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Lately I’ve received some comments about Matt Moneymaker, CEO of BFRO and apparently now the star of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot television show. I say “apparently” because I don’t watch the show. I haven’t watched television in over ten years! (I’ll watch when Netflix posts it!) But for those of you who do watch television, this show is getting some attention and I’m getting criticisms of Matt Moneymaker — blog comments, and some comments in email – one from a person who thought Bigfoot Sightings is Matt’s site. ((Well, no, it isn’t!))

I have never met Matt Moneymaker and he’s never contacted me via email or any other way. I have nothing against him. I’ve heard complaints. I’ve heard praise of him too. And honestly, I have no opinion for or against him. I think it is cool he is working with Animal Planet to create a television show. This is definitely a great marketing move and I honestly don’t blame anyone who tries to make some money with Bigfoot research. It is idealistic to say people shouldn’t make money with their hobbies or avocations. We all have to pay the cost of living, and sorry to say this civilization requires personal funding.

So… I’m just saying… congratulations to everyone who is involved with the TV show. I hope the viewers enjoy it. Sorry there are criticisms of Matt but I’ll bet he’s used to that by now. You can’t actually DO anything “out of the box” these days without getting criticized because of it.

This site isn’t Matt’s. His Bigfoot site is BFRO which is a much more successful web enterprise and Bigfoot research endeavor than mine.

I’m not against anyone. I’m not in competition with anyone regarding Bigfoot research. I learned long ago that there are some huge egos in Bigfoot research and I’m not interested in trying to be bigger or better than anyone else. For me, Bigfoot research is a lot more fun without the personal squabbles, and I strive to avoid contact with ‘researchers’ who make a habit of criticizing and insulting others who are out looking for Bigfoot. ((God save me from divisive and egotistical bullies!))

For you who criticize – I’m not against you either. I have a ‘live and let live’ state of mind. Gosh, I feel that way about Bigfoot too!

Oh… and great news for me… my old friend and neighbor JavaBob Schmalzbach is coming back to Happy Camp! I’m counting the days until I see him and his dear wife again. I don’t know how the rest of you out there in the Bigfooting world feel about him, but here in Happy Camp JavaBob is someone very special. He’s a former president of our Chamber of Commerce, and someone we care about for reasons that have nothing to do with Bigfoot! (And did you know I’m the person who brought up the idea of Bigfoot research here in Happy Camp, and shared that with Bob back in early 2005 when I first bought the domain name for this site? …And LOOK what he’s done with his Bigfoot research! He even wrote a book!!!) … so whatever anyone has to say about who he is or what he’s done, to me he is my friend and neighbor and someone who earned my respect and loyalty many years ago because of what he’s done for this community, his friendliness, his hospitality, his local business endeavors, and his lovely family….

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  1. How about you Stan Stasiak? This will rock your world. Six of us trapped in a tent while Bigfoot howled and screamed over the top of the tent. Jim went out and confronted Bigfoot. WE ARE ALL STILL TRAUMATIZED. Call Stan, see for yourself. Chicken? (208)932-0302 Call or be quiet.

  2. Before Bigfoot prints and film clips were shown, Bigfoot attacked six of us in Butterfield Canyon Utah. We couldnt figure out what this horrible monster was. Was a few years later. You dont want to run into this beast. The fear will stop your heart. Going back this summer to gather evidence as Butterfield Canyon is landlocked. They are still there. Also know of other witness (mother and son)Want to go anyone? (208) 932-0302

  3. Hi Bobo. I’m trying to determine who is the bigger idiot on TV, you or ChumLee from Pawn Stars. While both of you have provided some memorable lines, some of yours have been priceless. Like your belief that a pile of sticks was a Squatch hunting blind. Are you out of your mind? I especially like your theory that Squatches were watching you cook and eat bacon, because they believe you might try to purposely poison them. But probably your best line was that Squatches ate the donuts you left for them one night in the woods, but the camera showed the powder sugar on your face. Earth to Bobo, there’s no such thing as a Squatch. That is unless you want to walk around in a monkey suit. I should be telling you to stick to your day job as a fisherman, but then I’d be denying myself of some laughs from your comedy show with the three other idiots.

  4. I was wondering if you and the team had thought of when there mating season is and that some of the calls is just from them mating?

  5. This is for CWO Bill Carpentar:
    My theory on the bigfoot is, I think it could be a race of people who got tired of society and lived in the woods. When, you wear clothing, your clothes keep you from growing hair on certain parts of your body. When, hair pertrubes through your clothes it breaks off, I think of a race of people who shed their clothing and exposed themselves to the elements and I think this is how I think a certain race of people over the years grew hair and that could explain why they are so clever in not being captured by hunters. It could be possible on this theory. This is my opinion on the bigfoot issue.

