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Have you had a Bigfoot sighting in the state of Michigan? If so, you’re not alone, and there’s a team of Bigfoot researchers ready to take your report. They also follow up on recent Bigfoot sighting reports, whenever possible. Michigan Bigfoot provides a forum for anyone having questions or comments about Bigfoot research in Michigan, and there’s a sighting report form online. All personal information is kept confidential at the request of those who have seen Bigfoot. Privacy is a priority and all copyright on photographic evidence is respected.

The site contains a detailed article about trail cams: Game Cameras and their Potential Use in Field Research – which includes camera setup, choosing a location, stealth, and deployment for long-term field research projects. Although to date there have been no good photos of Bigfoot taken with trail cams, they are still popular with Bigfoot researchers. The author of this article believes that if more of them are placed in the field, eventually a good photograph of a Bigfoot will be taken.

Michigan BigfootDid you ever wonder what Bigfoot researchers do during their weekend squatching adventures? On the Field Journal page there’s a detailed account of a 2004 Bigfoot research expedition that included call blasting, wood knocking, and a response!

There’s a photo gallery page where you can see the type of terrain these researchers work in. It definitely looks like Bigfoot country!

For more information on this group, see the What We Do page. This Bigfoot research team gives Michigan residents a valuable resource for feedback whenever a Bigfoot is seen.

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  1. If anyone is still trying to go squatching to collect evidence in Michigan we’d really like to get into contact. My fiance and I are wanting to go out and find evidence for ourselves, we’d love to get a team together. Safer in numbers!

  2. Hi there! On or August 20th 2022 at about 11:41am in Prudenville, Michigan. I was driving up the road just after leaving my house, and as I was starting to approach a house on my left just before a horse farm, I had glanced down briefly and as I looked up and in front of me to my right about 70 yards, was a dark upright figure about 7 to 8 ft tall, dark brown to black from top to bottom and huge, very thick and big getting ready to walk in the woods from the shoulder, which I would say from the shoulder into the woods is about 6 to 7 ft. He entered the woods in a matter of seconds, and as I drove by I was trying to look in the woods bit i couldn’t see anything or anyone. It’s federal land and very thick and kinda dark too. I couldn’t believe my eyes at what I thought I was looking at. It was too big and dark to be a human, it was walking upright, all one color, very dark, no sign of skin, clothes, or anything like that. I wished I was able to get a picture but it happened so quick that there was no way I had time to pick up my phone and take a picture. It didn’t look my way and arms were at its side with a slight movement with it’s right arm/ hand. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at and it was very cool but whatever it was, it wasn’t a bear or a human but definitely cool & walking upright!

  3. So just got back from a weekend in upper Michigan, stayed in Marquette and me and a few friends took the 28 to Munising. we did the sunset boat tour which started at 730pm and ended around 10pm. started driving back sometime around 10:30/10:45. about 10 minutes heading back on route 28 me (passenger side) and the driver noticed a weird black like cloud. it was not pitch dark out yet for some reason (I assume summer in Northern Michigan you have a bit of light still, so this cloud thing was darker just sorta hovering there over the road. at first glance I had assumed there was a powerline crossing on top and a black garbage bag caught, but as we got closer and passed under we just stayed questioning what that was. I had attempted to point it out to my friends in the back seat who now were a bit alert. after talking I wanted to look something up on my phone ant noticed my signal was completely dead and I asked everyone else in the car who also said they had a dead signal (we all have different providers) then suddenly my two friends shouted “WTF was that” I noticed something on the corner of my eye but nothing that seemed alarming but apparently two of my friends clearly saw a WHITE Bigfoot. it was described as big and muscular slightly hunched which was walking toward the road but stopped once it saw our headlights (as what my friends described) this was about 7 minutes after the first sighting. I did not have signal but I want to say it was near Au Train, it was a lot of trees and one of my friend did mention she thought it was weird seeing so many branches knocked down (which I didn’t pay attention) the driver did not want to head back but for the remainder of the drive back (which was about 25 min or so) that is all we talked about. I don’t believe them honestly and I feel it might have been a statue since Munising happens to have a few of those, but my friends definitely saw something. I did some research once we arrived at the hotel and came across a 1998 sighting and I wonder if this was the same creature only older. my friends said there was no facial hair but it looked ape like with white hair covering its body but you could define and see muscles especially on the arms and ab area also they feel it was around 7ft in height but not sure, just saying this thing was built and massive. as for myself I did see a white/greyish figure from the corner of my eye but for some reason I thought it was a big rock close to the road…This was on 6/29/19 also we were not drinking or on any drugs…maybe a bit tired yes but not sleepy.

