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The Georgia Bigfoot website is the place to go for information about Bigfoot tracking in this forested southern state. Does Georgia seem like an unlikely place for a Bigfoot sighting?

Consider this:
Back in the 1990s a man living in a mobile home in Georgia was disturbed by something (or someone) walking around his home and pounding on the walls. Worse, the thing killed some of his dogs and stole lots of dogfood. His frequent calls to the Sheriff’s department were considered a nuisance. The result of this disturbance is the Elkins Creek footprint, cast by Deputy James Akin of the local Sheriff’s department. This footprint cast was studied by Dr. Grover Krantz and Jimmy Chilcutt and declared to be real. This is a sighting story worth reading and the site includes footprint cast photographs. On a separate page you can see Jimmy Chilcutt’s dermal ridge analysis of the Elkins Creek print.

Articles on this site include the practical matters of Basic Track Casting and Processing and Investigating Potential Sasquatch Evidence. The Photo Gallery has images from trail cams, tracks and casts, and wilderness scenes showing what the terrain in Georgia is like.

Georgia BigfootI looked over the entire site before moving on to the blog, which has quite a few valuable articles though it is no longer being maintained since the site was passed on to new owners at the end of 2007. What’s there is worth a read! It starts with Game Camera Survey Phase One, published March 2, 2006 by Samuel Rich. If you’re planning to use trail cams, this is a good primer. Or if you’d like to read about a wood-knocking, howling adventure, check out Mike2K1’s story, Serendepity…How we got from Point A to B. Part I and Part II. I also appreciated Red circles, shadows and the Blob agenda. I will come back to this blog to read the rest of the postings.

All this leaves one question unanswered… Do Bigfoot enjoy eating Georgia peaches?

Probably so…

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  1. I was in tenth grade in 1974 living in north Newton County on Highway 81 maybe a quarter of a mile south of the Walton County line. My family owns a large tract of farm land there (approx 625 acres), and most of my relatives live on that land within walking distance of each other. In what I recollect to be December of 1974, I was doing some hunting alone, and I was walking through a cow pasture back in the most remote part of our land (the southeast corner). I carried both a 12 ga. shotgun and a 30-30 rifle. I was heading toward a swampy beaver pond area on land that adjoined ours. It was a cold day and gray, no sun, about 2 in the afternoon. As I was approaching the woods that separate two fields, I was walking beside a cow path in the middle of the field. The path was sandy, and as I passed by I looked down and saw a huge track of a bare foot in the sand, a perfect human-like track but huge, with 5 toes. I wore a size 10 hunting boot that day, and I placed my boot beside the track in the sand. This track was a good 6 inches longer than my boot and wider. At first I though maybe some cows had been walking the path and had merged their tracks together creating this human-like print, even with the 5 toes. But then I found four more prints further along in the sand, all perfectly formed with 5 toes. Also, they currently had the cows in another pasture closer to the houses so they could feed them hay in the winter. They were fenced off from this pasture at that time. I measured my stride against the stride of the prints and it was almost double my stride. I almost had to leap to get to the next track. Well the hair on my neck stood up and I was scared, like something was watching me. Nevertheless I continued forward into the woods toward where the cow trail led. When I got to the woods, I could see where the leaves had been scuffed up like something big had been walking through those woods. I continued on into the next pasture and eventually across the beaver pond to a distant neighbor’s house. It was closer to their house than back home, and I was scared to go back by those tracks. When I got to my neighbor’s house, they were not at home. I intended to ask them drive me home. Since they were gone, I decided to walk approximately 3 1/2 miles the long way around and up the side of hwy 81 instead of going back the way I came, because I was so scared. When I got home I begged my dad to come with me, we’d buy some plaster, and go make molds of the tracks. Of course he didn’t believe me, but he agreed to come. As we were getting in the car to head to the store for the plaster, the clouds opened up and it started pouring rain. I knew there’d be no tracks left by the time we got there, so I told him to forget it, and we went back inside the house.
    I still hunt that land and I still think about those tracks every time I walk through that field. I know what I saw.

