What I learned tonight

What I learned tonight from my experience with Coast to Coast AM…

1. There’s a lot of heartless, foolish, self-absorbed people out there who will not listen.

2. I don’t have time for people who are cruel and mean at heart. My life is about love and sharing it. Why bother with loveless people?

3. We must maintain our integrity and stay close to God and then everything will fall into place.

Posted by: Linda

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  1. LAShiel,

    My observation was written out of frustration at the cold hearted mob-mentality reactions I was reading at the Coast to Coast AM message board.

    I find that I don’t have time for people who are consistently negative. Sure, we all have bad moments, but for my peace of mind I need to surround myself with loving, positive-thinking people rather than with people who are consumed with hatred and who indulge constantly in complaints, derision, mockery and defamation.

    Unfortunately I find that attitude way too prevalent in the online community of those interested in Bigfoot.


  2. Dear LASheil,

    I am tending to agree with you. This guy is smart! We found a big footprint up where I have been sensing him watching me. I think he stands up there and surveys the surroundings before he comes down to eat or go to the spring and creek.

    I have seen him twice now and he is so fast that I have only really gotten a little look. I have never seen anything move this fast before in my life. I am starting to wonder if the focus of research on this thing should better be to observe and study rather than to even try to catch it.

    You can see a cast of the footprint at JavaBob’s in Happy Camp. It is huge. 19 inches long and 8 inches wide. The volunteer Rex from Lancaster found it while he was looking for evidence in my yard. This is all so cool. Have you ever had an experience? i would love to hear about one. Let me know O.K.?

    Tara Hauki

  3. I have not heard the show yet, and so cannot comment on whatever incident Linda is referring to in her posting. However, I can say that my experiences have led me to conclude no one will ever capture a live Bigfoot. They’re simply too smart and too strong to get caught. We humans have enough trouble tranquilizing a rhino. How on Earth could we expect to take down a creature whose metabolism remains a mystery?

    As for Tom Biscardi, if he is sincerely trying to capture a Bigfoot then he needs to stop making bold claims when he doesn’t have the evidence to back it up — and when, apparently, he doesn’t even know if it’s true or not.

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