Cryptozoology – What Does The Word Mean?

I was thinking this morning about the meaning of the word, cryptozoology. For some reason, Tales From The Crypt came to mind. Tales From The Crypt started as a comic book series in the early fifties, then became a movie in 1972 and a TV series from 1989 to 1996. There were a few more Tales From The Crypt movies since then, an animated TV series in 1999, and finally an album by C-Bo.

Crypt means “an underground room or vault used as a burial place, or a place for secret meetings” which has nothing to do with the subject of cryptozoology which is the study of creatures whose existence has not yet been proven, such as Bigfoot. So I looked up the origin of the word. Dictionary.Com gives the origin as the word kryptas, a feminine Greek word meaning hidden. Well, obviously Bigfoot and other unproven animals are hidden. And zoology is the study of animals.

Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals.

7 Replies to “Cryptozoology – What Does The Word Mean?”

  1. if you think about the words gets you scared but it is very simple. i wonder why there are huge words for simple things?
    but i might actually start to blog here more often and i might jus become a cryptozoologist one day but how much does it pas $$$

  2. i think its kinda cool. if only people would just understand that some things can be proven. i might even study the lock ness monster not just big foot

  3. You don’t need any type of education to become a cryptozoologist. The meaning of the word is, the study of the unproved or unknown. If you are interested in becoming one just start studying things that people have claimed to have seen but is yet to be prooved.

  4. I am very interested in becoming cryptozoologist or even a field researcher.If anyone know’s how to do this or know’s someone who would be willing to teach me the trade please have them e-mail me.

  5. I am very interested in the Study of Hidden Animals or Cryptozoology. Howevere, everyone I have written in this field have refused to answer any e-mails on becoming a cryptozoologist. Are there any courses in colleges to take or just how do you break into this field?

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