Canadian Native Women Missing

A shocking fact: 550 native aboriginal Canadian women have gone missing since 1970, 245 of those since 2000. From the news article: “…if those numbers represented any other community the outcry would be enormous but because they are aboriginal, their cases are being overlooked.” (From MP Neville wants Ottawa to look into disappearance of aboriginal women)

A Canadian Bigfoot researcher plans to look into these disappearances, to see if there might be any indication the wild men of the north might have kidnapped any of these women. Read about it on the Bigfoot Forums, here: Indian Women Disappearances in Canada.

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  1. there is a bad area of interest its a stretch of hwy in the Rockie mountains ..also a lot of the woman are street woman or homeless woman in the citys.

  2. yes everyone knows the Sasquatch prefers native woman.Just kidding..ummm there are a lot of hate groups up sister was attacked by a couple of skin heads but escaped when people ran to twards her when she yelled out for help…but she lives across from my gifting area and has never had any problems niether has anyone else on the reserve fact Ive not heard of any woman dissapearing near here and there are no stories on any first nations reserves around me of sasquatch kidnapping woman..there are stories of them taking ill children and bringing them back when they are well.I am first nations btw.

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