  2. My wife and I are planning to do some camping and hiking this December at Fort Mountain State Park outside of Chatsworth, Ga. I have been interested in Bigfoot for years. Has there been any sightings in this area since it is the beginning of the Chattahoochie National Forest. Any updated info would be welcome.

    1. I want to take my telescope to the lookout spots right before you turn into fort mountain. Is it safe to do at this spot at night? It’s only about an hour from me so it would be a great spot. On the park side of the road is a nice hill where a bigfoot could pop out and throw you over the railing. We hiked around the park last weekend and had my eyes peeled the whole time. Are there any groups of people that do this for safety purposes? Thanks, have a nice day. Nick

    2. My wife and I stayed in a cabin for a few days end of July 2018. off route 9 around edge of Chatt National Forest. 2 cabins located about 100 yrd from summit of blue ridge mountain range. heavy forest and black at night. Around 3am I awoke to banging on bedroom wall of cabin which lasted about 10 min. Next morning went out and found a 4″ inch thick branch broken which was about 10 ft long with broken end against side of cabin. I was too afraid to investigate too far. Next 3 nights my wife heard a “huffing” noise on porch and side of house while again around 3am we heard pounding and beating on cabin wall on opposite side of headboard. very scary final morning when we were leaving I found 5 long claw marks dragged across most of the stairs leading up the porch. I have asked locals to look at photos of claw marks and some believe bear others won’t comment.
      It was exciting but scary and now a few years later I realize cabin was maybe 35 miles from bigfoot museum and cabins are on fringe of National forest. I wish I had investigated more like on tv but when it is happening to you most of us wouldn’t be that brave I bet. (also had no weapon for protection).
      while having lunch in town overhead another couple telling folks they found a mountain lion under their cabin………

  3. I’m interested in looking for a habitation location and would like to camp and hike there. I am in Gilmer County, GA (Ellijay). I would like to meet or talk to anyone locally about local encounters.

    1. Andrew Stubbs Marion county Ga. Saw a 8ft tall big foot under my street lamp in 2018. Dog was barking furiously I though someone was stealing my gas eased out on porch in powerchair. Slightly opened screen. Man I opened screen slightly to look out with 410 gauge pistol birdshot one round. 30ft away this giant long reddish black hair stunk badly was facing me. He let out a deep growl yip. I know exactly what it was saying ” Don’t come Closer”, no problem no way was I going to shoot a giant like that with bird shot. Had to be 800 lbs at least Huge!!! We watched each other a minute He turned a walked down my Driveway. My Grandpa called them Wildman Grandpa Stubbs had Allways told me they had a right to live in peace without being disturbed. Just like we do, He said Andy don’t bother them and they won’t bother you. All my life I’ve heard the voices of them in the swamp back of my house usually in late summer early fall. They are hunter gathers around here. I’m a Pastor this is Godly Truth. We have one on gamelan bending down facing away from game cam his butt is two foot above the hood of my Chevy truck. They steal our sub way bread we get to feed our chickens. Which is in a barrel with two concrete blocks on the top. We find crumbs always to the swamp. We have also found a killing field where they catch and kill deer. I’ve found deer stuffed half eaten 12 ft off the ground growing up trapping in the swamp. Many times I’ve felt watched. But they’ve never harmed me.

  4. This is not about seeing a Bigfoot, but a creature we can’t explain or identify. My husband and I were traveling east on Aska Road around 6 pm one day and this 8-10′ long, black figure…resembling a small horse, darted across the highway so fast that it was hard to get a clear picture of what the creature was. We did notice it had a big, husky head and the body was thick and muscular. It was not a horse, not a bear, Panther, or wolf. Has anyone reported seeing this type creature before? It came from a body of water on the north side of Aska. …most likely an inlet off Blueridge Lake. Not sure though. After telling friends about this creature, they started telling stories of hell hounds that were spotted in Virginia all the way down to Georgia. Let me know if anyone has seen any creature that fits this description. Thanks.

