Pocatello, Idaho Bigfoot Video, 2012

A recent high school hike in the Southern Idaho woods turned into what looks like a possible Bigfoot encounter when students spotted a large, dark figure looking at them from the side of a hill.

One of the students aimed his video equipment in the right direction so we get to see the dark figure slide behind the bushes and retreat.

I’m not finding the exact date for this video. It was covered on local Pocatello, Idaho news on May 30, 2012.

Pocatello, Idaho Bigfoot Sighting 2012
Pocatello, Idaho Bigfoot Sighting 2012

The exact location of the sighting is also not revealed.

The boy doesn’t want his face on camera – can’t blame him there.

Here’s what he says on the video:

“And it just didn’t really look human-like so I didn’t really know what that is. It’s not a bear, it’s not a moose or anything … it is big, and bulky, and black. . . .I’m not going to say, ‘Yes, it was a Bigfoot’ or ‘No, it wasn’t,’ because I don’t know, and nobody knows.”

Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, a professor of Anatomy & Anthropology in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University, author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, commented:

“It nevertheless is a large, dark figure that bears a striking resemblance to descriptions of Sasquatch. . . .[and he mentions] the notion of the immigrants coming into this new frontier and encountering strange and marvelous things, including the stories of wild men and mountain devils.”

There’s nothing that I could call conclusive about the video but it appears to be a genuine sighting of something large, dark, covered with hair, and standing.

What do you think of this sighting? There have been many others in the same area.

I think the video is as good as can be hoped for. It is hard to capture wildlife on camera. Animals (or forest people?) who don’t want to be seen are good at disappearing from sight quickly.

I have more confidence in a video of a Bigfoot rushing to hide behind branches, than videos we’ve seen of one stepping out into the open, as if to state, “Look at me.” That’s something we know Sasquatches don’t do.

Here’s the news source: High School Students Capture Video Of Possible ‘Bigfoot’, by Jake Taylor.

A short motion-stabilized version, without interviews:


Pocatello, in Southeast Idaho, is near Indian Rocks State Park – Bigfoot sightings often take place near government-protected nature preserves such as state parks and wilderness areas. There are other nearby state parks: Massacre Rocks State Park, Lake Wolcott State Park and Bear Lake State Park.

Mountains in the area include Camelback Mountain, Howard Mountain, Rock Knoll, Slate Mountain, Indian Mountain and Chinks Peak. Sounds like a good area for encountering a Bigfoot.

They’re all around us, hiding in the wilderness. This is as good a place to look for them as any. More likely they’ll see you than the other way around. You’ll have to find a good way of getting their attention and trust!

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Here’s another Southern Idaho Bigfoot sighting report video.

[I do not know the year of this Bigfoot sighting.]

Dale Graham was in the woods getting firewood when he had his encounter.

Transcript of video above:

“Coming over the top there I had goosebumps on my arm, and up my neck, and everything else, from where I seen him. I mean it’s — I haven’t been back to the spot since I seen him. And … I went other places, not as far up, and different directions. The direction he went, and the direction he came from, I haven’t been either way, that way.

“Well … I come up to get a load of firewood and right over here I felled some trees, and I blocked ’em all up, and put the chainsaw down and started loading the truck.

“Just about time I was done with the truck getting loaded I smelled something, and I was thinking maybe it’s a dead animal, dead cow, something up in here because you always find them up in here. And then it dawned on me – that – why didn’t I smell it earlier?

“So then I started looking around and there he starts up the hill over there, and like I say, he walked like an old man, a tired old man. He took his right hand, reached out and put it on the tree. And all I could think of, well, I need to go. I mean, I just, he kind of scared me, but he didn’t make nothing threatening – he just minded his own business, just going on with what he wanted to do.

“I left my grease gun, and, when I seen him, I decided the grease gun wasn’t that important. I thought I was going to leave it. And we walked up today and it’s laying on the mountainside covered with grass and debris.

