Idaho Bigfoot Sightings

Idaho is my adopted state. I’ve lived here since 2013, in the northern panhandle section of the state. Though I no longer live in a forest, I am surrounded by forested hills, and live near the Spokane River, not far from Lake Coeur d’Alene. So, in deciding what state to explore next, I’ve chosen the one I’m living in. There seems to be plenty of Idaho Bigfoot sightings here.

Idaho Bigfoot Sightings

Runoff from Sulphur Springs

You might wonder why I’ve been so silent the past three years. It is mainly because I had no way to go out to the forests. I gave away both my vehicles prior to leaving Northern California on June 30, 2013. One went to my son, and the other to a friend. I thought I’d get another one here but then my income took a dive when the website I wrote hundreds of articles for went downhill and then was closed.

It was not easy to walk long distances (I tried) so I ended up riding a bicycle on the North Idaho cycling trail system. However, that wasn’t enough to be able to get into the woods. But now I have better transportation. My new car is a gift from my mother and though not one I could take on unpaved mountain roads, it is a great way to get into the mountains on paved roads, to see what’s there. I will enjoy exploring the back-roads and forests of Idaho now that I have a way to do so.

This page lists as many Idaho Bigfoot sightings, informational sites and videos as I can locate, and I’ll add to it as I find more.

Recent Idaho Bigfoot Sightings

Benewah County woman swears Bigfoot caused her to crash on US95 near Potlatch – a 50 year old woman from Tensed (that’s a town) reported this at the Potlatch substation of the Latah County Sheriff’s Department at 12:30am, March 23, 2017. She said she was driving on Hwy. 95 at 11pm when this happened near mile post 366.9. She said several deer ran from a Bigfoot. She hit a deer. The Bigfoot was 7 to 8 feet tall. This took place near Brincken Road.

About Bigfoot Sightings in Idaho – On This Site

Pocatello, Idaho Bigfoot Video (2012) – A group of high school students may have seen a Bigfoot during a hike in the woods near Pocatello, Idaho, in 2012. There’s more information on this Bigfoot sighting, further down on this page in the Bigfoot News section, and on the page I just linked to.

Here’s a good video analysis of the Mink Creek sighting, on the ParanormalProjectx YouTube Channel.

Roosevelt Idaho Bigfoot Sighting Report

Theodore Roosevelt’s Bigfoot Story took place near the Salmon River in Idaho. According to the story, “When the event occurred, Bauman was still a young man, and was trapping with a partner among the mountains dividing the forks of the Salmon from the head of Wisdom River.”

Here’s a video from Kelly Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Organization – showing the area where Bauman probably had his deadly Bigfoot encounter near the Montana border. (Map below)

Bigfoot Sighting Reports for Idaho

BFRO currently lists 66 Idaho Bigfoot sighting reports, including one near the town I now live in!

Idaho Bigfoot Videos

What do you think of this video of two hunters in the Idaho woods? They say a Bigfoot stood and stared at them and by the time they realized it was a Bigfoot, it started to walk away. Some say it looks like a man in a black hoodie. Others find this convincing.

If this is a hoax, I will say, the actors are more talented than those in most hoax videos I’ve seen. Too bad they didn’t get a longer look at the creature on film, but we can hardly expect a Bigfoot to stick around for movie making.

Kelly Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization shows the site of a Bigfoot sighting that took place in Cascade, Idaho during February 1979. A child waiting for Saturday morning cartoons was surprised by a Bigfoot looking in the window at him. This took place about 77 miles north of Boise, Idaho. I drove through there in January on the way home from my trip to Texas because the highway to Kennewick, Washington was frozen over and closed. In the video, Kelly Shaw mentions there are more sightings in the area between Cascade and McCall. Not surprising. That’s some beautiful, thickly forested mountainous land.