  4. Have any Michigan Bigfoot sightings or encounters to tell? Post them .

    Who, When, Where, What



  5. about 15 years ago my best friend and I fished together all the time, almost too much lol. down in Genesee County at Mott Lake in Michigan. well I woke up one sunny spring day wanting him to go fishing, but he had to work until after 3pm….so I didn’t really know what to do. we had been down to the Lake many times over and lived out by Birch Run. Finally, I just said whatever and left for the lake and we always had to walk around the Lake as we didn’t have a boat then. we had to walk off Stanley Rd into the thick woods and brush and cut through some berry bushes on a deer trail to get to the water…I always carry a machete or pocket knife in case I had to defend myself, but mostly to cut brush and fishing line. anyway it was quiet and I was methodically trying to catch fish and trying many lures -giving each a good chance. I was also being watchful and listening to the quiet. I’d scan the woods from time-to-time….but never saw anything. and I’d go back to fishing. I must have done this for two hours uninterrupted, until I had my back to the woods and was reeling a lure in and I heard a real loud *SNAP* of a branch behind me and not too far away. I froze and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I slowly turned and scanned the treeline hard, wondering what was heavy enough to snap that live branch.

    I was running all the animals through my mind that could have stepped on or broken a good-sized branch. I thought maybe a deer so I quietly chuckled and set down my gear and carefully and slowly crept back to the deer trail…my only way out. I looked all around and thought I’d scare that deer. So I yelled out and listened for any animals or people to run, but there was silence.

    I still had the sensation that I was being watched….so I got back to my gear and made a spear fixing my knife to a solid branch.

    I watched and waited thinking “that ^%$# deer trail is my only way out….through the thick woods and brush all the way back to my car. I was afraid to move for about 30 minutes, pondering IF I should go…try to go. I was feeling like the mouse to a cat, but I was going to fight whoever or whatever was there. I decided to go. on my way out I was about quarter of the way to the main trail, when I heard something kind of walking about 20 yards to my left….as I was stooping over trying to stay low to the brush, it seemed to stop when I did. I took about three good steps further and I heard one, two, three…. ….four steps. so I put a second expanse of brush between me and it. I watched behind me from time to time but I was scared, nervous and still had about 50 more yards to go around a big mud puddle and up a steep hill all surrounded by woods before I was back up on Stanley Rd and to my car again. nothing else happened but I tell you I NEVER felt like that in the woods. years later some friends of mine and I were sharing stories, I told them about this…..not expecting my best friend’s little brother to say that HE had a occurrence at night in the exact same place….as he was looking for firewood and sticks to keep their fire going.

  6. I have seen a bigfoot. I hunt brown city Michigan I was camping out there for deer season in something. Was throwing stuff at my tent in 2014 then 2015 me n my father in law got A really bad smell n just thought nothing of it at first until I was setting in my ground blind n heard a awful nose come from the left of me it was a really tall blackish brown creature about 100 yards away from me it just stood there n watched me for a min n then it was gone this was not the first Time I saw this creature back 97 98 season my dad had one under his tree stand n when I saw my dad he told me n as we walked out it crossed the trial in front of us that’s what made me a believer till this day my dad will not talk about it John 586-431-7118 I would like to know more please contact me

  7. Hey I see these conversations go back two years and ended a year ago…
    But lets start it up again…………….

    I Hike the NCT from rt 2o—-fresoil to rt 55 Imet my wife on the trail
    shes a bigfoot I shaved her down and taught her to talk English..(credit any eddie murphy fans)…

    Happy squautching hope to be blessed with a sighting as well……….
    and would travel to any area with recent activities


