History: Yeti Footprints Found in 1889

Major Laurence Austine Waddel of the Indian Army Medical Corps found large footprints in the snow of the Himalayas at 17,000 feet.

He wrote:

“These were alleged to be the trail of the hairy wild men who are believed to live amongst the eternal snows, along with the mythical white lions, whose roar is reputed to be heard during storms. The belief in these creatures is universal among Tibetans.”

– From Among the Himalayas (1899) by Major Waddel.

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  1. Sasquatch/ Itan do exist, and modern people who are misguided enough to say they don’t, just haven’t done their homework. The chances of one actually sitting on their car to get their attention (I’ve been watching too many commercials!) is extremely small!! So they will probably never know.

    Those that really want to learn will do their research. When you consider that most in the USA have pitifully low education, it might take a while for them. Many haven’t even graduated from high school. Much less have a college education. So we can expect more responses like that one. If you ask me, the Native American people have considerably more experience with Sasquatch because they respect them. They see them, and the starships, on a regular basis. So it is no surprise that they have more information on them than regular people in the big cities.

    The place to find Sasquatch is in the wilds! Places where people aren’t! They have become very good at avoiding us.

    Just a note here, when Mt. St. Helens exploded, many Sasquatch were killed, and the bodies were hauled off by our government and put into storage. The people involved in the removal of their bodies were told to keep their mouths shut. We all know how they keep people quiet, they disappear. So most have remained quiet until recently. THERE is solid proof that Sasquatch exist, but you won’t get it from them!!!

    Our government is so screwed up.


  2. Listen retard…I am Native American and do NOT like to be referred to as Indian you nimrod…Anyhow where did you fathom the idea that BigFoot was just a story told to “Indian” kids as a deterrant from entering the woods. You’, are clearly a moron…Learn the facts.
    We native Americans do not live in the woods you pathetic man. BTW…Yes BIGFOOT IS REAL!!

  3. OMG!!!..How can you people say that Bigfoot is a myth?…Are you friggin’ retarted?…..There is documented proof to substanciate the theory.
    I voulenteered at a Lab in Reno, Nevada that has soo much proof..(hairs, teeth, even a skull). Thereis a scientist …Dr. Ravid Patel would not jepordize his credentials giving lectures if BigFoot was just a myth. My god people what is the big deal. It’s just a creature like you and I.

  4. I really believe in bigfoot. I know that there is such a thing. I live in Lassen County and have seen with my own eyes. My family and I were camping and heard, then seen a 7′ or probably taller apelike creature standing upright over our camp fire (we were roasting some quail that we caught) as we were returning from gathering more firewood..my family and I were the creature just looked at us and stood there….when we finally returned to the site.our food was untouched (I think because it was over the fire) yet our tents were ransacked and our granola, fruit bars were ripped open from our backpacks. My Aunt was smart enough to preserve one of the wrappers (not touching it but using a plastic bag over her hand). She has sent it to a research team at UCLA forensic Lab..They sent her a return package to send it in…Please don’t doubt BigFoot because he/she does exsist….

  5. Maybe the US Forest Service has technology to locate Bigfoot, but they aren’t sharing that information with the public.

  6. With all the modern method and technology,We have today,I believe that big foot a myth,If he or she out there,And we really wanted to find him or her,I don’t believe it would be a problem,”Hey we put people on the moon?”Why should finding bigfoot be a problem,”That is if there is such a creature,I believe he only Exist in the Minds of those who wish there was such a creature or Bigfoot.

  7. stories of sasquatch were told to american indian children to keep them from wandering to far into the woods. there are also stories of bears that have evil spirits within them

  8. it’s a myth like the giant panda was a myth.We can’t know everything ppl – sasquatch/yeti are to walk theearth until the end of time.They still take instruction from the great I Am,Alpha&theomega that’s why they are undisturbed.Sure we will cross paths-but the creature will stay protected.In the end times ppl will look for miracles &mystisism.And this has been true for a long while now-Be careful of what you wish for.It would take a miracle to have the truth of this one be revealed-and shortly thereafter our Revalationary demise.

  9. How can u honsetly believe bigfoot is real. I think with everyone in the world looking for him when they go into the wilderness they would eventually be able to get good footage of him and be able to confirm his existence.

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