Todd Standing Sounds Credible

I’m listening to Todd Standing on Coast to Coast AM as I’m writing this – and I like him… he has a good spirit, and I’m inclined to believe his claim to have found Bigfoot and filmed Bigfoot videos.

This is very encouraging – especially because if this is valid, it feels good to know that someone decent and non-egotistical has done what some of the ego and money oriented Bigfoot researchers I’ve had contact with in the past have not been able to do. I see no problem with humble skeptics, but there’s been so much jostling to get to the top of the Bigfoot research field, it is nice to see a decent humble-sounding person making a breakthrough and finding Bigfoot before the others.

I plan to listen to the show again tomorrow with my Bigfoot research partner, and will probably write more about it then.

Down with crazy egomaniacs using one-upmanship tactics to find fame and fortune!

Power to humble people who seek to protect and care about Sasquatch!

Todd Standing’s Website: Sylvanic

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  1. This guy is my favorite researcher by far (Bo Bo is a close second though haha). I honestly think, that the ONLY reason Todd is not shut down by these awesome creatures, is because the Sasquatches can see he is no threat and maybe even deep down, they might know he only has good intentions in helping them? I am more of the spiritual type (disagree with the scientific professionals who deny it’s existence without a body) who feels these animals can read your soul. Keep up the GREAT work Todd, I hope you can get the proof needed to protect them and their homes, before clowns like Moneymaker do so and help feed their stupid ego :) Sasquatches are the coolest thing we have in our forests. I would love to see them protected, without stupid oil companies demolishing their homes, or stupid hicks with guns out to get a trophy, kill one of them.

  2. sad day to me for them to take off the todd standings big foot video .i have sat for hours and hours studying the video .. this is the real thing // some day one day every one will see that they are real ..come on people prove to me that there not real ..why have indains talked about them for centrys// even teddy roseaveltt talked about being out on a hunting trip and hearing something that was not explained// wade//

  3. thank you linda for posting the video.. to the world i say agin these beings are real.. this video is increadibule i said before you can not fake something this increadibule.. one day these beings will be provetodd when you do in that they are real and should be respected and put in our history books.. why does it always come down to every one saying that its a fake //when they finally prove that they are real /im hopeing that people wake up and that there is things on this planet that are here and that we can learn from them//humans are killinging our planet as we speak and we can learn from these wonderful beings how to survive..i think that there is things in our world that have;nt been discoverd but the way that were going /were not going to be able to enjoy knowing that they;re there at the rate we are going.. todd its in your hands buddy to finaly prove to the world that bigfoot is real ..looking forward to that moment/and have been snice i frist saw that rodger patterson film clip//todd when you do please make a video and show it on t/v world wide so that the world will finally see that bigfoot is real//also so that peole will know //todd did the best he could /bigfoot are very shy beingings and they allready know what humans are capeabule of doing day some fool is going to see one and problly shoot it and when they bring it to the worlds attenion //then its going to be be late//then what will people say//something to think about!!

  4. bigfoot lunch club < scroll down to the white arrow //look at the eyes you can see that this increadibule being has a sole. ive studyed speical effects all my life …this is not fake ..these are real sasquatchs.. cant wait for your next videos.. thanks todd .

  5. for evey one who bigfoot matters to them on your computer lookfor scrool down to the video where the white arrow is ..when you see this //it will change your life.. look at theres eyes//you can feel that this creature has a soul.. im not it the best health but seeing this video has saved me more that anyone knows..ive belived snice i was 12 years old im now 55.. thank you todd..

  6. thanks linda i don’t know how to contact him ..but i know that todd as changed history.. in my opinion that todd is waiting for the right time to post info where everyone can get in touch with him.. but i know this that as soon as the world see this video todd had made world wide history.. like people have said when they see these wonderful beings ///it changes your life //it has changed mine… when i first saw this video ..i couldn’t breathe.. and i started to cry ..finally this is real ..i say this again and again …you can not fake something like this that looks this real can see and feel that these are thinking creatures.. you can see that the one knows hes there and then it finally sees him. and you can almost feel what it’s thinking.. yes in movies they spend alot of money on make something look real ..but i don’t care what anyone says …these creatures are real ..they are smart enough to of survived for thousands of years… i think that because of human are getting out more and searching for them ..its almost time and they should be a respected being ..and like i said //put in our history books ..after all american indians have known about them for almost 2000 years.. to tell the truth finding out what these incredible beings are is the number one thing one my bucket list.. there’s so much i could say and try to explain my opinion about them and what i think why we cant prove that there real// but its as simple as this// yes they are real //they should be put on the endangered list// and we should leave them alone but enjoy knowing that they are there// to anyone who thinks that im crazy for saying this.. thats fine.. and again i say thank you todd //i know you’re out there some where..take take your time;ll know the right time to show the world .. the gift that you have found thank you and god bless

  7. Thanks for posting, Wade! I’m glad to hear that someone believes Todd’s videos are valid. I would love to see them. I noticed his site is now down – so where does one go to contact him these days?