D.L. Soucy tells us about two historic Idaho Bigfoot sighting news articles – the first from from Camas (1883), and another one from Pocatello (1902). Mr. Soucy shows a map in the video. The Wild Man of Camas news article was published on March 22, 1883 in the Crawfordsville Star. The second news article, Hairy Monster Eight Feet Tall Terrifies Bannock County, comes from a Deseret News correspondent and was published February 5, 1902. This concerns an attack on January 14 by a Bigfoot near John Gooch’s ranch, near Chesterfield, Idaho. Because it was aggressive, they sent a hundred men out to try to capture the creature. There is no update to let us know if the hunters were successful.

Eyewitness Clynn Josephson says he saw a Bigfoot on Oxford Peak in the southeastern corner of Idaho. It happened during Labor Day weekend in 1980, near the Caribou National Forest Cherry Creek Campground. Four miles up the mountain, Clynn and his friend, Brian Belnap, prospectors, noticed their horses were skittish. Next, they heard a loud scream. When they got to a known point on the mountain, they expected to see large logs that had been laying parallel to each other, but the logs were gone – totally pulverized. They thought bears might have destroyed them, looking for grubs. Only shreds like sawdust remained. The horses balked and did not want to continue on up the mountain, but the men were insistent on getting to the gold. They finally got to their intended destination where Clynn sluiced in the creek while his friend gathered tailings. That’s when they saw a creature moving on the mountain side. They decided to leave quickly. As Clynn and his horse crossed the creek, the horse paused for water. That’s when Clynn turned and clearly saw a Bigfoot walking toward him. The horse saw that and bounded forward, away from the threatening creature.

Dale Graham’s sighting in the mountains south of Burley, Idaho, is one of my favorites.

Mark Anders and a friend discuss a photograph of a Bigfoot said to be from Boise County, Idaho. This would be in the area of Idaho City, east of Boise, in the Boise National Forest.

Another video by Kelly Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization shows Rock Creek near Kimberly, Idaho, south of Twin Falls. A grandmother was in the Rock Creek Road area with her 17 year old grandson. They were there to enjoy nature but felt uneasy and heard tree-knocking sounds. Something silver moved in the woods so they decided to leave. Then her grandson saw a huge creature with yellow, malevolent eyes. They walked back to their car, as calmly as they could so as not to appear to be prey.

Idaho Bigfoot Sightings Information on Facebook

Don Jeffrey Meldrum is probably the best known Idaho Bigfoot researcher. He is a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University and is the author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science. His book investigates everything from the Bluff Creek film to the Skookum body cast, Bigfoot DNA and well-known hoaxes. I don’t know how long he’s been doing this type of anthropological research, but it has been since before I started writing about Bigfoot back in 2005. His book was published in 2007.

Idaho Bigfooters is a friendly group that focuses on Idaho Bigfoot sightings reports. The group description states: “This group was set up by Glen McDonald to facilitate the sharing of information, and to aid researchers in finding and meeting other researchers from their state.” Glen lives in a different state but has set up state-specific groups to encourage local information sharing. He’s the owner of Anomalist’s Books and Brews in Lexington, Oklahoma – a place that often hosts Bigfoot related speaking events.

Idaho Bigfoot Sightings is a closed Facebook group but you can apply for membership. I just did. The group description says: “Bigfoot & Cryptid enthusiasts welcome. A group to share & discuss rare, extinct or other wise unproven monsters, animals & creatures of Idaho or anywhere else in the world. Feel welcome to post anything along those topics.”

Idaho Bigfoot News Articles

Pocatello, Idaho Bigfoot Sighting 2012
Southern Idaho Bigfoot Sighting, 2012

Bigfoot Spotted in Idaho?“A group of high school students may have come close to Bigfoot during a class project in the Idaho wilderness.” This took place near Mink Creek in the southeast corner of Idaho – about 80 miles south of Pocatello.

