Bigfoot Video Online

The Manitoba Bigfoot Video is online now – at least, a very small part of it is.

You can see it at the website for A Current Affair. Their video shows the segment they aired a few days ago. Bobby Clark of the Cree Nation was interviewed – he is the photographer.

A Current Affair now has an expedition in the Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba area looking for more evidence.

Bigfoot Video SOLD

At the end of Coast to Coast AM tonight George Noory mentioned the Manitoba bigfoot video has been sold to an American television show – but he didn’t say which one. Hopefully this means we’ll be able to see it on TV one of these days. I never did get the news site video to download – I’m on dial-up.

Great American Bigfoot Research Organization

Last night one of the founders of the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization, Tom Biscardi, was a first-hour guest on Coast to Coast AM with host, George Noory.

I wrote about it on my Coast to Coast AM weblog and will follow up with a transcript to be posted here.

Biscardi and his team of bigfoot researchers are currently on an expedition near Burney, CA (home of the beautiful Burney Falls State Park) – where they recently found footprints. While looking around for more evidence Biscardi saw a bigfoot crouching on the side of the mountain. He unfortunately was without his camera at the moment but threw a stick at it hoping for a reaction. The creature’s only reaction was to run away. Biscardi followed but was unable to keep up.

The Great American Bigfoot Research Organization is planning a museum near Fisherman’s Wharf in SF plus a traveling museum to be displayed near Bigfoot hotspots.

This morning I sent this email to them through their website:

“Hi, I live in the area of Happy Camp, CA where there have been two bigfoot sightings nearby in the last couple of years (plus many others in the past). We’re in the middle of the Klamath National Forest. I’m interested in starting a local business or organization aimed at having bigfoot expeditions in our area and have been following the information coming out on Coast to Coast AM, following up with research at your site and others. Please let me know how I can join your organization or help. I am a webdesigner and writer. By the way, this new site is wonderful. I will be linking to it on two of my weblogs which are at and (this one is new). I know I can speak for most Happy Camp residents in saying we’d love to have your traveling museum and an expedition in our town.”