    1. Hi Cindy,
      I live off of Old Dial Road. Could it have been a big foot on all four running across the road?


  5. My family and I vacationed in a small cabin in Cherrylog for a few days after Christmas. Our cabin was to itself and backed up to National Forest and the Benton McKay Trail in front of our cabin. Around 3:30 AM, 29 degrees and windy, I heard sounds of things being tossed or dropped on the lower level of our cabin, which was an open patio with hot tub and fire pit. A hard blow to our cabin really got my attention. The hit was so hard, it shook the cabin. I kept thinking this had to be a bear, not man because of the freezing temps, and too, what man would want to draw attention to himself knowing all well we may have a gun and shoot him? Right? So, I began getting shakey. I was sleeping with my handicapped daughter in the bedroom that faced the porch and I heard the screen door to the porch being opened. Something or someone so heavy was popping boards as they walked across the porch. The moon was bright that night and casted a glow on the wall inside the cabin through the glass door. I nervously watched to see if someone would pass infront the glass door. A few seconds after the screen door opened, a figure stood at the glass door. It was human like, not a bear. I got out of my bed, ran to my husbands bedroom and told him about the manlike figure at the door. He immediately got up, looked around the hallway wall to see what he could see. The human like figure disappeared. Our chihuahua, Bella, was at the door sniffling under the door. She smelled something and wanted us to check it out. My husband took her outside, thinking she needed to potty and said whatever or whoever it was had disappeared, most likely into the forest. Was it a Bigfoot? We really don’t know for sure. But, what man with no jacket be out in 29 degree weather or draw attention by making all the noise downstairs or hitting the cabin with force?

    1. Cindy, I’m with you, though I haven’t yet seen one yet, but have encounters, a tree falling down, rocks clacking together, but I’m so fascinated by the reports, & I am a believer. I feel it won’t be long, it will find me before I find it. My Aunt used to rent out cabins up in Cherry Log.

  6. I have believed in Sasquatch/Bigfoot since I was a child I use to live in Florida I now live in Georgia in the Lawrenceville/Suwanee area Gwinnett county if there area any people that are going out to search I would like to tag along just to be able to really see one myself I will give my contact info

  7. Yes, they very much exist in Georgia…in large family groups. They are beyond phenomenal when it comes to concealing their presence.

    1. I see this comment is old, and I don’t know if this thread is still valid, but there is one or two or a small family that come through. in October every year. We have dense woods behind us, and a creek up the road. I have heard both knocks and howls. My dogs go crazy when they are around. They are very much active in Georgia.

      1. My sighting happened on October 7th, 2015, in South Georgia in Brookes County,i took a back way to where i was living then, about 200 yards in front of me, this thing took 3 steps across the 2 lane road i was driving on, was bright reddish/brown, went from my left to my right, was gone i already knew they were real, but to see this creature flesh and blood will alter your way of thinking.

  8. Just this week there was a Bigfoot sighting on my daughter’s friends property in Paulding Co Ga. It was passing through her friends pasture as he was on the phone with my daughter. It grunted at him and my daughter could hear it over the phone. As her friend got bout 40 ft from it it ran and cleated a 6ft bobwire fence apparently it’s a common occurance as the father had seen it too on multiple ocassions. My daughters friend actually had gotten his gun out of his truck when he first seen it not knowing what it was and he was telling her how bad it smelled.. She told him it was a bigfoot over the phone not really knowing this till it grunted.

