Flying Bigfoot – in the Blue Mountains, Washington State

David N. of Southeast Washington state has seen a creature he believes was Bigfoot, flying.

A FLYING Bigfoot you say?

Quit laughing!

He’s serious and has written an article detailing his sighting and other Bigfoot experiences. He’s focused on learning more about Bigfoot in his area and is forming a research organization, the Blue Mountain Bigfoot Research Group (BMBRG), to connect with others in the Blue Mountains who have had Bigfoot sightings, or who want to participate in the research.

He’s not the only one.

In his article, Blue Mountain Trackers Bigfoot Research Update, he provides links to photos of his UFO sightings and to a video someone else took of a strange flying hominid. He says that video resembles what he saw.

His facts are intriguing, and he’s without a doubt living in an area that should be a hotbed of Bigfoot activity. I think he’s one of those people who sees things because he takes the time to look up at the sky. So many of us don’t, and we miss a lot, no doubt.

Here in Northern California there have been plenty of Bigfoot sightings, but I’ve never heard of one flying around here. I will be visiting the Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum soon, and will ask if there are any reports like that from our region.

You know, Washington is the location of MEL’S HOLE… that hole without any perceptible bottom. I wonder if Bigfoot is flying up out of something like that, from the HOLLOW EARTH.  (Just a thought!)

To David: Good luck with your Bigfoot research. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your discoveries and enjoy reading your articles at Gather.Com. Thanks for submitting your Bigfoot articles to my Gather group, Bigfoot Research.

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  1. I live in washington state, near the blue mountains, bigfoot actually lives in prescott in the foothills, he got wise to you looking around. there is only one that lives in the blues, thats why its so hard to find him. and he recently shaved and has taken to smoking a pipe now and then. hope that helps. keep up the good work your REALLY making progress

  2. Hi Linda. Thanks for writing abouit my sighting. The flying humanoid does rese,b;es the creature I saw.
    I want to let others know, that at one time in early 1999, I was a skeptic and bigfoot stories were all fake to me.
    That all changed with the experiences that i have had since then. One thing though, I have re,oved most of my articles and have stopped posting my finds on the net. It seems to me that there are groups out there who refuse to try and link these creatures the clues that they have left behind. The ridicule I have recieved over posting the flying bigfoot report was just unbearable. I am constantly reminded that I am a Kook. I have since pulled that article.
    After almost 2 and a half years of no Bigfoot or UFO activitym all of a sudden we are having some happenstances again. Thursday night, Josh S. just entered his house after we went playing poker at WildHorse. I just dropped him off and drove the half mile to my house. When I got out of my van, I heard what resembled a scream like those I had tracked for 2 years which produced 2 bigfoot prints 16 inches long near the locations where the screams came from.
    For a moment I figured he (BF)was just saying hello and shrugged it off. But yesterday Josh told me he was sitting at his computer when he heard a thud just left of the front door on his porch. Then another thud about 10 feet to the right at the middle of the window. He says he was paralysed and scared and could not move. About 30 seconds later another thud on the right side of the porch and then he says he felt ‘released’ from his fear. He then woke his mother, but she went back to sleep. Josh did not sleep well after that.
    The distance between stps was approximately 7-8 feet, as the porch deck is about 24 feet wide.
    I am in the proscess of revampong an old site i have and adjusting it to be BigFoot themed for BMBRG, which at the current time is just me and my daughter. Josh is coming on board hopefully, and several other friends. We sure spent alot of our money coming up empty handed.
    Above, I see John Powers commented. I would sure like any info if you have any how to reach John.
    Anyways, I have made some substantial preogress in my research and have come to conclude that Giants roam the earth. Hopefully my webpage will be up soon, and some of my articles can be reposted or at least a compiled effort on my pat to create a timeline of the episodes and where I stand to day.
    I may be crazy, but in my oppinion, doubt without proof is just stupid. I would rather be a kook than a dummy. Thanks again Linda.

  3. i grew up in the blues up neer biscut ridge and know where atleast 3 are concetrated in a certain area also have unseen video never seen by anyone but my parents i was atleast 25 yars away from it and this video is clear not like these wannabes who for some reason who cant seem to get there videos to focus thats the first sign of a hoax mine video would put to rest all those sceptics once and for all and every time i go back theres alwats tracks from three dirrerent ones do to the length and widths of the different sizes of prints one day i will have a way to intrap one and all this lore will finally be put to rest

  4. I believe in bigfoot and actually seen evidence of
    them in the hills and mountains where I live. I was told from a bigfoot researcher that there were
    kooks and weirdo’s out there who believe in all
    sort of things. To believe in some hole where some
    creature comes to visit people for comfort is crazy.
    I can’t believe some of the things that people believe in. I wonder if the superstitions of the pagen world is still with us today.

  5. Regardless of what they are doing when they are here, be it walking, running, flying, or driving … joking. I know why they come. They come as messengers and they come to comfort those who are grieving from great loss.

    I am one of those and I have heard of so many more stories like that that I am beginning to see that this is one major reason they are here.

    To protect.


  6. ” I wonder if Bigfoot is flying up out of something like that, from the HOLLOW EARTH.”
    Entirely possible. Of course, if things are as idyllic as I’ve read it is in the inner earth, then why would they want to come out into this one? Are these things mavericks in both worlds because they come & go from one to another as they please? Is this the reason the US government tries to keep the lid on the reality of the existence of this creature, because they also want the existence of the inner earth kept secret as well? Interesting questions for which I have no answers. But I’m sure somebody somewhere does.

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