The Skunk Ape Files – Florida’s Bigfoot

Who knows what’s lurking in the swamps and wooded areas of Florida? Emma Carroll, owner of The Skunk Ape Files knows what’s out there. On her website you can read about her sighting and many other sightings in Florida and elsewhere, even in Iraq.

There’s a sighting report form on the site and she’s received some great stories. She adds whatever is reported to her recent sightings list without judgment. She wrote, “I do not judge the sightings that are reported. Hopefully all are true but only the teller knows for sure.”

The Skunk Ape FilesDo you want to know more about who Emma Carroll is? Check out her bio on her page about Florida Bigfoot researchers.

Emma is an artist. She’s posted some of her art and included paintings and drawings done by others too: Skunk Ape Art. She’s also got a page of photos.

I was fascinated by the historical stories on the Man Mountain page. It tells about burial mounds found with giants in them! The last story on the page was sad…

If you’re looking for information about the Skunk Ape of Florida, you’ll find lots of sighting stories and useful information on The Skunk Ape Files. This is a homespun site, unpretentious yet full of detailed sighting stories about Skunk Ape that will make you think twice about walking country roads in the Sunshine State at night.

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  1. Some one recently told me of a Skunk Ape sighting (and horrific smell) on the Merritt island National Wildlife Refuge near Haulover Canal.  Do you have any idea if this can be possible?  Do you know of any other Skunk Ape sighting in this area?

    Many thanks.

    Capt. Ron Thorstad

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