  9. Just out side of Blairsville at TrackRock campground: my wife and I and two kids were tent camping at the very back of campground last April. This site backs up to the Applachian Mts. No one else was tent camping but RVs were toward the front. Around 9:30pm my wife and I are fire watching and the kids are sleeping. We hear dogs barking toward the front of the campground and then start hearing branches “snapping” about 30 yards up the mountain. The snapping sound speeds up as it comes down the mountain. Wife gets up to get the flash light and I get up and as I do I hear a “THUD” like a large tree hitting the ground. Scared – grab my gun and wife hands my the flash light- I see nothing. This is all happening within a 10 minute period. As soon as the THUD happens – the tree snapping sound comes up the valley toward our camp and is faster and louder – I FROZE. I let out a loud wooooop and the sound stopped! We grabbed the kids and drove into to town and stayed at the Holiday Inn – the girl checking us in told us that BFRO was there two weeks prior! I can’t say that it was or wasn’t – but bears are active in the early morning. This was at 9:30pm…that THUD was the sound of a large tree falling and hitting the ground. We returned the next morning and there were no trees fallen but only tree limbs snapped over at the 7 1/2 foot on the other side of the small river that runs through the campground!

  10. The proof of the existence of Homo sapiens cognatus, popularly known as “Bigfoot or Sasquatch” has been proven by the research efforts of the Sasquatch Genome Project.
    Read the Article, Novel North American Hominins, By DeNovo.
    The complete story of the processes and findings of Dr. Melba Ketchum and her 10 colleagues is well documented, and makes for very interesting reading. Also visit the site of the Sasquatch Genome Project for more interesting info

    Bigfoot DNA Believer

  11. So glad to read that Greg in Wayne County Georgia. I also am a believer and I live in Wayne county. There was a report posted on the BFRO website. Your not alone. I often have the feelings of being watched while in the woods.

  12. If anyone has any recent tangible Bigfoot evidence, Linda, please forward my e-mail address so they can get in touch.

  13. My uncle used to show me pictures of a large apelike creature that he and some others killed in Rabun County Ga. back in 1943. They buried it somewhere called the plum orchard in the same county after showing it around town and taking the pictures of it. You can still go there and see its grave, drive all the way to the end. The locals will assist you if you ask them to.
    Sadly the pictures were destroyed in a house fire in the early 70’s, along with my uncle. But I remember the detail of the creature even today.
    It had long matted hair all over and a large eye(which they shot out) right in the middle of its long pointed head. The most astonishing features of the beast was the size of his nuts. Looked like 2 volleyballs in a sack, had caluses on them that looked like oaktree bark from dragging them on the ground all the time.
    We always called it the Old Nutdragger, but Im sure that it was a Sasquatch, same creature.
    Ole nutdragging basterd, thats for sure.

  14. this is a response to Todd the cabin renter. I live in Blue Ridge which is very close to Cherry Log. I can attest that bears will definitely carry off garbage-filled cans!! They can climb up walls, deck posts etc. very easily. It was probably a bear that attacked your garbage cans.

  15. now once a month me and so friends from church go big foot hunting all over georgia and we search at night and this will help so much

  16. I was just inspired by a north Ga Bigfoot program. The evidence was compelling enough for me to question an incident that occurred during our stay at a cabin in Cherry Log. One of the nights we were in the cabin, we never heard anything and the dogs never alerted us to the fact that our trash can was moved straight up a 6 foot retaining wall and moved 10 to fifteen yards up a hill to the tree line. We found it the following morning when we woke up and the can was “gone”. Bigfoot crossed my mind, but I did not want to be scared so I dismissed it as a bear. Now I’m not so sure. Can a bear do that to a trash can? Would it be smart enough to move it away from the cabin to not disturb us?

    1. Tony, my contact link is in the right-side column on this site . . . info -at-

      I just sent an email to Lori to let her know you’re interested in following up on her offer.

  17. I had my own sighting as well when I lived in the foot mountains of mount Rainer in Washington state when I was sixteen I’m thirty two now, if you would like to here what happened just ask for my email address and I will share my story, I will not post it sorry.

  18. In order for you to understand why national Forrest and wild life refuge is the reason for your sightings,one side of the game refuge, part of this is thread that I posted, is coming form a man with the call sign BH as in bear hunter who is a bear hunter trapper and also a taxidermist there was this one road in a canyon leading into and out of the refuge. Bigfoot were apparently using the game refuge, since they are safe from hunters there.

