Human or Not?

As you can imagine, ever since the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization came to our town people all over have been talking about it. Most feel compelled to give off that little laugh sound to let you know that they’re siding with reason and refusing to believe, for now… including that guy in the laundromat the other day who then proceeded to go ahead and tell me about his own sighting from years ago.

Yesterday I was at a Pet First-Aid Seminar and got onto the Bigfoot subject with the local veterinarian. I mentioned to him he might be called upon to administer aid if some poor Bigfoot gets injured in the course of an expedition.

He laughed, and said, “Then we’d have to ask if it is animal or human – in which case I wouldn’t be allowed to work on it.”

So true. It made me wonder if this tracking team has medical personnel on board. They didn’t say. I think having a doctor and/or veterinarian along would be a good precaution.

…not that I know any doctors or vets who would want to do this.

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