Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence – An Anthropologist Speaks Out

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Re: Chapter One of Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence – An Anthropologist Speaks Out by Dr. Grover S. Krantz, “Introduction”:

Dr. Grover S. Krantz was fascinated by the possibility of Bigfoot’s existence. His enthusiasm shines through in the pages of his seminal scientific examination of the phenomena: Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence – An Anthropologist Speaks Out. The introduction and chapter one are the same thing – there is no separate introduction.

In Chapter One – Introduction, Dr. Krantz explains how he came to be invested in Bigfoot research. He lists the books he read and tells what he thought of them and what he learned from them. He introduces a few prominent Bigfoot researchers of his era; he started his Bigfoot research in the mid-sixties. Next he examines, briefly, various types of proof he’ll discuss at length later in the pages of his book.

Not content with telling why people believe in Bigfoot, Dr. Krantz also writes about alternative explanations for Bigfoot sighting reports and Bigfoot related phenomena, including bear misidentifications, fabrications, misinterpreted chance irregularities, and other types of human error. He states:

“Unfortunately for the proponents, this apparent stand-off is resolved in favor of the skeptics. The truth of that required one item of evidence must be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the skeptics. If they are not convinced, the issue cannot be resolved favorably. The skeptics are under no obligation to disprove all or, for that matter, any of the evidence. The burden of proof rests with those who think that the animals are real. The skeptics are not obligated even to look at the evidence. If that seems unfair, consider what happens when someone insists that you pay attention to the arguments for his/her religion. Are you under any obligation to defend your position, or even to listen to them?” (page 7)

Dr. Krantz lists a series of events needed to prove to scientists that an animal is real. The process includes sighting reports, skeletal remains, a complete body, a live capture, and then studies in its natural habitat. We’re a long way from proving anything about Bigfoot! We’re still in stage one of the process – gathering sighting reports.

The next section explains why we are unlikely to ever find Bigfoot bones. Dr. Krantz concluded the chapter by discussing strong opinions, unusual historic Bigfoot sighting and encounter cases, his personal involvement in Bigfoot research, and the focus of his book, which is professional and scientific in nature.

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  1. tell your readers that if anyone has any hair samples or any other type of evidence of bigfoot, ill get a lengthy dna sample test done to it for free but theyll have to submit some of it for te testing to be done and we are totally honest here-no scams just knowledge.

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