  8. Hello Linda, I reside in lower southeastern Michigan area, and have never really given a whole lot of thought to creatures of the wild until I found myself with a bunch more idle time since my retirement in June. I’ve been reading your articles and comments for a few months now and have come to enjoy stopping in for check now and then. Oh yes, I am particular to the Michigan Bigfoot article too! If I may take a moment to sugggest something real quick though, I believe many folk writing here are quite open in their experiences but it would help if they would add: Who, When, Where, What to their entries. The stories are good but some do not say when the incident occurred or where… I personally have not seen this illusive creature nor am I a Bigfoot researcher per se. What I am is a retired lawman with a deep understanding of the world outside of the job, and I have an open mind about such things. I think it is a good thing more and more people are talking about this creature because it is real… I do not know what it is or where it orignates and it puzzles me deeply. I am aware of native American lore and legend surrounding the being and have read Paulides books describing most peculiar events. As an avid reader of American history I am aware of our local Michigan history and some of the earlier experiences American military and their British adversaries during war of 1812-1813 had with this beast. I am deeply disturbed (to this day) over the way media and law enforcement mistreated a 16-year-old girl and mother one August night in 1965 when they encountered a 7 foot creature dubbed the “Monroe Monster.” They were repeatedly called frauds and worse for seemingly something out of their control. In spite of what some BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization) folks claim, I believe there are many, many more incidents and encounters that are not reported or cited for that matter. Before I make a point let me first make it very clear that I am not being critical of BFRO. I think BFRO is needed, and it is the best clearinghouse bar none. With that said, Bigfoot Research Organization shows 160 incidents for Michigan and I would guess seven times that number would be more accurate. Something is not adding up. On to my point now, the Monroe Monster incident back in 1965 did more to hurt and disquiet free speech without fear of intimidation in respect to Bigfoot than any single cause in Michigan. For it was all on display and the message was clear… this is what happens if you scare people.. Not suprising was the fact prior to the Monroe, Michigan incident there were already 40 to 50 incidents reported in Michigan prior to that. And finally, at least one police officer quoted in newsprint media in 1965 admitted they tried to it secret… What surprises me to this day is how very close this creature habitates to populated areas and many folks do not even know it. From what I see, and from the responses of people who do experience these encounters many are not positive. Many express bouts of loose bowels, leaky bladders, restlesness, depression etc. So what are they and what is their end game? I am not so certain I am ready to go and feed them fish or blueberry bagels. Anybody know? There are many questions unanswered such as: As human population increases and it will, it does, its perpetual, will place humans and this beast on a collision in competition over food and other resources? It makes me wonder how far ahead 8-ball Paulides was in his writings? For me that is why is crucial for everyday people to talk about these issues that many still insist is a fairy tale. Reality can be cruel for some. Keep up the good work and lets hear more Michigan Bigfoot please.

    1. I walked with the dang thing. I don’t know if you are still reading or checking your post, but if you are I have an experience that will blow your mind. I won’t tell it to just anyone. It happened back during the 1981″flap”. I am retired now and hope to pick up where I left off researching the animal that changed my life. Please contact me if you are serious and yes open minded. All I have is a story and the exact place it occurred. I am kind of a chicken to go back there without some backup.

  9. I live over near the Clare County and Osceola County line (about 5 miles north of there around M115) and My husband and I both seen a very tall large white creature, several months apart and at different times than each other. Last night it sounded like an 800 lb rooster crowing outside of the house (we have chickens and a roo, they do not typically make noises at night and it definitely was not them) when we got up this morning there was a live tree that had been bent over until it snapped. There were no marks around it or on it, I would have to guess that the tree was 4-5″ in diameter. I should also not that every time I put out a fruit and nut bar for the birds or my own homemade suet cakes (always tied away from the reach of raccoons and with a heavy twine)something breaks the twine off. I always joked and said it was big foot but thought it was likely a black bear. I swear it sounded like something giant trying to copy my rooster last night. Got me thinking, that’s for sure.

