Bigfoot Reading Group

September’s Bigfoot Reading Group selection is Tribal Bigfoot by David Paulides. This is his second book examining Bigfoot sightings in Northern California. He also includes sightings in Minnesota and Oklahoma. The first chapter, which I’m reading now, presents historic Bigfoot sighting information and newspaper clippings.

His first book was The Hoopa Project, something I found fascinating because I live down the road from Hoopa, about sixty-five miles on the Bigfoot Scenic Byway, Highway 96 in Northern California.

My schedule for this Bigfoot Reading Group project is semi-flexible. I want to read through the entire book within a month and plan to post something each time I finish a chapter. If you’d like to discuss it with me, the comment section for each posting will provide a place for opinions.

I’ve come up with a tentative schedule. I intend to read and comment on chapters 1 through 5 during the first week. Week two will be for chapters 6 through 9. Week three, chapters 10-12, and week four, chapter 13. Can I do it? Well, I will try. I am a notoriously slow reader, but David Paulides’ writing does manage to hold my attention.

After September, there will be more Bigfoot Reading Group books. Here’s the tentative schedule:

October – Bigfoot Sasquatch: Evidence by Dr. Grover Krantz

November – Bigfoot Encounters in New York & New England by Robert E. Bartholomew, PhD and Paul B. Bartholomew, BS

December – Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture by Kathy Moskowitz Strain

January – Bigfoot Film Journal by Christopher Murphy

February & March – Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us by John Green

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