  6. I really don’t think they could have found a more unqualified or laughable group of “researchers” to appear on the program Finding Bigfoot. They leap at any piece of information and, regardless of how far fetched, use it to proclaim evidence of bigfoot. Matt walks around making absurd statements of fact: Bigfoot likes to lay on beds in houses rather than the floor, Bigfoot eats deer; Bigfoot use Moose as a foot source; Bigfoot communicates this way or that way. It’s almost as if they have taken Cliff Claven from Cheers and recast hin as a Bigfoot researcher. And as for the reference to “squatch” or “squatchy”;….puleaaaaase.

  7. Mr. Moneymaker: I’m sure you remember my comments from last year–I see you are doing things wrong this year as well ! How can you visit these locations, interview reputable spotters and not ask them to assist you by becoming a member of BRO by signing an application form and forming a union between BRO and a Camera Manufacturer. They agree to go to the fields , place the cameras provided. They supply manpower and batteries and all results will be directed thru you regardless of locations or subjects. The reward is the Manufacter since it was captured by Camera. Think about it !


  9. I have had my own experiences with seeing Sasquatch and I can tell you I was really scared especially when it would stand up and the smell

  10. I hope that this will reach the “Finding Bigfoot Team!”
    The other evening I watched your program, “Finding Bigfoot, Birth of a legend.” It was good. But, I noticed that the usage of your, and only your, nickname “SQUATCH”, was used more that normal. Why? I believe that you all are trying to send me a message.
    The program was good, because you had Bob on the show. Yes, you had Roger Patterson’s companion at the time of the filming of the greatest Bigfoot confirmation of all time.
    I’ve never had the distinct pleasure of meeting Bob Gimlin. But, you are all correct in saying that he is an ICON in this field of research. To make a bad comment about Bob would almost be Blasphamy!
    Now, having said that, I’d like to meet with one, some, or all of you at some point.
    Why? Well, I’ve never been to a Bigfoot meeting. Does that make you an authority? Bobo, you’re the Big Guy, why don’t you answer that question @
    Now, down to real business; Have you heard of the “Ohio Bigfoot Triangle?” It’s much better known as Ohio Saltfork State Park.
    I’ve had two experiences in my life. Once as a child less than eleven years of age. The other, in the late teen years. The humans that I observed are unrelated to any Apes. Yes, I said humans. They, I believe, are not at all Homo Sapien-Sapiens. Or, Homo Sapiens. But, I do believe now after education, that they are definately of the Genus Homo…period. I’m ready to talk.
    CWO Bill Carpenter

  11. I’ve watched several episodes of the TV show. Here’s some History. I’ve communicated with Roger Patterson when he was working out of Mankato, Minn. on several occasions. Prior to that, after reading the book, “Abominable Snowman, Legend come to Life”, I communicated several times with Author/Naturalist, Ivan T. Sanderson.
    I don’t like to date myself, but there you have it.
    I’m a retired Naval officer and college grad. I drove ships for a living and had my finger on “The (proverbial) Button”…so to speak.
    That’s some of my credentials. OK, what’s my point?
    My point is: I literally hate the term that you have come up with…”Squatch!” I don’t like to hear a Nickname, made up by you folks. Are you trying to actually research the Sasquatch/Bigfoot issue scientifically? Or is this just another reality show
    with a Boy/Girl Scout twist.
    Something to think about. I’ve spoken with several real scientists…many Ph.D’s. I haven’t talked to one that appreciate that nickname. Knock it off.
    Thank You.

  12. This is the best comedy on television. I watch it for laughs before I go to bed. Shame on Animal Planet for airing this junk. There is not a scintilla of scientific evidence to support these outlandish claims. As I said, I watch it for the joke. At least Moneymaker is living up to his name.

  13. got some thing you may like .if you know boggy creek. i got some thing out side Pea Ridge”AR. that’s where the harry man of suger creek is ‘they call him harry sreacry.i got some pics of some thing you may like.

  14. hi i heard you are coming to alaska? i live in a small native village NORTHWAY that they seen bigfoot here and there,but i found a foot print in our mining camp towards chickin up th taylor highway ,but ill be gone this weekend july 9th and ill be back on the 12th and ill will take more pictures where i saw the prints at..thank you …im a true believer of bigfoot and i know some native people saw it !! please where can i send the picture too !!! take care mark

    1. Hi Mark, I’m not going to Alaska, but I hope the Finding Bigfoot crew will. I would love to see your photos. You can send them to … or wait and see if the Finding Bigfoot people will get in touch with you. Good luck on that!

  15. This is my first time to post here so if I get on anybodies toes I apologize before hand. I have never ever seen a Bigfoot or been around where there at. And I am a believer. I do believe they do exist and I have had a fascination with the stories that I have both read and seen on Tv for many years.

    Yes I did watch the program Finding Bigfoot. And personally I thought it was very stupid. They ran around the woods looking for a Bigfoot with a light and camera hanging in there face. My God don’t they know that if we could see them Bigfoot could do likewise.