“In my mind I can picture what an old man like is walking up a hill and that’s what he did. It’s the same way. He just like he was tired. He was in no big hurry. He didn’t seem like he was spooked by me and I know he knew I was there but he didn’t pay me no attention.”

Will you be planning an expedition to Southern Idaho or Pocatello any time soon to look for a Bigfoot? According to Pocatello news reporter, Jake Taylor, the Finding Bigfoot team will be there sometime in the middle of June, 2012.

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think of these videos.

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  1. I don’t have a bigfoot encounter but I want to talk about this. I n the 50s and 60s I grew up in an area of Illinois (Montgomery County) where I can see now on the internet that there have been bigfoot sightings in the county, on both sides of our farm/pond/woods. My dad said he saw a “man” standing across the pond and what is weird is that there isn’t any access to the pond at that spot. It’s alot of thick woods there. But on the other end of the pond which is closer to the road, there is a cultivated field which would be real easy to walk thru to get to the pond to sneak in a little fishing. The road is on the opposite end of the pond from where he saw this “man” at different times, so anyone wanting to fish in the pond would have gone to the nearest spot, not across from it. I wonder why Dad shot at the area where the “man” sometimes stood on the edge of the water since there is absolutely no way Jose that he would shoot if there was a human in the area. Did he know it was an animal and not a human? He never hinted at all. One thing that Dad talked about was a real strange event at the pond when he took the row boat over to that part of the pond and found alot of dead turtles, shells, on the bank. Stinky too. He didn’t know what would kill so many turtles at one time. “Something” walked past his window at night so he blocked it off and started sleeping with a pistol under his pillow. A huge round rock, about 3 feet around suddenly showed up in the yard. My dad said he didn’t know how it got there. He said he sat on the patio sometimes listening to howls in the woods. When I was a kid I walked alone in the woods alot on a path that was already there, no reason at all for a path to be there. It started at the deep end of the pond, on the dam, and led down hill to the creek. I’m the only person who ever walked in the woods that I know of. I never saw deer on the place. My dad built an outdoor fireplace out of concrete blocks and one day it was pushed around, blocks out of place. The wooden diving board was destroyed one day. Another day the dock was over on its side in the water. Lets see. What else? O, those very mysterious marks or trails packing down that cultivated field that is between the pond and the road. Its like a randomly cut squirrely path but the weird thing was there wasn’t any entrance . It just started like it dropped out of the sky on to the field. I think it was a soybean field. 1991. That’s about all I know of but there is probably more that they didn’t talk about.

  2. My sons and I camped in the mountains near Pocatello in 2010 ,I thought I found something that looked like a footprint but it was eroded

  3. Too many witnesses who have seen these appearances of Big Foot so something is there but there is not a good explanation as to why a real body of one has ever been recovered and shown. My brother was a big rig driver for UPS out of the Reno/Sparks Hub and a fellow driver said he saw a big foot about 5 years back. My brother asked the guy if it was true he the guy said yes. He was driving over the mountain (Nevada to California on I-80) and coming down on the CA side when he pulled over to take his snow chains off at night. As he was taking the chains off he saw the creature standing at the edge of the road by the trees there watching him. That was in the forest country. The driver said he tossed his chain into the truck and went to the cab and took off. As he pulled away onto the highway he looked in his passenger side mirror and said he could see the creature walking along side the truck as he drove away. That is the closest story I have heard from someone who is known and was a professional driver. This account made me go from being open minded to leaning towards being a believer but I still am not 100% sure. I’m still waitng for a body or captured Big Foot to make it sure.

  4. The people who don’t believe are the ones who are sitting at home and live in the city. Go out and actually live in the back country for a while and go out on hikes and then see if you don’t believe. I’ve lived in the country my whole life. There is definitely something out there.

