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  1. My cat came back…Whew. I love him. His name is Turd. He is black and very lovable to humans however he will attack any dog that comes into my yard. The team got to witness this and they just thought it was hilarious. It was a Boxer no less. He is used to Turd beating him up when he comes by so he always enters my yard with his eyes squinted. It is the funniest thing.

    Anyway he was very shook up for two days. That puma really scared him. We got a call that some viewers on the video streaming saw the lion on the trail to the creek right about the time that my neighbor called to tell me it was in the yard. I went down and looked and found a print at the spring. Cool.

    No sign of Dirty Socks tonight so far. (Dirty Socks is the name I have given this Bigfoot. He smells sooo bad). I smelled him two nights ago and a few before that something big slammed into my trailer around four A.M. Some viewer from the east coast (They believe in sasquatch over there on the other coast apparently. Way to go east coasters), said they saw something big and hairy walk by the camera at the spring at about 4:10 A.M. We are looking back in the archives of the footage to verify.

    It’s really getting exciting in my yard!

    more soon


  2. Has your cat come back yet? If not, I’m so sorry, Tara. We lost a male cat two days after Christmas and I remember hearing unfriendly animal sounds in our yard at about that time. Maybe I’m too attached, but it took me months to get over, and ever since I’ve been trying to keep my other cats inside at night. Bob and Vickie lost a cat at about the same time. Jerry down at the Bear Cove Cabins said he saw a mountain lion walking across the back of his property with a cat in its mouth – but this was months ago. The mountain lion comes back here regularly. I heard it in my yard about a week ago. It could be the same one that was seen in your yard – and how odd for it to be roaming about so early. (Tara and I live on opposite sides of the same hill.)

  3. You may have something there… Thanks for the imput. I am finding this AM that my tom cat is missing. I hope it was a girl puma and not what I think. hahaha…Wahhh!

  4. That is interesting…. I have heard of deer being flushed and spooked down here in the Ozarks and OK areas, with a resultant sighting. But that may have been related to hunting perhaps. But another predator of that level making itself visable with reckless abandon could be a significant thing. Mightbe time to immplement the Triangulation tactic, as it seems your BF may be coming back…


  5. What a motivator. I am even more determined to find this one now more than ever. Thanks, Jake, for all of your insights and support. It takes believing in something to make it happen. My resolve is set and I look forward to what news might come from my yard next. The weirdest thing happened today. My neighbor called me at around six-thirty to tell me that a cougar had just jumped the fence between our yards and ran across mine. In the two years since I have lived here this puma has been seen late at night up and down my road countless times, but never during daylight. I wonder what that is about? Have you ever heard of strange animal behavior in the presence of a Bigfoot? I would appreciate some feed back.


  6. I hear he has one ???
    OMG !! I can’t find anything else one the site…
    Is there a press release coming on Monday or are we to keep our lips zipped ??

    Someone tell me …. I am about ready to expolde with anticipation!!!

    Thanks for kepping me in the loop and addressing my comments and questions.


  7. Jake, :), no offense at all,

    What I was referring to when I said “making”, has more to do with the fact that very few people seem to be treating this creature as a real living being. That the ways of studying it and attracting it to anyhting like cameras or other research material have not been completelty factored in because we don’t know enough about their behaviors/ intelligence for instance.

    The team is using extremely hi-tech stuff, I just wonder if the creature might actually fear what all that stuff is and will stay away from it for some reason based on something in their ability to understand that we don’t know about yet.

    I can imagine your frustration at not being able to witness this first hand. I have developed a strong affinity for this creature and I feel so blessed and fortunate to be a part of it. We here in Happy Camp have our Bigfoot Jamboree coming up from Sept. 2-4, Labor Day weekend. Everyone is invited. the indian tacos are to die for.

    It would be great to see you there.

    Keep watching KS, OK, and MO. If he shows it will be really, really big.


  8. Thanks, Jake, we appreciate the good ideas and support. I wish you could be here. Tom is accepting volunteers to work with the project… but this week he’s out of state at another site. The report on his journey will be added to the videostream and website soon. It should be exciting – so we’re anxiously anticipating the news.

    Tom is pretty much making this up as he goes along – as you say… he conceived of this as being a reality-show type of production. We’re off to a slow start as equipment is put in place and details are worked out. It is just in the beginning phase right now. This out of state trip is meant to liven it up, I guess you could say.