  8. for evey one info the goverment already has 2 bodys of big foot that got killed from when blew up a while ..certain people already know that these creatures are real and they also know that once they;re proven real alot of things will change.. could these be the missing link?? as iit in the times of almost 2012 for the poeple who already know its time /please tell the truth that these wonderful beings are real and we could learn alot from them //such as //how to survive.. somethiong to think about //thanks wade

  9. i have seen the todd standings videos of the two postions of the sasquatch and this is the real thing .. todd s//should have his name put in history books he has changed history ..he has done what others have tried.. these wonderful beings should be protected and and have a place in our history books..after all they are apart of american history..if you look at them in the video / study there eyes in no way posibule can any one fake something like this ..ive never seen one in person but from all my years of studying ..all the evidence is there ..for all those who dont belive thats fine.. its a shame that some people say that the only way to prove that there real is to or kill one but that is totly wrong.. you can see in people eyes by the way that they act when they say that they have seen these beings that they are telling the truth.. seeing one does change your life.. when i saw the video that todd made it was a dream come truth for me.. its just a matter of time and they will be in our historys books as true living beings.. ..thank you todd standings wade richards!!

  10. Oh and Hey Todd,
    if you are so concerned about Bigfoot and showing the “proof”, then why not share your full videos for FREE. I noticed your quite the fast talker too and i think your out to make a buck!

    1. A while back I paid for one of the videos but never could get a downloaded version that wasn’t corrupted. I wrote to explain that it didn’t work, but don’t recall ever getting a reply. Thankfully it wasn’t much money!

  11. I watched this video on his sight, and though i am a full believer in bigfoot, my initial “gutfeeling” tells me that his film was fabricated and fake. He may have made this to bring attention to the subject but in all truth thiis film will just push people away.

  12. I live in NH and I am a hunter and i have seen what i believe was a “bigfoot” dunno if it was but it was f***** up. I was too far to see the creature clearly but from what I saw it was a dark brown almost black and WAS walking on two feet. It was dear season of 08 and i was hunting the foothills of mt. Kearsarge on the border of the flood district it was becoming dark so the following day i tried looking for any sign where i saw it but we had some rain over night and my efforts failed. Please let me know if there have been any sightings in the area.

    1. Antryman, YES… there have been other NH sightings. I recently read a book about sightings in New England. Every state there, including Rhode Island, has had Bigfoot sightings.

  13. Oh…for any of you who are interested, there will be a great way for you to get involved. Todd is planning a national campaign where he will need the involvement of millions of people! Try checking late next week for more details.

  14. For all still wondering, Todd hasn’t disappeared. He has been busily pecking away with research. The website had technical issues but is being redone right now and is full of new info. Expect to see him in the news and on Coast to Coast in the near future, with lots of exciting new stuff! Thought I would take the time to update you since Todd is busy…and for anyone who wants to know, I am his assistant so I really AM in the know :)

  15. Tim, I wish I knew where Todd Standing went. I noticed his site looks abandoned. His story was fascinating and I’d love to know what kind of research he’s doing these days.

    TODD – If you’re out there, let us know!

  16. Though I have never seen one, I believe they exist, I always have. Why would the native Americans make up such a tale? Our National parks are HUGE and can easily sustain such beasts. I will soon post a night vision camera (trail cam) in an area where they have been sighted and hope to convince others that they are real. Are you kidding?? If this does hapen for me, I will revel in the attention of being one credible gal with great pics, and if money comes with it….oh well!! I will, though, fight to keep these wild animals where they belong, and not in a zoo somwhere. Don’t kid yourselves….the government already KNOWS they exist…as with other strange phenomenon, they don’t want to start a panic………

  17. Just over a year ago, my family and I moved from Alberta to Saskatchewan. At the time of our move, Todd Standing was all over the news, but now, there is no mention of him, and his site is non existent. What happened?
    He’s just gone quiet.

    I’ve had the opportunity to see one in my own back yard so to speak. I can’t wait to see the doubting public eat thier hats!

  18. Hi, It’s me. I would like to add the recommendation of another humble soul looking for Bigfoot. Dave Paulides. I spoke with him about my experience and he was both proffesional in his approach, and humble. He has no inclination to hurt a Bigfoot. I felt that.

    I do not have a good enough radio to listen to the George Noorey show. Sometimes I wish I did.

  19. Buckshot.. sometimes publicity is the best protection, when you don’t trust the government. I don’t know if that’s Todd Standing’s motivation for going public, but I’ve done it myself with other issues.

  20. Well you have your 15 minutes of fame now….I guess.
    I think the problem with youre story is, 99% of the regular public that are not seeking fame from finding proof of Bigfoot, would simply have made contacts within the Fish and Wildlife community that believed us…taken them to see the “Sasquach” and slowly but surely the respect would come our way. You may be remembered I guess…but just as another nutcase.

  21. You have got to be KIDDING me. LMAO

    “We must protect the sasquatcheseseses!” Give me a f-ing break. I wish I could live in a fantasy world.

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