  10. yeah I had a few encounter,s in p.a.pocono mts of p.a. over the last 40 years of being able to hunt the mountains. Screams that sounded like the one people recorded of them on the bigfoot site to the T !!! from the steepest and rockeyest parts of the hill’s where nobody hunt’s at.Or dare’s to clime to break a ancle or leg.not even bear hunters go into these spots.I saw 7-10 inch trees pushed over by this den all around it for 20 yards in the woods no storm damadge did it and no bear eirther and the openning had a round pieace of shale about 3 1/2 ft, round or so covering the openning. I climed down to it and pushed it away and looked in. Inside it was as big as a volkswagon bug and deer/other animal bones where laying around.never came across any thing like it! no shale up here in the mountain all of it’s grainte, something carryed it up from the delawere river banks 2 miles away’s.and it’s super steep? no man or men could of pulled it up there belive me. In the 70′.and 80’s and as recent as 2004 they where saw in these mts.The scream i’d heard came from hells hole or hollow in carbon county p.a.on top the hole out of the rocks other hunter along the ridge a few miles away heard the same sounds that year I think it was pushed to me and screamed when it thought it was conered. heck this is 4:30 5:00 in the morning i’m all most to my spot. I loaded the .300 win. mag. 220 grain failsafes c.b.x.3’s thinking i can’t belive this its going down if I get a spot of brown in my scope 16x power looking up at the rocks it was bear hunting season also. No shots did’t see anything no deer even that day no hunter scored wierd even the game warren said down at the road you should of seen something. I shroughed my sholder’s not telling him what taked place when he was sleeping still. But did say the rocks where really noisey around 4:30-5:00. He repiled oh yeah what did you hear up there ? I replyed you would;nt understand, he reply’s try me,I said something you might not belives exist’s he says bigfoot I smiled and walked to my pic-up, he yell’s back to me your not the only one.

  11. that is a good question. I have one for you.What can twist a 4in diameter tree an split it to a 4ft split an leave no sign of machinery or no sign of lightning burns on the tree. to me it would take something very big an stronger then a black bear. near the same area we fonud a track of a footprint that was 18in long an 6in wide at the toes an 4in at the heal

  12. My wife and a co-worker heard a howl early this morning, 10/19/12. She knows what coyotes sound like. She said it sounded like one of the howls we have heard on ‘Finding Bigfoot.’ She said it was low and mournful sounding. I Googled some purported Bigfoot recordings and played them. She said the Ohio howl was almost an exact match found here: http://bit.ly/RIPas1

  13. I believe the scream you heard was from a cougar. They are being sighted all over Michigan now and have a loud scream sounding much like a woman’s scream. It is more likely that’s what it was instead of a Bigfoot.

  14. I have hunted Michigan all my life for about 34 year, or more. Last year I decided to head back to Gladwin Michigan, where I like to hunt due to it being close to where I live. I was with my two sons , and a friend of theirs this past season Oct 2012. The boys headed up the trail to put up a stand while I was just walking down the trail about 400 yds away from them. There is a huge swamp with mix of trees, high grasses, and islands to my right side. This goes for miles and is too difficult to go into.due to all of the tall grasses,and water.. I heard a sound I have never heard before which continued on, and off for about 15-20 minutes or more. I would describe the noise like a mix of a coyote, and a wounded animal. I know how coyotes sound ,and they do not make a 6 to10 time quick, repeating ,whooping type of high scream, it would stop for a few seconds ,and continue again,and again very quickly. The coyotes I hear do a 1 time howl call like a wolf, and then the yipping.. This was more of a broken up scream howl. I meet up with my boys, and their friend, and asked them if they heard this. They said yes, but didn’t know what it was either. I have never ever heard such a noise in any of the many woods I have been in. I hunt by myself quite a bit, and I am not sure what made this noise. It was around 1pm in the afternoon as well. This is highly unlikely for coyotes which sound off at dusk, or later. But again, I know this wasn’t a coyote sound, it is the best example of what I heard in a different pitch, and broken up repetitions. I will be heading back up there to do some scouting with my brother from Grand Rapids area [Middleville]. We plan on going around the swamp to look for bigger deer signs for next years hunting spots. I am hopping to hear this again with him. Who knows though. I have never heard it before….This is also on state land…….

  15. 3 years ago I and another old friend where ridding our 4 wheelers in Omer Mi. As we left for home my friend was in front of me in his car. I stayed back because of dust. When I departed I could here brush cracking off to the side. I just got a glimpse of something Black, then It was gone. I have been in that area since I was a kid, and don’t remember any Bear sitings? I thought I should share this

