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See the news here: On Demand – Exclusive – Bigfoot Found in North America – Documented Events Reveal Sasquatch Lives

A man claims a family of Bigfoot creatures sleeps behind his home. Should be a good story, and maybe the start of some solid evidence. The location is confidential – hopefully assuring this family will be protected.

++ Tonight’s broadcast is complete – there may be an archive of this program available later. ++

Here’s what I heard:

On July 3, 2010, Bill Birnes, executive producer of UFO Hunters on the History Chanel, got a call from “Mr. Mike” who said that for three weeks he’d had a family of Bigfoot in his backyard.

Lan Lamphere, radio host, phoned Mr. Mike’s local police department and found out they had two reports of possible Bigfoot sightings recently. A law enforcement officer reported seeing a dirty or hairy tall woman rummaging through trash. No effort was made to catch her because scrounging isn’t illegal in that area. She ran into the woods in the direction of Mr. Mike’s home.

Mr. Mike, live on the air, over the phone, said he was standing in the front hallway looking at two females and one baby. They were in the front yard, and he also saw a large male. He said the others stay in the backyard.

He’s been talking to them; he says they don’t bare their teeth at him as much anymore.

There may be as many as two or three infants. As of the 3rd of July he had seen about 6 Bigfoot creatures, but now there’s more taking refuge at his home, in both front yard and back yard.

“They’re looking back at me and minding their own business,” he said, stating he was at that moment standing in the front yard only about five feet from one. She was sitting in the back of the shrubs, nearby, he said.

Lan Lamphere’s radio show hired a private investigator and found out that Mr. Mike is the “quintessential perfect citizen” – a churchgoer with family members in law enforcement.

On the air, Lan Lamphere told Mr. Mike that the private investigator went to his place at 3am and sat in the bushes for several hours. Something approached him and grunted. He took photos. When he got home and looked at the photo he could see a silhouette of five shapes, three of them very small.

The talk show will continue to feature and follow up on this story.

My personal observation was that there was nothing in Mr. Mike’s voice to indicate that this was a fabricated story. More on this as news becomes available.

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  1. OK to you know it alls, that know nothing,what any big foot or group does any where is not not a given,some humans live out of dumpsters,others dont,some people like woods or wilderness,some wont go anywhere there is not a store or bar in sight. Some people want other people to leave them to hell aone,some make up stories to get attention others might like their big foots to have privacy,big foots are probaly as different from each other as other humans are !

  2. Doesn’t make any sense. Why would they eschew wilderness to sit in someone’s yard? How are they finding enough to eat there? Is there something in the woods so off putting they’d rather sit in a yard? Doesn’t make any sense. Also, if I had a family of sasquatch in my yard, I’d have photographed/video’d them up one side & down the other. Hell, I’d do that for anything out of the ordinary in my yard. I say hoax.

  3. Do-you-people-really-think-this-is-true.Let-me-help-you-out-here.

  4. ——————————-S.I.R.O————————


  5. sadly it follows a trend in research towards discrediting and trashing individuals in research and now the informants as well….why do people do that?

    July 12 — Monday night, (supposedly) Lan Lamphere will talk about the Mr. Mike “back-yard Bigfoot” revelations a third time , but the last time he emailed me with this news, last Saturday nite, he switched to the subject of the oil crisis, so who knows? 10p EST — 7p PST —

    As you have perhaps noticed Linda, it is disheartening reading on various websites the claim that Mr. Mike is mentally challenged with nothing to back it up. The attempt to discredit this man before anything is known is discouraging…. sadly it follows a trend in research towards discrediting and trashing individuals in research and now the informants as well….why do people do that?

    1. Bobbie, it is refreshing to me to know that you are keeping an open mind about Mr. Mike. I have been hopeful that his information is valid, and as I wrote before, I found nothing in his voice or demeanor to indicate he was fabricating the story. I’m considerably disheartened by some of the information I read online yesterday, and am hoping for a better story when we listen to the show tonight.

      As to why people do that. Well, I notice some Bigfoot researchers with an obsessive need to be the first with every story even when it isn’t totally timely, to grab other people’s text and photos without asking, and to take pride in skepticism and debunking. Maybe Bigfoot researchers have a need to be skeptical because we don’t want to fall for another hoax – that would include me. I want real information, not errors. As Bigfoot researchers we walk a fine line between our experiences, and numerous sighting reports, and the general public’s perception of us as a bit offbeat. (Putting it mildly.) Thus, a need for caution, and that means being open to skepticism.