    Just before Tom left he said he planned to be on Coast to Coast AM again tonight with news – but that could change and I see nothing on the Coast website to indicate that he’ll be speaking tonight. We can only wait and see what happens next.


  9. First, I very much apreciate both of you responding to me. Both of you have a very “even keel” about you and thats what this posting board and the entire project needs in order to preserve / build integrity. You are both very polight, knowledgable and outstanding writers. I look forward to purchasing your Journals / Books when you complete them.

    So… that being said, I am glad (and sincerley hoped) that you and Linda were not offended by my comment, because I did not mean it to be. However, you validated my comment by saying that ” I feel that it is mostly due to the fact that they are making (it up) as they go along.”, which to me as an engineer and musician, is half-baked.
    So thats what I mean when I say ‘frustrated’. I am actually just anxious about not being able to be there and contribute to the front(and bottom) lines, : (

    Please believe me, I am glad Tom is doing this. It takes a very BIG pair to do what he is doing. And I am offended and embarassed that the long standing and scientific orginazations are behaving like they are. But you know what? I predicted that exact scenerio !! several years ago when I was talking to a few friends of mine that look for BF down here in S.E. Oklahoma and the Ozarks. I new that would be the case. The “official” folks are jealous like you or Linda said. Regarding the amount of people on staff, I probably heard him or somebody on an interview say 16 but sounded like 60. My bad on that. I was about to say, if he had 60 people down there then he would have documented it in the first few days !! lol

    Regarding my Tringulation approach, if I could be sure that Tom is actualy interested in the concept, I have no problems giving him an overview. If you would like to reply back and let me know (if he is then where / how do I communicate with him). I can be reached by phone or privite email if that is acceptable, please email me at the address I used to acctivate this Posting Account.

    We are all excited (here in KS, OK and MO) to see what happens in the next few weeks.

    Let me know if I can help…

    Thanks again,


  10. I thought he said there were 16 people associated with his organization, not 60. I think 16 is the right number. I’m working on his website and know there’s only a few bios available online.

    Tom is open to suggestions and reads the email he gets. I emailed him through his website last April and he responded to me right away. I don’t know what email he’s using for the public right now but I know I was told not to give out the one I’ve got.

    I don’t think blackberries would be all that good after being in the U.S. Mail for several days. They’re much better right off the bush.


  11. Hi Jake,

    This buisness of looking for these creatures is so new that these people are constantly creating new ways to find/research blah,blah,blah. I have seen them literally build new components that I have no idea about. I am electronically challenged to say the least. I think your triangulation thing sounds cool… maybe you should send your ideas to them. They are always open to suggestion (as far as I have seen).
    If it seems half- baked, and I take no offense at your comment, I feel that it is mostly due to the fact that they are making as they go along. As far as the promises of positive proof in 90 days are concerned, well I feel the tick.tock.too…but i ‘m gonna wait and see. They pulled away from my house now so that the creature will come back. it will. I know that because I have lived with it here for two years now. It always comes around.
    Thanks for your imput. Everyone who stays involved may be knocking on history here, so why not?
    They are good berries. I made a pie today. Yum!!!
    They grow all over here. Come to Happy Camp sometime and pick your own.


  12. Thanks for the update Tara. If Mr. Biscanti truley wants to document the existance of Big Foot and actualy has as many team members as he indicates, then I have to ask this question:

    Why not triangulate and ‘surround’ it based on an immediate ssighting report from somebody like yourself? There are several different concepts and creative methods that come to mind for documenting it without capture. Why do we not see these very fundemental concepts being utilized when Mr. Biscanti has all this attention ? It is starting to look a bit sensationalized. I subscribed to the Live Web Feed because I have been very interested in this creature fo 20 years. I support the BFRO and TBFO and even foolowup on first hand sightings.

    Although I am not giving up hope on his project, he made a Joe Nameth like statement by promising the positive proof of this creaturea existance in a 90 daywindow. Well… tick, tock, tick, tock…

    Again, why is this team of 60 individules not implementing a basic “perimiter flush” technique to at least get some good footage ??
    He has the resources to do this, yet like I stated in my last post, he choses to waste time by baltently invading the creatures environment. Basic statistics suggest odds that are not very promising that those EIR Cams will snag anything since that first night.