  16. Hey everyone, Sorry it took so long to respond, but yes this location is in michigan. Even though I have not been there for a year I get any updates about screams or livestock taken or footprints and there has been all of that in the last year so here is the impending question, what can we do to prove its existence, try and capture it somehow, film it,,even though we see how film is treated, people still don’t believe the Patterson film and that’s as real as it gets. Just to storm the area without a plan going in is foolish. I also have another location where I was grunted at here in Michigan while I was bow hunting. If you actually study the sighting locations in Michigan it is very apparent where the hotspots are and both of my encounters took place in two of the hotspots. If we could put together an independent team from this sight to go back to these areas and spend some time I know that we will come out with good solid evidence. So if you are still interested respond to this with an idea to finally prove the existence of bigfoot and lets go get him. Don’t forget to bring your cameras. Look forward to talking to you. Mark

  17. Hate to burst your bubble, but sounds like a screech owl to me, especially since you saw a large bird land in the tree as it was getting dark. They can make a pretty eery screaming sound.

  18. on my last writing i forgot to tell you the size and color of what i saw it was about 7or8 foot tall and i wold say 500 to 700 lbs it was kind of a redish brown i couldnt see how long the hair was but it didnt have a neck the head looked to sit on the shoulders the head was shaped like a giant egg it only took three steps to cross the road

  19. I live in Michigan and have “roughed it” to some pretty remote areas with just what I can fit on my back – usually starting out with a canoe. I am extremely curious as to where this occurred. If you are going back out there or would e-mail me the location, I would appreciate it.

  20. @ Mark Fairall,
    Have you made your trip back to there yet? Is this site in the lower or upper MI? I am in Tuscola CO, right on the border of Tuscola & Genesee counties. I know of a pond with basically the same description in my area. I would be interested in tagging along if you have not made your return visit & your not to far away.

  21. Hey Linda, That is a good question. I seen where some college students where doing an experiment to see how fast a full grown deer would decompose to total dust. They propped a time-lapsed camera about 4 feet above this freshly killed deer and to my utter astonishment this deer was completely, absolutely, totally gone to where you only see leaves that were under it in 7 days. I have been studying Bigfoot ever since I had an “incident” while Bowhunting for Whitetail in Michigan. I found this hidden empty pond that was totally surrounded by thick foilage all the way around it. If you stood out side of it you could not see what was inside of the trees and when you jump down the 10 foot bank into the empty pond you could not see out. It is totally hidden. The bottom of the pond is clear of anything, it’s like a small colliseum of trees, and a little dark from the canopy of trees. But along the 10 foot bank all the way around is tangled branches and dead trees so that you can barely see the dirt, and it looks like its been dug out in a couple of places. The first time I pushed my way through the branches and found this pond I jumped down the bank and walked to the middle of the pond. Even though I had my bow with me, something told me to run, that I was being watched, and when I tried to peer through the entangled embankment as I was leaving I could have swore that I seen something looking back. Like it was dug out like a cave. I can’t explain the feeling, something just said that I was not supposed to be there. I got another chance to hunt that property 2 years later. I went to the north end of the pond where there was at one point and time a nice size creek that flowed about 50 feet from the pond, it was dried up now and full of dead trees. I sat right in the middle of the creek and faced the pond. It was right around twilight or dusk when I started to gather up my gear and put everything in my backpack so when it got totally dark I could just grab my bow and pack and go. I zipped up the last zipper on my pack when I caught the flight of an extremly large bird flying directly at me and at the last second It turned and landed in a tree about 20 yards to my right, and about 10 feet up in the tree. I tried to see exactly what tree it landed in to get a better look at it but it was getting too dark to see good. Just then I heard the loudest blood-curling scream ever in my life, coming from the same direction as the bird but it did not fly away. Then I heard like a 6 inch branch being slowly stepped on so the crunch and crackle noise lasted like someone was slowly stepping on a dead branch on the ground on purpose. It did not make sense to me, a scream 10 feet up in the air, and a huge branch being broken on the ground. The next thing I realized was I was hurdling dead logs all the way back to my friends garage. When I got there my friend was waiting for me and said “Did you hear that scream?” I said “Yes, what is it?” He said that he has no idea, but nobody goes back there anymore. I know what it is it’s Bigfoot. I believe he lives in the bank of the pond. Anyway I’m putting together a trip back there, so if you know anyone that would be interested, just let me know.

  22. I have a question? What if one “finds” a Bigfoot body in the woods and wishes to take full advantage of any monetary rewards of being the first to present a Bigfoot body? Just asking. I have, however, made that the subject of my Sept. 7 newspaper column “A Matter of Time.”

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