  5. Hello from Texas friends of Bigfoot! I am rather
    New at this sort of thing. I am a believer in our
    Hairy friend, I wasn’t until I actually got my Knocks answered and my husband got three
    Howls back from his first outing ! We live in San
    Jacinto County which is in East Texas. We are
    Surrounded for miles by hundreds of thousands
    Of acres of Sam Houston National Forrest , so
    We are in a great place for our Big friend. Being
    New I have been warned that I am a Novice , and
    I am well aware of what I ” Don’t Know” .

  6. Hi. I’m from Brazil. I’m a sasquatch believer. I always watch sasquatch documentaries from USA. Unfortunately, there is not this kind of research, notices and blogs of unknown animals on Brazil.

    Nice Blog!!!!

  7. I posted 3 videos of Humboldt Co. residents at myspace.com/todway. 2 have seen Sasquatch, and 1 has not during a lifetime in the mountains.
    One is with a Hoopa Indian who has seen Sasquatch 3x since childhood. His sons have seen one once. The 1st encounter was when one tried to grab him thru his bathrooom window, he was 9. His father chased it out of the backyard. Another interview is of an eyewitness near Willow Creek, not far from Hoopa, Humboldt County. I talked with Bob Gimlin for a long time at a Sasquatch conference in 2004 – the voice of truth. (same with Glenn Dennis at the Roswell UFO Museum, a true eyewitness in 1947.)

  8. Too bad this video is blurry,I don’t no what you see but to me it looks like there are two.Look to the right and you can see dark movement before the creature starts moving for cover.

  9. In July 2012 while camping in Copper Basin near Mackay Idaho, i stepped outside of our camper to pee, it was around 1:30 AM when out of the darkness came a loud growling/scream like nothing I had ever heard before. I’ve been in the forests of Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming & Alaska all of my life & have never heard anything like this. It sacared me so I retreated to the safety of the camper, got my gun out & just layed there…petrified.

  10. I had an encounter in Madison county, Nov. 7, 2006. I heard two individuals, one Screaming and the second whistled and vocally communicated with the one screaming.

    6 mo. & 12 days later I poured a plaster cast of a 3/4 footprint in the overhanging bank of the creek where the one Screaming at me got out of the creek to stand next to the second one who had closed the distance between them and was standing on the bank.

    The heel width was 4 1/2 inches wide On the plaster cast I made, I see the extended heel and the large bones at the back of the forefoot {a 12 inch total lenth} and a slight pressure ridge on the inside of the right forefoot as the right forefoot twisted to the left to step off with it’s left foot on the bank towards it’s mate.

    I would like to show it to somebody at ISU like Dr. Jeff Meldrum and let him know what I’ve figured out since I talked to him back in June of 2007. Email me or call at 208-754-4196.

  11. I’ve had weird feelings of being watched up on the east fork hunting. It’s just outside of Rockland Iadho. At night we’ve had large branches broken by our camp and a deer head stolen in the middle of the night.

  12. I don’t think I’ll be planning an expedition anytime soon… But I’m always intrigued by photos and videos. Not sure how much I believe in it, but who knows? Anything is possible!

    1. Kaylee, thanks for reading the article! I find it all fascinating, but I probably wouldn’t devote so much time to writing about Bigfoot if there weren’t five reports of Bigfoot sightings within a mile of where I live! What surprises me is that so many people, even here, don’t take this seriously. I got a good look at a first-generation video on the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film day before yesterday, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the Bigfoot was the real deal.

      1. Really? That’s so crazy, I love videos like that. And to have 5 sightings within a mile of where you live? I’d probably be camping out all the time! Or maybe not… ha ha. Either way, fascinating subject!

    1. They usually don’t attack. There are thousands of sightings on record and only a handful of attack reports. I think that if you don’t try to hurt them they’re unlikely to retaliate.

  13. Loved both articles. I too live in Idaho, have for 66 years and though I have not personally saw a bigfoot, I have had many lets just say odd experiences in the mountains. Several years ago I was awakened in the middle of the night and shortly there after had my trailer shaken rather violently for a minute or so and then heard a scream, roar growl sound that was very loud and scared the heck out of me.

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