    Sorry to ramble, but it frustrates me when I see somebody put up all this money, time and effort with what seems like a half baked stratigy.

    I am simply commenting on what I have read and watched on this sight for the last week or so.

    Tara I would appriciate feedback from you and anyone else regarding my observations from this posting.

    Oh, what do I gotta’ do to get you to send me a few bushells of those incredable looking Black Berries !! I can almost taste them from here!! LOL… Take care and hope to hear back from you and anybody else on this matter.


  13. We live over here in Northern Ontario Canada. Do any of you people know of any sightings here in northern Ontario? Where would I check?

  14. In response to your reply Jake, I would have to definitely agree with you since the last time it was in the yard was just before all of the disturbances created by the loads of strange people out there, however, just this morning at about four am something threw something at my trailer once again. On investigating I could see no evidence of people causing it, and then in the daylight I went out and found a bowl of berries i had sat out eaten. I know none of this proves anything whatsoever, but i have sensed this thing watching me from the hill above my house for quite some time now. (anyone who has been watched by a lion in the woods knows exactly what that’s about). Perhaps when things calm down it will come back. I do have excellent berries. I completely believe they can see the infrared, and that they can smell the scent of the humans who have been down there. Perhaps it will fade and they will feel safe to come. They were here first I am sure. They deserve to have that place if it is important to them, cameras, people, or no.

  15. I agree with Tara. Human nature is made up of curiosity, determination and motivation. Although I understand and admire Nick and James perspective, I do believe that an overview needs to be performed based on the incredable amount of encounters world wide. We need to quit wasting money away in Space and killing astronauts in primitive space ships, and learn more about our own world.

    COMMENT ON the EIR CAMERAS – These creatures probably have the ability to detect that Infrared wavelength of light and have most likel;y moved on to a less invasive environment.

    By clearing all that brush, mounting poles with noisy cameras and walking around done there by the Spring/creek/berries, I bet good money that they see, smell and hear all that has gone on in the past week or so. My assumtion is that they have moved on, no matter what the sustinance and luxuries they had on Tara’s property. Humans = Bad

  16. Hello James,

    I have read your e-mail and I want you to know that I also am very concerned about the safety of this crerature. I know for sure that it exists because I have seen it in my yard two times in the past few months.
    I share your concern of it’s treatment and that is why I am supporting this team’s efforts. Someone out there is going to find it and before anyone with ill intention hurts it in anyway it would be important to get protection for the creature. This teams motivation is to get that protection.
    In the mean time the best way we can help is to make sure that we keep any known or suspected areas we know it may be, quiet from any outsiders “poking around”.

    Thanks, Tara

  17. Hi James,

    While I respect your point of view I don’t think men of science will ever stop seeking knowledge about the unknown. So long as Bigfoot is a mystery, there will be a search on. It might as well be here as anywhere.


  18. I dont understand why you people are so obsessed with finding bigfoot. I do know that he exists, But why desturb him. He’s Done such a good job of minding his own business an staying away from human civilization for a good reason. Why make his presence known?.. So he can be captured, put in a steel cage , taken away from his own home only to be poked an prodded at? As far as people threatning to shoot him, Good Luck to them if they think they can outsmart a creature far smarter then them. People have said that many years and its never happened , and never will. I completly disagree with what the Bigfoot Research Team is doing. In my eyes it’s inhumane, and should be stopped. You lock people up that have commit crimes, What has he done besides mind his own business?
    ~Leave it be~

  19. Cheer up, Nick. I think you’re imagining things that aren’t going to happen. Nobody wants to shut down the mountains or stop your hunting activities. We only want to protect Bigfoot since there’s been a lot of controversy about shooting them. It is really a moot point since most people never see them anyhow.

  20. you bigfoot hunters are full of shit! you aint gonna find bigfoot. i gurantee it! and the next time i see u up on John Nodicks property ill be up there so quick u wont even know what happened! and if u guys even think about shutting down these mounatins for a “natural habitat” for big foot, u better not show yer faces for a long time around here! these are our hunting mountains and there is no way u r gonna take it away from us. and if i am out hunting sometime and i find bigfoot i wont even hesitate to blow his brains out with my hunting rifle! i do believe in bigfoot, but i wont n e more after i kill him and eat him!

    Ill see you guys later! your friend, NICK LANDRUM

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