M.K. Davis – Have You Seen the New Interview?

For those of us obsessed with the weird “Bigfoot Massacre” theory… you may be interested in reading the new interview with M.K. Davis by Steven Streufert on Bigfoot’s Blog. I’ve visited Steven at his Bigfoot Books store just east of Willow Creek, CA, and can see that he probably has plenty of time to work on his interviews with Bigfoot researchers between chats with customers. He’s been producing a great series of interview postings on that blog… including interviews with Daniel Perez and David Paulides.

Anyhow, the new interview is with M.K. Davis, and will help us all get a grip on understanding who he is and why he thinks someone killed a Bigfoot at Bluff Creek!

While I’m talking about Steven, I should mention he’s started a second blog to write about Bigfoot books. Since he owns a rather large used bookstore and sells both new and used books about Bigfoot, he’s also done a lot of reading. Here’s his blog with a Bibliography of books on Bigfoot, Sasquatch and the Yeti.

5 Replies to “M.K. Davis – Have You Seen the New Interview?”

  1. M.K. Davis needs to be beaten, for his LIES ! ! !

    MKDavis neads to realise that Lies will be found out….

    No One (tracable)…….


    1. I am a believer in bigfoot m k davies is trying to get at the truth he may make mistakes and sometimes get it wrong ,but there is no need to vilify the man if people are interested in his research great, have your own opinion , but no nasty comments please

      1. I agree. I met MK Davis last year and am positively impressed with his work and research. I did not like the massacre theory but most of what he does is outstanding and should be appreciated.

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