      I am grateful for a more balanced and informational approach found on your website. I tend to get riled up and rant a bit from time to time, but am trying to stay out of the controversial and sometimes abusive arena many Bigfoot researchers find themselves embroiled in. Sometimes I don’t try hard enough… and for those times, I’m later remorseful.

  7. I can not wait to see where this one leads. As the BlueMountainTracker (aside from my treasure hunting hobby), I have had no luck at all in finding,hearing,seeing anything these last few years. I hope someday. some of us will get the oportunity to communicate with these beings. I can’t wait to see how this develops. It would be a fantastic discovery if it turns out to be true. =)

  8. If this is a true story then why doesn’t this guy take some video and post it or sell it to somebody. I am so tired of people and their accusations with no proof to back it up. Linda I really like your skepticism and your comments. Hey Mr. Mike, how about some proof.

  9. I too, listened to Mr. Mike LIVE on Lan’s show not once, but a second time when the rerun began immediately afterwards…… and was enthralled by his story….like you, mostly trying to envision a large Sasquatch family living or sleeping in his backyard; but I recently had a woman contact me with a similar incident of a white Sasquatch pass through her backyard in Missouri. There are other examples, one I recall from Oregon where the woman looked out her back door one snowy morning and notice very wide 17″ tracks meandering across her backyard, apparently having scaled a fence, walked through and over the opposite side of the yard’s fence. While odd, the photos eventually proved her story. We don’t really know much about Sasquatch behaviors or why they do the things they do – so I’m not as inclined to trash a story because it’s weird or unseemly. There are several stories of BF’s disregard for populated areas when there is an interesting dumpster around, which I believe Mr. Mike mentions being next door to him. Wasn’t it a restaurant/bar-type dumpster the BF had access too after 2 o’clock in the morning?

    I am struck by the aimless wanderings we sometimes hear about for this life form and the lack of concern that is sometimes observed around or in the presence of humans….my own experience was of am individual who was not put off by my presence….so maybe I’m not as quick to question the veracity of Mr. Mike’s story. I found his story compelling… LOL but then I am one of those who fell for the “Texas Bugs Story” too….doesn’t speak well for my judgments sometimes. (I still believe it)

    Do you have a link to that podcast, Linda? Lan’s website is very hard to negotiate…I can’t find it.
    Bobbie Short.

    1. Bobbie, I go to his podcast link –

      When I click on the podcast, it brings up ITunes – a software I don’t usually use. Then I’m told that (for reasons unknown to me) I can’t connect to the ITunes store, which is where you need to be to subscribe to the podcast.

      So, I’m a bit frustrated… hope I don’t miss the next broadcast. The chatroom was a bit of fun during the broadcast – Craig Woolheater, Sharon Lee, and Steve Streufert were there, and a few others. Bill Green…

  10. Fascinating story. Will habituations become more common with time as peoples ‘bigfoot consiousness’ is aroused amongst the general public to the point that more & more folks are predisposed to accept their presence nearby? I’m hoping so. This will bring the ‘squatch out of the shadowy realm of rumor and into the clear light of day.

    1. After ‘sleeping on it’ I’m less inclined to believe this story today. It isn’t that Lan or Mr. Mike sounded unbelievable – but I’ve been fooled before by people with enormously fascinating stories, and this one isn’t totally believable for several reasons. First, when Mr. Mike stepped outside his house we could hear the sounds of vehicles passing nearby. Apparently his home is concealed from the road, but I know where I live (Happy Camp, middle of the Klamath National Forest) the Bigfoots aren’t attracted toward human civilization. Second, so many Bigfoots in one place next to a human habitation?

      Let’s just say I’m very skeptical… but will continue with an open mind to report the story as it unfolds.

  11. Wow, that’s crazy!!! I can’t wait to hear more, that’s so exciting!!

    There was a news clip recently of a man that said a bigfoot was coming into his backyard and eating his chickens. The best part was that it was somewhere in the midwest and he was wearing overalls, had barely any teeth, and was explaining how he poked it with a rake and told it to “Git”. I’ve been meaning to search for a video clip online of it, it was priceless.

    But on a serious note, I really hope “Mr. Mike”‘s story is legit, it would be such a breakthrough.

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