this and when they do well our world will be alittle bigger and alittle smaller to…

  10. If you do your homework, the myth of Sasquatch is hundreds of years old. Why would native americans make up something like this? We may never find this mysterious creature but the thought of it being just beyond the treeline is in all of our minds. I would have to change my shorts if I ever met Harry out in the bush. Imagine, an 800lb. bi-pedal pri-mate standing 8 to 10 ft. tall 5 feet away from you and there was no one else around to help you when the 800lb. primate grabbed you and started pulling your arms off. I think that would be a pretty sobering experience, wouldn’t you? So if you do go out looking for the Sasquatch, you had better take a friend and your dog!!!!!!!!!! By the way, man has a built in defense mechanism, kind of a scensory defence. So if you feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck and you smell an odor that will make your eyes water, you will know that you are in Harry’s territory. Hope you have a friend with you.

  11. Since I already posted a comment on this site I will post another. I have read numerous reported sightings on Bigfoot on various websites and what I can’t understand is why people try to hunt this creature in large numbers? Most of the reports I’ve read have been chance encounters by one or two individuals in remote areas. I don’t understand how the BFRO or any other group that has considerable knowledge of Bigfoot thinks that the probability of there success of a Bigfoot encounter is high when putting together large groups of people for a hunt? If you ask me, your chances are much greater if you just head off the beaten path alone. But that’s just my own opinion. I am also putting together an expedition of my own if anyone is interested for mid-this year.

  12. I think the possibility of big foot being psychic is pretty far out there. It’s a mammal warm blooded probably with a higher sense of smell and sight and hearing but to suggest it is psychic and knows what your objective is is ridiculous. Its odvious that it is extremly shy and very good at covering its behavior,so the fact that a groups of people in the woods hitting trees with sticks and yelling back and forth are not attracting this elusive creature doesn’t surprise me in the least,i would think if any thing it would drive it furter into the back country, its a wild animal and should be tracked as one, im sure it is very aware of what is in its habitat and is not going to let you call it over to say hello,get real.

  13. A reader left a comment on the Mission page of this site about this type of expedition – and I think he’s got a good point to make. He says when you go into the forest in a large group like this you’re much less likely to encounter a Bigfoot. You’re more likely to make Bigfoot want to hide! makes sense! It is common sense that a small expedition force would be much better for Bigfoot research.

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