Pennsylvania: Footprints Found In Luzerne County

Scott Snook of Lewistown, Pennsylvania, hasn’t seen a Sasquatch but he found 15-inch tracks in an undisclosed backwoods location in Luzerne County. He told a reporter for the Standard Journal that he found them in a patch of poison oak where it is unlikely that anyone would intentionally plant them.

He is a member of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and investigates reports in that state. He’s also passed on his hobby of Bigfoot research to his 12-year-old son, Jared.

His interest in Bigfoot started in the mid-seventies when he saw the movie, Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot. In that movie, which I recently rented from Netflix, a group of men ventured into the backcountry in search of Bigfoot. It was fictionalized but based on what looked like an actual Bigfoot research expedition. (You’ll find this as part of The Sasquatch Horror Collection Triple Feature.)

Source: Is Bigfoot Roaming The Valley by Kevin Mertz of the Standard Journal, published on August 22, 2008.

Can you remember what first inspired your interest in Bigfoot? I confess, I cannot. I’ve been fascinated by Bigfoot for many years and have no idea what got that started. Maybe it is that I love a good mystery, and so long as we don’t have contact with Bigfoot, the mystery remains. Of course, once we do have contact with Bigfoot, that will open up even more paths to explore.

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  1. I just moved to Indiana, PA from my home in Colorado, and am very interested in starting research here. To answer your question about where we all got interested… I grew up in the outdoors and mountains of CO and have always beleived, there is too mach untouched land in, not only North America, but the world for the species not to exist, concidering all the evidence. Also, I have done scarce research online while growing up, just to see what kind of findings the experts are compiling. Then, between April and September of this year (2010) I have had 3 experiences (all in CO), 2 of which I had friends with me that also experienced it. My second experience, my sister and I just looked at eachother and mouthed “Bigfoot” together. Since then I’ve been hooked, it’s like a drug! I have kept a record of each sitting, as well as couple pics of the latest one.I may not be the one to put this all to rest, but I will try to do my part!

  2. i have had a encounter that would curl your toe nails but when i reported it on the bfro website they never responded but to make a long story short i have found countless reports from that area in the past on pennsylvania bigfoot society website so true or not i can only say what i encountered and it wasnt pleasent lol

  3. I’ll be spending a weekend in cherry springs state park in Potter county PA. I’ve seen bear there. Any bigfoot sightings?

  4. Ther was another one in Pennsylvania around 2006 or 2007 they had 2 pictures of a Juvenile Sasquatch on a game camera. Bigfoot researchers checked it out but the game warden tried to say it was a bear with mange. Then a engineer from Pittsburgh and a scientist from Duke university investigated and found it was’nt a bear! Even a bear expert changed his mind and said he couldn’t tell for sure what it was!

  5. Hi, I just came across 2 pics I took at my Dads hunting camp April 25,2004(developed). Pix are from spring turkey season(it snowed heavy that weekend).

    I showed my Dad the tracks. It was too far of a gap between prints to be human formed. Plus the first one was coming thru a heavy overgrown tree line.
    1 pic shows the gap. The other, a close up of a rt. foot.
    I would be happy to forward scans of prints.
    The camp is in Clearfield County, near the town of Karthaus.

  6. Dear Ray… just bring up the question of b.f. to some old time hunters from luzerne co. Over the years I’ve heard many storys, first and second hand accounts. there are also local legends of these creatures. Some from the last century and the old apple thrower stories. So… the info is there, don’t be embarrassed to ask, just play along like it’s a joke and you’ll hear.

  7. I live in Luzerne county and I’ve never heard of anyone having any experience with a Bigfoot sighting or evidence.

    I’d like to know what area the footprint was found, I’m interested.

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