    How ever I did see one thing that caught my attention and makes sense. That man that lured the Bigfoot back with a candy bar.
    Why can’t someone try something like that and see if maybe it would work and if it does? Give him one with a knock out pill. Then while he is asleep take your pictures, your measurement and what ever else you might need to do to prove that do exist. Then give it something to wake him back up. Then run. I would love to see a movie about that.

    1. Great idea… but I can’t imagine a knock out pill that would work fast enough that a Bigfoot wouldn’t get himself out of range first. Some groups are equipped with tranquillizer guns, but of course that would require quick action and a sound mind, and most people react by freezing, not by doing whatever it was they thought they were going to do before the sighting actually happened.

      My other consideration is the impact on the Bigfoot. Many have said they’d have the Bigfoot examined, then released back into the wild. However, how likely is that? After the Bigfoot was examined, researchers will want to keep it around in captivity so they can see if they can get it to speak English or some other language. The examination would never end. The Bigfoot’s life in the forest would be effectually ended, regardless of “good intentions”. So personally, I don’t think I’ll ever approach Bigfoot research with an intention to tranquillize and kidnap one.

  16. The show and Matt are a joke….and here’s why…

    The show: They never present proof…just bold claims. They think that everything they see and hear in the woods is directly from or related to “squatches”. A bear farts in the woods and they think it was bigfoot. It has also been proven that they fake evidence for the show, especially the production company. If it isn’t outright faked, they will creatively edit things to make you think it was a bigfoot…like in the episode that showed something on the thermal standing in a clearing…that was actually a horse, yet they never said anything about it on the show. Then they add in howls and knocks. Its just a reality show that is purely for entertainment rather than facts.

    Matt: He has a huge ego and is more concerned about promoting himself rather than finding facts. Over at, he has stopped by to address his critics there…including myself. Instead of being professional and engaging in a civil debate, he chose to viciously attack. Calling me and others liars when we called him out on what he said and did on the show. Calling us names, using bigoted remarks, etc. He even proclaimed that we will be on our knees praising him and attentively following the gospel of Moneymaker. He claims to be an expert on bigfoot. That is an oxymoron. As no bigfoot has ever been studied visually or physically…not to forget that it has yet to be proven to exist at all…then there is no such thing as an expert on bigfoot. He boasts that he knows how they look, behave, hunt, sound, etc….yet can provide zero proof of their existence to back up his claims. Seriously, if you are going to make bold claims you better have something to back it up with. More importantly, if you are in a fringe science such as cryptozoology, then you need two things….professionalism and a thick skin for critics. Matt has neither.

  17. You haven’t watched tv in 10 years. Oh you are soooooo much better than everyone else.

    That said…you’re not missing much here. Moneymaker is a complete d-bag on the show. They use the term “Squatch” every show. It’s just annoying. He’s just annoying.

    1. Rawby.. I didn’t mean to sound better than everyone because I don’t watch TV. I just like my computer better!! So… I don’t pay the high cost of a television satellite connection out here in the sticks – we don’t even have a cable company anymore … however! I have still managed to watch the entire series of *LOST* via Netflix without commercials! Also… I’ve watched the entire series of *Battlestar Gallactica* via Netflix three times (so far – I will probably watch it all again.) So, sadly, I am not better than TV watchers. LOL … though I’m grateful to avoid the brainwashing.

      One of these days they’ll probably have this “Finding Bigfoot” show at Netflix too.

  18. I hope they never get one pic of these beings I say beings because they are not animals they a thinking intelligent beings that want to be left alone!I they are ever flushed out into the open and proved to the skeptics to be real .(wich they are) it will only cause them to be put into zoos just like what happened to the gorillas at the turn of the that really what we want to happen to them ? think about it people just leave them alone!

    1. I appreciate your feelings, Bryan! There’s a huge rush to be “the first” to prove that Bigfoot exists. Mainly from clashing egos … and I too feel we should respect Bigfoot privacy. It is hard not to want to take pictures, but that isn’t what Sasquatches want, apparently, or they’d be posing! They know what we’re up to. They know they’re hunted and we humans are hunters. Though they may find us amusing the general consensus is to stay out of our way. I can’t blame them!

  19. yes,i have watched the show,but i can;t say much for animal planet taste in bigfoot groups of hosting there show, if there any bigfoot group that i hate with a passion it’s the bfro’s, they are a bunch of con artists if you ask me, this is a group that charges people $200.00 a day to take them out for the day to look for the foot(bigfoot),and the one thing al these people have in common they got to see nothing(not even as far as a broken twig and they all got ripped off for $200.00),this burns me up,very appauling, in all my 17yrs. at bigfoot research i have never, i say never ever charged anyone to go out hunting for the foot,in my opinion if your out ther making money in one way or another off the bigfoot well then you have no passion for the bigfoot, people like this are just a bunch of greedy money hungry rippoffs,nor have i ever charged any of the guys in our group a monthly membership fees,and i probably have just about if not the same expensive equipment that any other group does and i have never made anyone pay for my equipment.

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