What is the Plural of “Bigfoot”?

Would you say the plural of “Bigfoot” is “Bigfeet”? Or “Bigfoots”?

Right now, honestly, when I need to use the plural, I usually revert to “Sasquatches” because I’m not sure what’s most proper.

The word “Bigfoot” is kind of a strange name for this creature, in my opinion. It started in the nineteen-fifties when Humboldt County road workers found large footprints in the dusty dirt of the unpaved road beds they created. But surely this creature has a better name than that. I would L-O-V-E to know what they call themselves!

The word “Sasquatch” is not really a Native American name. “Oma” is… but would you then say “I saw three Omas yesterday?”

“Yeti” is a great name, and easy to make into the plural, “Yetis”. I don’t think anyone would argue with that.

“Wild Man” seems most reasonable to me.. and the plural would be “Wild Men” . . . plain and easy. But there are so many wild and crazy men in the world today, who would know the term referred to something large, reclusive and hairy?

So, I just thought I’d put it out there for your opinions…. what do you think the plural of “Bigfoot” should be?

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  1. my personal favorite?

    Home indomitus

    untamable man… or wildman, man beyond law….

    all the others are too regional and full of myth

  2. Who knows what is true on the web. But this link and story has DETAILS and names…. so, wow…we must be getting close to a release on this paper! Otherwise all the jockyeying for a first voice makes no sense……! And I do see a photo of a plate with glass and blood…and a lot of positive spin for the Erickson project. I read once, recently, that in sum those who come second or third tend to do the most with whatever technology or information was revolutionary. So the prize hunters, finally, will be stopped. The species provern and responsible anthropology brought into the arena. Watch for hunter gatherer documentaries and books…all our mistakes, our unintended consequences even when we thought we were benevolent. The “prime directive” doesn’t work wither – see Turnbull and The Mountain People. I so hope our internet efforts turn immediately to identifying and implementing ways to educate (and I mean reality not myth) the public specifically. Our emotional response as a society to this knowledge will be key to our future government policies. My personal experieces with a family of at least four individual Bigfoots indicate they are as human as you can imagine in many important ways and yet quite different too. I personally believe the full genome will help to reveal many new gene functions in those differences. I have witnessed eye shine that seems self illuminating, something more than just reflection of starlight. From thier unique language to morpholgy this will be big news and an opportunity to learn so much about ourselves as well. God, I hope we do it right.

    here is link: http://bigfootevidence.blogspot.com/2011/08/erickson-project-more-leaks-about.html

  3. It’s “Sasqui” for Sasquatch (New word, I’m not kidding check it out on bigfootevidence.blogspot.com; just type it in the search bar) I think it’s Bigfoots. Matt Moneymaker seems to think so. :)

  4. The plural of “foot” is “FEET.” Hence the confusion. This hurls us back to the fish/deer model.

    “I saw several Bigfoot on the trail…”.

    The problem, really? “Bigfoot” is a pop-cultural slang term. It was not designed by some wildlife biologist. We should call them Sasquatch, and avoid the suffixes. We should also avoid the horrid “Sasquai” confabulation.

    Loren Coleman has gone into this in depth on Cryptomundo. I think his case is convincing.

    Bigfoot Books, Willow Creek

  5. I agree with Travis. Our group just calls them foots. So I would say call it what you want. Whether it’s I saw several Bigfoot, there were several bigfoot’s or how we say it, I saw a couple foots. We for sure wouldn’t say, we saw several feets though, LOL. I’m wearing my lucky foot’s foot. All we saw was the foot’s feet. Ok I’m done. Good article about the Bigfeets Linda.

  6. Bigfoots seems grammatically correct, but it does seem a bit awkard on the tongue.

    Great article, I liked it.


  7. should be the same as deer & fish…. deers and fishes sound rough….”I saw some deer yesteday”, “I caught a bunch of fish last week”…more natural,…so why not;”I found tracks of several bigfoot”….doesn’t matter, when the scientific community finally gets a specimen, they will give it a different name…if that ever happens.

  8. Clearly, the plural is “bigfoots” . “Bigfoot” is a compound word, hence the rules for pluralizing a compound word applies, so you add an”s”.

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