Idaho Bigfoot Video HOAXES

The following drone footage video was presented as a possible Bigfoot running through a field in Southern Idaho in broad daylight. (What Bigfoot would do that, right?) Aside from the improbability of the scenario, it doesn’t give us any close-up clear view of the creature, so it isn’t of much use to a Bigfoot researcher. This shows only a tiny dot running toward the forest across a field. As it turned out, this was a hoax video, but seeing it explains why a distant view of something is not going to convince a Bigfoot researcher. We are so used to silly hoaxes we tend to be very skeptical unless there’s good evidence. I include this video here to show an example of something that doesn’t convince anyone, and for good reason – it was just a couple of guys wasting their time and ours, doing something ridiculous.
In general, to have a worthy Bigfoot video, you’d have to have something as close and worthy of analysis as the well-known Bluff Creek video filmed in 1967 by Patterson and Gimlin. How can anyone analyze what they can’t see well?

Sun Valley, Idaho – Here’s a typical Bigfoot hoax video. Get an attractive woman out to shoot a rifle. Then she pretends she sees a Bigfoot nearby. I’ve seen something like this before. This hoax video appears to have been done to advertise a book.

Your Idaho Bigfoot sighting reports are welcome here – just leave a comment below.

10 Replies to “Idaho Bigfoot Sightings”

  1. I am willing to aid any investigators that happen through my area (benewah). Pls forward my contact linda. Thx

  2. You do not have to find “Bigfoot” aka the Seatco tribe. They will find you if in your area. I have encountered them since 2009 in the North Cascades of WA state. I bring them food when in their area although I do not seek them only to be at peace with them. I was within 30 ft of a young female one night after calling out “Come here friend” in native American Salish language. We just stood and looked at each other for several minutes before she broke into a shy smile and stepped back behind a tree. It was approximately 0300 one morning in a remote area I visit frequently for other reasons. I will never forget that experience. Now I am followed in and out of that area by them.

    1. Wow that’s great! Ive had two encounters in my state. One was pretty hair raising the other it just seemed to be checking up on us. Both times were amazing!!! I was happy to experience something that not many people do.

  3. Gentlemen,
    I subscribed to your feed, and I enjoy your thoroughness and attention to detail. I noted that you source the BFRO for basic info and since I often do for my blog as well, I wondered if you only pursue accounts that feature video, or do you investigate the other compelling witness reports found there.

    I like video, but I am drawn to the really weird stories like the Ocean Shores and Ocean Park accounts of Sasquatch sleeping in the bushes and of them attempting communication and sharing sandwiches.

    Its wild stuff, and never seems to have video / photo evidence, but the BFRO investigators seem to concur about the presence of non-human bipeds.

    Thats the stuff I add to my blog, because it’s so inexplicable, Bizarre Bigfoot is where I write about the stories that are close to my home, so I can go see for myself.


    1. Hi there – well, first let me clear this up. I am not a gentleman. My name is Linda. I’m the only blogger here. I don’t have a preference for videos or BFRO only – I was really trying to compile information about Idaho Bigfoot sightings here… that is all… from whatever source. Do you have any Idaho Bigfoot sightings mentioned on your blog? If so, I would be happy to link to them. The information on this page is preliminary… I hope to find many other sources to add to it. Please point me in the right direction!

      1. Hi Linda, my name is Mike. I live in Idaho next to the WA. Border near Spokane. I’ve had many weird encounters that I can’t explain. Like pebbles being thrown at me, feces that when I used Google lens came up mountain gorilla feces. Lost time, and even a roar that had me and my brother thinking wtf was that. Prints with photos, game cam photos including a very strange hand Long with tree structures. Many many unexplained experiences but I have not seen one with my eyes. Cae.peak, Mica ,peak,.blossom mountain..Thanks.Linda

        1. I used to live near there – on the north side of the river in the southern outskirts of Post Falls. I’ve read that there was a Bigfoot sighting in the area but it was a long time ago. I didn’t spend much time in the hills south of the river. It is very likely that what you’ve heard is a Bigfoot. Good to know they are still there.

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