The Bigfoot Information Project

The Bigfoot Information Project has good articles to read, podcasts, and resources. I believe this site is owned by the same webmaster who owns Bigfoot Forums.

There’s an interview with John Green by Gerry Matthews, in which you can find out how Green evaluates Bigfoot sighting reports and evidence, what he thinks of the BFRO Bigfoot sightings database, how he feels about the suppression of scientific Bigfoot information by the media, and what he thinks of the “Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery,” of which he is one.

Bigfoot Information Project
The articles are well-researched and informative, for example:
An Archaeological Viewpoint of the Hairy Man Pictographs by Kathy Moskowitz Strain;
Evaluating Purported Sasquatch Photographic Evidence by Alton Higgins;
and Letters In Response To “Bigfoot Believers” by Dmitri Bayanov.

Podcasts are found in the lower-right corner of the front page of the site. You can download audio files and listen to Rick Noll, Kathy Moskowitz Strain, and Scott Herriot.

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