  19. Hello everyone, I just wanted to add something to the sightings that Lori and her husband had in Carroll county, Michael in Lexington county, and Greg in Wayne county if y’all look on your maps you will see that y’all are with in five to ten miles of a river and also with in ten to twenty mile of a national Forrest of a nature reserve. Why is this a important factor in why you are seeing them go to this link and read and you will find out for yourself why those area’s are a hot bed for activity.

  20. My brother and I saw what can only be described as a bigfoot,back in1989 in bibb county. We were going to hang a deer stand and using the railroad tracks to get in there,and this thing walked up on the tracks in front of us about 200 yards away. We watched it several seconds until it walked off the other side out in waste deep water,and we left and have never went back.

  21. Mrs. Bossert –

    Just wondering if the creature was still hanging out around your property? I have always been curious about them. I subsequently met someone who told me about an encounter they had as an early teen, and that really put a hook in me about them.

  22. My wife and i spotted a bigfoot in lexington gerogia we were traveling down the road towards Rayle Georgia when the Bigfoot crossed the road infront of us it was plain as day…this creature can really move…It surprised the both of us..

  23. greg, i lived in wayne co. in the mid. 70’s. i plan on taking a trip down there in a mo. or 2. i am very intersted in talking to you about your siteing. how can i get in touch with you?

  24. If anyone would like to see a Bigfoot creature, then my property offers an extremely good chance of seeing one. I live in rural Carroll county Gerorgia and there has been one hanging around my property for a couple of months now. My husband has seen it, we’ve heard it many times, and have many footpprints of it on film. This thing has been eating my cats and dog’s food for a while now and doesn’t want to leave the area.

    I’m NOT kidding about this-if you’d like to comment-please feel free-

    1. yea they are hard to see though we had one habituated here in tenn, loved the dog food, the scream was spine tingle chills, we were deep in the woods, it would shake the camper on blocks, fight the dog, I made it mad a few times it would mimic cow, dog, horse very strange, when I was a kid in Georgia my friend would speak of what they called wild women. they had living in the woods along the Ocmulgee river. I believe you!

    2. Eating your cats? Question have you found any ,( please forgive) any heads left behind as if they were just snapped or twisted off?
      That’s is how I found at least the remains of one of our cats back in the early sixties. Also, as to the dogs, were any of them clawed or sort of bitten on the back and shoulders? That and did they just whimper and cower away from the woods when those sounds came from the woods? We lost four dogs at one time and the only one left never entered the woods again.

    3. Hi Lori-I live in Barrow County Georgia and I am an amateur Bigfoot hunter and would like the opportunity to talk to you if the creature is still around. It is April 2019 and my number is (470) 774-8502

  25. Hi Greg… too bad this site went offline, but they did have some Georgia sightings to report. Now when I google “Georgia Bigfoot” mostly I get just news reports of the hoax there. Really, such a sad thing that it gets more attention than the real Bigfoot sightings in your state.

    Don’t give up… surely there are Bigfoot researchers – legitimate ones – you could contact. I know there are some in Florida.

  26. I saw a bigfoot in wayne county georgia 3 or 4 thanksgivings ago.I had beleived in them before but never had an idea here in georgia.I told what i saw and i have been ridiculed since.i would like to have some folks go with to catch or film the hunt,but all the folks that ridiculed me wont go with me.

  27. Sorry to say – I don’t live in Georgia, and just realized that site is now offline. I hope someone from Georgia Bigfoot will drop by and comment! What happened to the site?

    Maybe it will come back… I hope so!

  28. I am fascinated at the posibility of a bigfoot here in Georgia. Do you ever organize weekend hunts for him/her? I am a professional photogragher, Eagle Scout, and a pretty good shot if necessary.I live in Fayette County, home of giant hogs. Haven’t seen any yet on the Flint River, but I believe they exist.
    David Spohn Msgt USAF Ret

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